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  1. RobbieB

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    I get that! Was on a 150' early 1900's classic wooden boat, (The Roseway) a few years ago. Under full sail at night running up the east coast off of GA when a front came through from the west. Beam reaching hitting speeds from 13, (constant) to over 15. Thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. The loads on that rig and if we'd hit something or lost someone overboard it could have become a tragedy real quick.
  2. RobbieB

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    20.8 on a VX One. Seemed effortless.
  3. RobbieB

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Has anyone seen PRADA foil yet?
  4. RobbieB

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Not racing up there, but that's where they seem to "hang out" generally.
  5. RobbieB

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    I've found most of the "slow boats" tend to keep their crew and be pretty tight. They like racing, hanging out together and really do put fun before the podium. Finishing at the top is generally not a concern. Podium boats are, (by nature I believe) more intense and goal driven. However they like to have fun and party as well, but tend to save it for after the race.
  6. RobbieB

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Bet it ends up in Newport
  7. RobbieB

    The VX Evo

    I've seen them, but not sailed one. They have a little weighted bulb on the board for stability. I think the class development is sluggish, but it is for any new $15,000 high performance single handers coming out now. Limited marketplace...IMO
  8. RobbieB


    Wonder what he's into Sea Tow for now? Bet they ripped the rudder off with a nice high power drag into deep water.
  9. RobbieB

    Does your mast stick straight up?

    This. Don't sail until you fix the mast. That could quickly put a permanent bend in it. Also, learn the difference between "rake" and "bend". Try the forestay toggles to lengthen it. The attached guide should tell you how long it needs to be. Don't CUT anything until you confirm that you actually need to!
  10. RobbieB

    Show your dingy sailing....

    I understand it gets pretty dicey foiling in lumpy seas....
  11. Aw man! I'd love to head up that way for a weekend of smelling new fiberglass and booze inspired dreams. However, we're headed to the old homestead to attend a Clemson FB game....
  12. I get it. No means no and that's fine. I'm not trying to change any minds, (which I believe has been proven impossible to do on the internet) but if someone is a "maybe" then they should not be ignorant to what the possibilities are. Sure it's not perfect. What is? Are there politics? Where are there not? It can be aggravating to be a district secretary or any other volunteer position in any organization, but it can also be hugely rewarding. Again, IMO you get out of it what you put into it. Unfortunately for some like the Gov the politics can be crippling, but fortunately for him it has not killed his passion for the sport and the boat. This can happen in anything and I think the big key to remember, (when you're involved at the volunteer level) is not everyone is going to be happy. Do the best you can. If the fun starts to fade step aside because life is too short. Just keep sailing.
  13. RobbieB

    US Sailing OD Survey

    Very good points. I totally get it and agree with the Olympics Fubar.
  14. RobbieB

    US Sailing OD Survey

    That funky monkey....
  15. RobbieB

    US Sailing OD Survey

    Agree 100% and said much of this in my survey answers! Outside of Race administration, judge training and instructor training, (which I guess is only really good for summer camp counselors?) I have no knowledge of anything US Sailing does for me or my class. Oh, we do, (sometimes) get a $5-$10 regatta discount and they also distribute the rule book every 3 years. I have no idea what they can do for my class. Frankly what other class would want to snuggle up with us rowdy ILCA'ers anyway? I'm used to ILCA running itself, (with heavy guidance from WS). I'd love US Sailing to tell me what they do or can do.