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  1. RobbieB

    Ladder rungs...upwind tactics

    Unless you're the lead boat, (and there's a good reason to keep going left like current, mark location or significantly more pressure) you'll need to tack as the header will bring you down into the dirt of most who may have been safely to leeward before the shift. This also assumes the 10% downer has not brought you back to the stbd tack mean, (meaning you were actually 10% up before the shift). Clearly, there's a ton of variables to consider in every instance.
  2. RobbieB

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    It will be interesting to hear the results of the big pow wow later this week between all the laser builders, ILCA and WS sitting at one table. To me the easiest path is to allow for a new builder in North America. If Europe is happy with LP and they agree to allow for factory inspections and NOT to try and take over the class organization I'd say move forward and if LP gives Europe the same wonderful service they have for NA then let the folks over there deal with it at that time.
  3. Given how LP has been acting it shouldn't be hard for ILCA to do....You can get information out without being a dick, (most of the time). However, anyone who really cares knows what's going on by now anyway.
  4. Seriously, you'd think there'd be something up by now...
  5. RobbieB

    Theta Volantis Salvage

    Wow! Knocking out a lot of work fast! The rig was cleaned and back up as well? Did this really start in March?
  6. I think it's just grandstanding. Kinda like the theory of not running when threatened by a bear. You're supposed to stand your ground, make yourself bigger and make a lot of noise kinda thing...?
  7. RobbieB

    Anybody know of a Tripp26 for sale?

    Good points. I've sailed both the 7.9 and Tripp. The 7.9 is a PHRF beast as well when well sailed, but it doesn't have the mast head/oversized pole chute option. Also, the Tripp has the bulb keel, more modern below the waterline shape. Upwind in moderate breeze it's a pointing bandit and the oversized chute gives it the legs it needs DW to maintain the UW gains made on the course.
  8. RobbieB

    Anybody know of a Tripp26 for sale?

    The 26 is a rocket ship that I don't believe ever got it's due. Put that sucker in the right hands and it'll get some silver.
  9. RobbieB

    Dick Moves in Dinghy Racing

    +1 and even at regular open events where the English seems pretty good on the water but vanishes in the room.....
  10. The E scows when through changing from symmetrical to asymmetrical chutes a few years back that caused a lot of heartache.
  11. I've seen this happen in PHRF events when boats are sailing to their rating, (which base rating is typically figured in the OD config) but are using PHRF things like oversized poles, chutes, and such. I've never seen class rules amended at a class event.
  12. NOTHING is "Dandy" or "Brilliant" when any kind of pending litigation is a possibility.. Now if LPE just goes along their merry way then IMHO Yes, everything will be "Dandy" right directly.
  13. RobbieB

    Dick Moves in Dinghy Racing

    The way I read 19.2, (last night I got the book out) to me yes, blue should tack and then protest yellow for establishing the leeward overlap when they had no room to continue sailing around the obstruction. This is assuming blue was clear ahead prior to.
  14. +1. Best thing I read all day.
  15. BTW- Hydrosphere is old technology now which is why no one wants it.