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  1. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    My understanding is this is a North American issue with LP holding back parts/boats. I heard the US Olympic team purchased 4 containers full of Lasers and related gear directly from LP. The initial shipment was outside the US. The only new boats showing up in the US are event charters that do get sold off post event, but those are the ONLY new boats making it into public hands in the US as of now. I have a source that tells me Seldon has loads of mast sections and parts in Charleston ready to ship to any US dealers placing orders. They are saying there's no issues between them and LP that would slow down or impede their business.
  2. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    The Sunfish class members move has all of us ILCA members buzzing this morning! We're circling the wagons in the SE and have fired off e-mails to Andy Roy, (as I'm sure many others have). The Laser is a bit of a different animal with the Olympic class designation though. I'm excited about this and as a District we're ready to follow what the Sunfish Class has done. We've got the winter to get this sorted out, but on a local level we're already playing with aftermarket gear and working to get more boats on the water. Could LP get "starved out" if everyone turned their backs on the class designated suppliers of the razor blades, (sails, cleats, mast sections, other parts)? If they did would they sell off the builder rights or just sit on it and stop building the boats altogether? This will be interesting. The timing is great with the world sailing meeting currently happening in Mexico!
  3. what is it?

    New little Beneteau?
  4. caption contest

    This girl could use a day and the nail and wax spa.
  5. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    Dropping those anchors takes a bit of work and time, (typically there's only 1 primary that would have held it IF the water wasn't too deep for it to catch) and they'd need room for it to catch and the boat would have still swung with the breeze meaning the lady in pink was screwed no matter what she did, (great Jersey scream by the way, ugg! bet she doesn't even know where the ignition switch is...). Having sailed on one of those boats I've experienced the mostly manual processes from back in the day that we all take for granted today. Nothing happens fast and/or requires less than 4 people to do.. There was no margin for error in that situation...
  6. Out of Control Laser

    3 out of 5 isn't bad. We race WL courses in the Southeast. Are you guys doing Olympic courses? Just wondering where your reach legs come in other than an offset mark after the weather mark or an offset finish after the final leeward mark.
  7. Update. Local dealer bitched to LP and they sent a new class legal MKII sail. No charge and it took them less than a month to get it done. Maybe there's hope....?
  8. Out of Control Laser

    A couple of things going on here: 1)- Hike harder. Maybe you were giving it all you could, but flatter would have been better. clearly over powered. 2)- You're sitting in the back of the boat likely trying to keep the bow up, but weight in back makes the boat want to round up so you're fighting the tiller right off from there. 3)- A little vang ease, (not much) might help. 4)- Looks to me like your boom hit the water. Once that happens the main can't go out any and there's no recovery. 5)- When racing on a Laser course we very rarely have a leg with reaching unless it's a short finish leg after the final leeward mark rounding. Ease the sheet way out if you are that over powered until you have luff in the front 5/10% of the sail. Sailing upright at all is way faster than upside down.
  9. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    Just read through this whole thread.... I've been using a new MKII Class sail this year. I've loved it. No wrinkle issues at all. It's been fast in light air and windy conditions. The shape still looks great, but the "adjustable" battens are just about done being "adjustable" after this season. So, I'll get a new one for next year just like with the old sail... I've used an Intensity sail in the past. The foot would "motorboat" on me going upwind in breeze. Intensity took it back and gave me a new one after a year of use! That's great customer service IMHO. However, I stopped using the Intensity sails because they do trim a little different and I do enough class events I didn't want to have to re-learn my class sail every time. Just a personal thing. Due to our class builder sucking it on parts management, paying bills or whatever the hell their problems are I have no issues with people using non-class legal items if it gets them out on the race course for events that you don't have to measure in for. That's just my opinion.
  10. Elevating the rig on a Laser

    In heavy air with the super vang on I squeeze down so tight during tacks I push the wind out of my lungs. I'm a "grunt tacker".
  11. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    It's called being "black balled". Private clubs can tell anyone they want for any reason to take a hike. I'm betting legal counsel advised you on the same? Why don't you bring the new boat to Charleston for some real action in April?
  12. cool or horrifying?

    Ok. After I posted I went up and read where you'd already covered most of my recommendations. A point I'd like to make to all is this: Good on you for going out there and doing it! Kudos for sharing the video as well. There's no other way to learn how your boat is going to behave and how you and your crew are going to need to behave in those conditions than going out and sailing in them. Always better to get a handle on that stuff in a practice situation than on a race course!
  13. cool or horrifying?

    Video never does well with showing wave/chop height. Next time you're out in that try 3 things: 1)- Ease the jib out about 10 inches. Or at least play it in the puffs. When the main is ragging you have lost the slot between the main and jib which slows the boat and makes it harder to control upwind. 2)- Look for a flat spot to tack the boat and tack with speed. 3)- You need someone playing the vang DW. When you feel the unmanageable weather helm kicking in call for an ease on the vang and keep the bow down, (in the video it looks like you were just kinda letting the boat round up with not much tiller work until the boat was over) and that will stop the round ups.
  14. Ok. Apparently this is old news. Well, I'm old too so I guess it fits then. Moving on....What a sham or shame depending on where you sit...
  15. At a District Laser event this past weekend. Talking to the District Secretary about sails. A guy from out of town has shown up with LP's non-class legal "Practice Sail". He looks down at the District Secretaries boat bought new in 2016 from a dealer and says, "Oh, my practice sail is the same as yours." Turns out the new boat was supplied with a non-class legal practice sail. Talked to the area dealer who sold the boat. He had no idea and then pulled out a Sunfish sail he was about to deliver to a customer for the regatta. He ordered a class legal race sail, but got a non-class legal practice sail and the class legal sail price, (at least we think that was the deal as it didn't have a class "button"). Has LP screwed suppliers so badly they will not ship to LP anymore? If so, is LP slipping contraband items under the table as "class legal" to fill orders? If that's the case isn't it illegal? Sure seems like fraud to me. Any lawyers out there want to chime in on this?