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  1. Hey Firefly. Is that an old Ranger Fun 23 in your profile pic?
  2. ZIM reps came to our Regional Body, (SAYRA) annual convention in late January. They stood up in a meeting and announced to the crowd they were going to be building Lasers in NA again. (most of those guys are from Vanguard). I believed them....Now- I don't think ILCA leadership ever "promised" new builders to be anyone or anywhere specific. I know they had a "wish list" on the locations and I'd bet they were hoping ZIM would be one of them.
  3. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I would suggest though that more aft rake makes for less forward mast position on the DW, (as we're dealing with fixed step positions and that more forward mast position on the DW is faster than less, (to a point). Oh- I just saw the DW thing already discussed enough. Please ignore mine as it's been discussed enough.
  4. Even thought I'm on the heavy side for the boat I'm not "Miles off" on anything. Just ask Lucas Sawin, Chase Carraway or Stefano Peschiera. My quick upwind boat had a rake of 149" US Inches from top of std rig bottom section to the top of the stern rail, (might have been 148.5" can't remember) and yep that was slow DW compared to my current boat at 150". I have also improved my DW technique since then as well. A Caberete clinic and some coaching from Stefano recently has paid nice dividends. I never said "common knowledge" I just said "nothing new". As long as the boat is built within the measurement tolerance the average sailor will be fine. That .5 to 1" difference isn't going to take them from the average mid-fleet finish, (in your average fleet/not a GP event level fleet) to the front.
  5. Nothing new here and within class measurement tolerances. When Vanguard was building in the US the top guys would go and check rake on the boats they were buying. I've measured every used boat I've bought over the past 20 years. All slightly different. Only one did I notice a difference on sailing upwind in wind under 10knots and it had a max rake measurement. Could seriously point 3-5 degrees higher than others with no loss of speed. It was a slug off the Downwind. Maturity and experience has far more affected my results over the past 20 years than mast rake.
  6. I spent 4 days with a 2016 Olympic Laser sailor, (and also qualified for his country for 2020). We talked about boats. He said the supplied boats were never an issue at any of the events he's attended over the years.
  7. Ditto- NC, SC, FL, TX, AL for me. Would sell my Laser to chase the latest fleet craze, (JY 15 was the last one that suckered me in) and always circled back to having a Laser in the garage.
  8. So I said I would give new builder updates when I received one. While it's not 100% what I was hoping for it's not a gloom and doom as BlatentEcho would have us think, (though he does have some accurate info-assuming he's a "him"). Of the 7 pre-qualified builders 6 have paid for molds. All European and South American builders have received molds and are well into the process of their test builds. The Asian molds have had a hard time making it across the oceans but are expected to arrive next week. 1 or 2 dealers in North America have entered dealer agreements with at least one of the European based builders with the first delivery of new boats expected before the end of the summer, (or somewhere close to that time frame). ZIM NA has gone quiet....They have not asked for the return of their deposit, (as of this past week) but they are the only builder of the 7 to not move forward beyond the initial application. This is super disheartening to me as I was really pulling for these guys to get back into the Laser/ILCA game. They are not totally gone as of this time so hopefully they will move forward. So there you go Wess. The $9,000.00 new Laser price would appear to be for those who are well off and just really gotta have that PSA boat right NOW!, (even though they can be found for less by patient people). West Coast sailing has discounted the LPE boat they have left. Wonder if West Coast will stay in the Laser game? Based on whet we are seeing it looks as though FRAND will bring down the cost of the ILCA significantly from the $9,000.00+ initial pricing we were seeing and make the boat a much better price than the Aero! 6 of 7 new builders are well into moving forward and we're expecting the first new builder hulls near the end of summer in NA. That will mark 1 year from when the class actually lined up all the dominos to pursue new builders. Given EVERYTHING that needed to happen I'd call that a success. Where's my RUM!
  9. What lake is that on in Dallas?
  10. Go Stefano! (3rd bow in from the right, red lifejacket).
  11. RobbieB

    NOAA to end paper chart production

    Yes- these things are full ink coverage! The PDF files that ANYONE can download and print from the NOAA site are not 100% to scale. Also, whatever scale is there gets even more screwy when you use the "Print to fit page" option. There is a disclaimer on them in really tiny letters at the bottom of each chart that says, "For general use only". For POD charts you have to go to an approved provider which are listed on the site. Only those providers have access to the "at scale" navigation charts.
  12. This represents a huge resource for people who want to buy and sail a boat that has been sitting and unused. Yes, new boats sales have been shrinking, (I would argue mismanagement from LPE had something to do with that). However, in my district we're seeing great growth in NEW SAILORS to the class. In 2019 we saw better numbers than we've seen in the last 5 years. Now COVID restrictions are making the class that much more attractive as single handing is one of the only ways to get out on the water for the foreseeable future. I'm getting quite a few calls from people looking for used boats the their kids.
  13. Wess- FRAND has only been a reality since August. LPE was removed as an approved builder about 400 days ago and they were negotiated with up until last August, (some say longer than that) to regain approved builder status. Make your arguments but use accurate numbers when doing so.
  14. RobbieB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    Giddy up!
  15. RobbieB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    For a true doublehander it looks cool. What does it compete with market wise? Snipe? No. 420? No. Who else has a true doublehanded sprit boat out there? I'm not counting 29er and 49er as they are super high performance compared to this.