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  1. I vote for closure of this thread. ILCA is well on it's way now. Perhaps interested parties could start a new thread? Something like, "Is the LP Laser gonna make it?" or "LP- Shot in the Foot club- applications here."
  2. That's true. I'd love for it to say JI as well! Oh well.....
  3. Interesting. We live on J.I. in the neighborhood behind the piggly wiggly, (now Harris Teeter) that you pass when headed toward JIYC in a cool old 70's home. Mt P. has never had any appeal to us. JI definitely has a more laid back vibe. I've lived a ton of places in my life and as a result I've learned to make places what I need them to be for me. SC is SC, but I love the coastal life and the little oasis we've carved out here for ourselves between our core group of friends, home, family and time on the water.
  4. That's insane. What area of town were you in?
  5. Oh- The fire ants do suck and cover much of the SE now. At least SC does not have a monopoly on those.
  6. Maurice died a few years back. I think the "family" didn't agree with many of his philosophies. As soon as he was gone the massive billboard that was covered in biblical verses at their main location in Columbia was gone. .
  7. RobbieB

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    The MKII is so different in trim from the MKI. Vang is everything. I was missing a gear in my last regatta, (sailed in 2-6 knots of breeze). I had the 2 knot setting but missed the 6 knot and would get walked on. Spent 2 hrs in the yard last weekend getting the vang dialed in. Crazy how a boat so old can still get new tricks.
  8. Born in Wilmington- many family generations lived there. This place and Wrightsville Beach, (ocean racing) holds a huge place in my heart. Grew up in Charlotte and experienced it's transformation from an "almost" town from the late 70's to a true city with multiple pro-ball teams by the mid-90's. It's a great city.
  9. C'mon Clean. Everyone can use just a little Jesus, (some people think Christianity gives them the right to judge when it's just the that ain't right or Christian, but the world is full of hypocrites!). As for the bugs HTFU man!
  10. Surprisingly no. CORA, (and Charleston Yacht Club for that matter) is hands down the most progressive of ALL clubs in the area. They have women members, women board members, leaders. All you have to do to join is go to a monthly dinner and write a $50 check for an annual "Crew" membership. No application, no blackballing. I thought the burgee switch would go through like shit through a goose, but the old farts, (apparently) got wind of it and showed up to vote. Anyway, one small step for man....
  11. I think the Aero movement is great. More people sailing what they want to sail and have friends to play with is what the game is all about. I've not sailed one, but having coached kids sailing Open Bic's and watching them struggle to figure out how to sit in it, (reminds me of an avocado skin) makes me think I'm just too old school for the Aero, but that's just me!