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  1. No. Will be there in August. Next stop is Savannah first weekend in June.
  2. OK. Some MKI vs MKII sail observations from the first big district event. We had 20 boats out. Most had the MKI, but at least 6-7 of us had MKII's. 10 W/L, twice around races sailed in solid 15-20 conditions. Races lasted about 40 minutes each. Top 3 boats finished very close to each other. 4th place boat was a few points back, but had a couple of 1st and 2nd finishes. 1st- MKII 2nd- MKI 3rd- MKII 4th-MKII 5th- MKII The guy with the MKI sailed really well and is know to be a great sailor. I'd estimate the top for boats were very close in skill level. If you're loosing races using a newer MKI against newer MKII sails it ain't the sail that's causing the damage! That said. If you really need a new sail and are getting tired of waiting for the next round of MKII's to come in put out a "Wanted" ad for a newer MKI with less than 3 regattas on it. There's probably more than a few out there that would be an easy buy at $300.00. Use it this next season and hopefully the supply issues will settle out.
  3. Assholes, poorly managed PRHF, (or whatever the next latest/greatest handicap rule will be) and overbuilding the next latest/greatest sport boat, (like 20 new ones every year) is killing sailing. Actually, assholes are our least problems....
  4. Yes. They trim differently. I have an older MK1 for practice, but after using the MKII I'm going to keep sailing with it unless it's gear busting type breeze. The MKII is supposed to have a longer life anyway which was a big reason for the re-design. Might as well test the theory.
  5. I tried out my new MKII this past weekend over 5 or so short course races in 8-12 breeze. It does trim different and I just paid the $12.00 to watch the German coach's video. I'd say the video is spot on and confirmed a lot of what I was thinking, but I learned some pretty important stuff as well. I sailed pretty closely with a guy who was pretty good and used a brand new old design sail. Upwind I had better speed. I think point was even. DW I was much faster and I weigh 20lbs more than this guy. I don't care what anyone says. The MKII is faster! It seemed really fast DW. It has better shape and in the lighter breeze, (like what I sailed in) that ugly assed center crease is gone! You will need the additional purchase for the Cunningham when the breeze comes up as the material is way stiffer and will require more purchase to get the draft forward. I'd taken out some of the purchase for the old design sail. In the lighter air you don't need as much Cunningham on, but it's basically the same principal as before. Stay just on the edge of getting the wrinkles out until the breeze is on or you're lighter weight and need to depower. There's less vang needed on your initial setting. I found looser vang way fast DW. However, the sail responds better to vang settings as the leech in much more firm so upwind and reaching you'll pay more attention to vang settings. This sail seems to have some actual gears upwind. The one thing that threw me was the outhaul. This sail needs more ON while sailing upwind. Twice as much from the initial setting of the old sail. The sail has a better curve in the design so you don't need to ease the outhaul as much to power up. That's about it. Watch the video.
  6. We have 3 summer open regattas that pull decent radial fleets, (10+ boats per event). They are largely junior sailors. Right now we only have two in our "frostbite" series. Hopefully that will grow.
  7. Given my age, their age and the number of years I've been sailing the boat at a fairly high competitive level I'd say the overall time in the boat likely very even. I'll have my new sail this week and hopefully will get to line up with them again in the next month. Should know for sure how much is sail vs skill level at that point.
  8. "spongebottom Sparerig" Post of the day.
  9. There's both a Santana 30/30 and S2 9.1 for sale in Charleston. Pretty good prices on both as well. Bring the wife up on a boat shopping weekend.
  10. Sailed against several very good guys this past weekend. One from the Mexico national team, one from Ecuador and one from Japan. They all had the new sail. 5-12 knots of breeze. They had better point and used less vang. The sails showed better shape and it was obvious they had more sailing hrs on them than my newer Mk1. I felt a little more even on the DW legs, but very happy to have the new sail arriving this week.
  11. Ok. Westcoast. You got me. Ordered a sail and battens from you today. Glad you still have some. Think you are the only guys in the US right now.
  12. I've sailed my 3 regatta old Mk1 against a brand new MkII. The other sailor is pretty good and we discussed our results after the regatta. He and I traded 1st and 2nd place all through the regatta over 5 or 6 races sailed. In the end he thought we were very even. We both weigh the same and are the same height. Were sailing older hulls, but new sails. Sailed across a range of breeze from 5-20, (second day was light air). I feel like he had a little better technique and better boat handling. There were a couple of races I blew my lead by hitting a mark and had to do a turn or blew some heavy air tacks. We both always had great starts and didn't try to sit on each other. Just sail our race. In the end I felt like he had a little better speed downwind in the heavy air and was faster all around in the light air races. However, I could not necessarily put that on the sail. The radial cut on the new sail looks very nice. The luff wrinkle is still there, but not as bad. It does trim a little different and will probably take a full season for the pro's to get it figured out. I think when that happens it'll show a speed difference over the old cut, (which you can't get new anymore regardless). It is heavier material and noisy as hell when luffing.
  13. When it comes to price I believe everyone has their pain point from both a selling and buying perspective. I have a discounted order sitting at APS at what I believe to be a great price. I've seen the price, placed the order and now I'm just hung up on it. However, I have no new MarkII sail..... If/when it ever shows up I'll feel so happy cause I got such a great deal! However, it may never show up and I'll feel like a cheap idiot.... That's where I stand at the moment. I'll probably get tired of waiting and place an order with you, but then you'll be back ordered again as well. The joy's of being a laser sailor....
  14. Colie is selling the sails for $650.00. Included applied numbers, but no battens. I think I'll hang onto my back ordered sail at APS a little longer... Supply vs demand vs what the market will bear..... Anyone paying $650 US?
  15. As of today from APS on the east coast they have no idea when they'll be getting sails. They have 55+ on back order. I got an e-mail from them stating they vendor is unable to provide any information regarding when the sails will be available.... Good times! I figure the top section is a non-issue at this point if the sails that have been approved for over a year are unavailable.