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  1. Roy Race

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Jim, a quick technical question: During the construction, after laying the foam where you want it, what is the very next thing to go on? I've read people mentioning about skimming a layer of thickened epoxy over the bare foam surface and then applying the glass? If so, what's in the epoxy? Would it be say west with a bit of silica or microballoons or what? And would it be: Foam >> thickened epoxy >> lay on glass immediately >> pour laminating resin on top of glass and roller it in >> peel ply or Foam >> thickened epoxy >> allow to cure >> roller laminating resin on >> lay glass >> roller resin up through glass>> peel ply ??
  2. Roy Race


    Sure you would. Just tape over the groove with parcel packing tape before you start.
  3. Roy Race

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    For a D6T I get 37.35 Jim, in those little yellow pictures, is the black area in the cockpit the open hatch? As in the hatch swings upwards on its hinges? Also, are you having a keel-stepped mast or putting a post under the mast step if deck-stepped? If so, isn't anyone going down the hatch going to immediately bump into the post (or mast), with not much room to manoever round it? Have you considered sitting a deck-stepped mast on top of an I-beam, located under the deck, to open it all up down below?
  4. Roy Race

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    No. It worked fine for me yesterday. The boat looks great by the way. I'm being a lurker and following from afar and you might just have inspired me to do some boatbuilding once the snow goes. Keep the pics coming!
  5. Roy Race


    Hi all, Please can someone provide a link, details or pics of how to: Cast the bulb Attach the bulb to the keel fin Attach the keel to the hull - Is this usually lifting?
  6. Roy Race


    And 28. Don't forgive everyone everything, Just most people most things. I can think of exceptions.
  7. Roy Race


    Ok, apart from numbers 8, 15, 33, 34 and the second half of 39. I'd delete those and add to the list, "Break free from the shackles of superstitious nonsense and take joy from living the life you have."