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  1. 1 turn is 1 tack, 1 jibe. 2 turns is 2 tacks, 2 jibes. Depending on the leg of the course you are on and your keep clear options determines what is best to start the penalty with either a tack or jibe.
  2. True. Clearly when they are shooting the mark the weather boat sails down. If there was boat contact with damage I'd call the weather boat out. Since there wasn't damage and the video is not crystal clear then leeward is out as the onus is on them and assuming they had no witness. Unless the weather boat testifies he was not sailing close hauled at the time of the incident. Which would be surprising if he would say that.
  3. You should have started to sail higher earlier. Looks like you waited right until the mark. In order for you to break 18.3 his jib would have had to break. Never saw that happen.
  4. Ok. Went to the garage and got the NEW rules book off the top of the Laser. Rule 18.3: "If a boat in the zone of a mark to be left to port passes head to wind from port to starboard tack and is then fetching the mark, she shall not cause a boat that has been on starboard tack since entering the zone to sail above close hauled to avoid contact and she shall give mark room if that boat becomes overlapped inside her. yada, yada, yada..." So, you can tack in the zone in front of an oncoming STBD boat. However, it they have to luff above close hauled to avoid you, (and presumably get around the mark in the same process) then you're out. Remember, if you are the port boat the onus in on you in the protest room. Without a solid witness you'll lose nearly every time. Team racing rules only change the zone from 3 bl's to 2 bl's and deletes rule 18.4. 18.3 is still valid.
  5. That's correct about the class site. Lots of crickets there. However, there are some extensive re-firb threads from folks who have done a lot of work on their boats. The boat I sailed on had some water intrusion areas that needed re-coring around the mast, bow, doghouse where the board winch was mounted. Never checked the pintles, but always suspected some core rot on the lower one. You may want to re-work that before you get the backing plate on it. I think those are pretty common areas to check on the 7.9 and 9.1.
  6. Wrong. Not inside the 3bl circle.
  7. All the SE's, (tall rig, FK boats) I've ever seen had a fixed rudder. Yes the swing rudder has it's issues and you don't want one for extended offshore stuff. A bigger rudder does not balance a boat though. Reduce the sail plan for short handed sailing in breeze, find a good fixed rudder design and you'll be ok.
  8. PS. The SE's had full keels, double spreader masthead rigs and the one piece rudder. Sailed quite differently from the standard 7.9 and used to rate 15 sec/mile faster than the std 7.9. The "extra special" additions were the stripped out e-glass models. I think only 9 of those were built. Had the pleasure of racing on one for a couple of years the she got killed by hurricane hugo.
  9. Spent the better part of the last 2 years racing a 7.9 in PHRF. A few things to note on the daggerboard, swing rudder version. 1)- get the max forestay length on. 2)- always tune the rig for conditions. Tighter rig depowers the boat. Use the backstay adjuster. 3)- the boat has a big sail plan and is tender in anything above 12 knots. Without weight on the rail you'll likely be sailing the small jib a lot on SFB. Also consider reef points in the main sail 4)- weather helm will increase if the rudder kicks up at all. Make sure you have secured the cheek plates against the rudder. You may need new lock washers. Also, get a stainless lockdown bolt to prevent the rudder from kicking up. You may need to drill a hole through the cheek plates for the lockdown bolt to fit across the aft top part of the rudder. Again make sure the rudder angle is straight down and it's trailing edge matches the angle of the trailing edge on the center board. Finally, secure a piece of metal to the rudder head where the lockdown pin will fit across the top. Otherwise the pin will wear into the top of the rudder. 5)- a dialed in 7.9 is a PHRF killer. When its dialed in and you have the class weight on the rail of 1,000 lbs to play with the weather helm is way reduced.
  10. No. Will be there in August. Next stop is Savannah first weekend in June.
  11. OK. Some MKI vs MKII sail observations from the first big district event. We had 20 boats out. Most had the MKI, but at least 6-7 of us had MKII's. 10 W/L, twice around races sailed in solid 15-20 conditions. Races lasted about 40 minutes each. Top 3 boats finished very close to each other. 4th place boat was a few points back, but had a couple of 1st and 2nd finishes. 1st- MKII 2nd- MKI 3rd- MKII 4th-MKII 5th- MKII The guy with the MKI sailed really well and is know to be a great sailor. I'd estimate the top for boats were very close in skill level. If you're loosing races using a newer MKI against newer MKII sails it ain't the sail that's causing the damage! That said. If you really need a new sail and are getting tired of waiting for the next round of MKII's to come in put out a "Wanted" ad for a newer MKI with less than 3 regattas on it. There's probably more than a few out there that would be an easy buy at $300.00. Use it this next season and hopefully the supply issues will settle out.
  12. Assholes, poorly managed PRHF, (or whatever the next latest/greatest handicap rule will be) and overbuilding the next latest/greatest sport boat, (like 20 new ones every year) is killing sailing. Actually, assholes are our least problems....
  13. Yes. They trim differently. I have an older MK1 for practice, but after using the MKII I'm going to keep sailing with it unless it's gear busting type breeze. The MKII is supposed to have a longer life anyway which was a big reason for the re-design. Might as well test the theory.
  14. I tried out my new MKII this past weekend over 5 or so short course races in 8-12 breeze. It does trim different and I just paid the $12.00 to watch the German coach's video. I'd say the video is spot on and confirmed a lot of what I was thinking, but I learned some pretty important stuff as well. I sailed pretty closely with a guy who was pretty good and used a brand new old design sail. Upwind I had better speed. I think point was even. DW I was much faster and I weigh 20lbs more than this guy. I don't care what anyone says. The MKII is faster! It seemed really fast DW. It has better shape and in the lighter breeze, (like what I sailed in) that ugly assed center crease is gone! You will need the additional purchase for the Cunningham when the breeze comes up as the material is way stiffer and will require more purchase to get the draft forward. I'd taken out some of the purchase for the old design sail. In the lighter air you don't need as much Cunningham on, but it's basically the same principal as before. Stay just on the edge of getting the wrinkles out until the breeze is on or you're lighter weight and need to depower. There's less vang needed on your initial setting. I found looser vang way fast DW. However, the sail responds better to vang settings as the leech in much more firm so upwind and reaching you'll pay more attention to vang settings. This sail seems to have some actual gears upwind. The one thing that threw me was the outhaul. This sail needs more ON while sailing upwind. Twice as much from the initial setting of the old sail. The sail has a better curve in the design so you don't need to ease the outhaul as much to power up. That's about it. Watch the video.
  15. We have 3 summer open regattas that pull decent radial fleets, (10+ boats per event). They are largely junior sailors. Right now we only have two in our "frostbite" series. Hopefully that will grow.