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  1. My newest project

    I'm not a vodka connoisseur, but I saw this T-shirt in Finland a few years ago:
  2. Napa Fire

    A friend lost his house in north Santa Rosa. Lots of buildings and homes burned, on both sides of the 101 freeway. This is huge.
  3. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    I'm really curious to hear how that switch to left hand thing goes. I have a hard enough time (meaning impossible) trying to improve my fretting hand position. All the cool bassplayers barely grip the neck, hold their fingers parallel to the frets, and place their thumb lightly at the middle of the neck. When they play you can barely see their fingers move. Me, I grip the neck more like a baseball bat, with my fingers angled to the frets and my thumb just about touching the low-E string (sort of the way many guitarists play). My fingers fly around like I'm having convulsions. I've been playing this way for 50 years now, and whenever I try to improve my technique it just feels bad. The Hell with it. My technique sucks and I don't care.
  4. My newest project

    Is this the "A Mind at Play" book? I'm looking forward to reading that! Shannon is one of my personal heroes. If you haven't already read it, "The Information" by James Gleick is very good and has a nice chapter about Shannon.
  5. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Yes, I suppose, but I think it's just a matter of degree. You can still make art (good music) using autotune and drum machines. And I enjoy sizzle as much as the next guy. And there are lots of "oldies" that I can't stomach either. Semi-modern counterpoint: Prince.
  6. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Thanks. Yes, I realize that time will work its Darwinian magic on today's music, just as it did on the pre-80's era music. But listening to much pop music today does leave me wondering what happened to the concept of melody. It really does sound like there's a "hit pop tune" algorithm that uses about three variables to construct the next chart-topper. Of course I like to play 12-bar blues, so...
  7. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    The good songs?
  8. Yacht brokerage owner/director earnings?

    That makes no sense. Perhaps you meant "200 Amp hours per hour"? Yacht brokers deserve to be paid in proper electrical terminology.
  9. Russian sock puppets - my youtube experience

    "In fifteen minutes everyone will be famous." -- Leader Kibo
  10. Yacht brokerage owner/director earnings?

    You need more colons.
  11. Best Science Fiction Movies

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- kinda SiFi, but really a brilliant study of love and pain and hope. And it has a great version of "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime", sung by Beck. I really like this movie. Jim Carrey gives a moving performance, and I have a real crush on Kate Winslet's character. And a bigger crush on Kirsten Dunst. Yes! -- Donnie Darko. Spectacular performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. And another great song: "Mad World", sung by Gary Jules.
  12. LONQR

    But is it genetically engineered disodium phosphate? That makes all the difference.
  13. My newest project

    Nice guitar, fastyacht! The things we discard over time... That video reminds me of a music joke:
  14. My newest project

    Beautiful! Tell me again, what kind of wood is the body? The fretboard on my Carvin is ebony. I like it.
  15. LONQR

    In Santa Rosa CA there is an "A" Street. It takes you downtown. The sign says "A Street Downtown".