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  1. garyedelman

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    My understanding is that Imedi sold last week and is going to Seattle. If the investigation needs to look over the boat, they better do it soon.
  2. garyedelman

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    JY-15 or JY-15 Turbo. The Turbo has a spinnaker and trapeze. The regular JY-15, if the newer style chainplates have been installed can be rigged with a spinnaker. Not as large a 'chute as the Turbo, but bigger than a 420. And when you're not using the spinnaker you can sail either in one design fleets.
  3. garyedelman

    Recovering a capsize JY15

    I agree with Chinook on getting the newer style chain plates installed. You might see if Nickels has these in stock. One of the problems with righting the JY-15 after a capsize is water in the hull. It is important to make sure all of the fitting are re-bedded regularly. Especially in a warm/hot weather climate. But the big culprit are the 3 "breather holes" at the front of the cockpit under the deck. Don't plug these up, especially in Texas. But if the boat is capsized for a long time, and if your fittings are leaking, it will become almost impossible to right the boat with 2 people. Good luck, it is a very good boat. If you're single handing a lot, you might want to consider going to a roller furling jib. Many people have done this.
  4. garyedelman

    Low slip line recomendation

    Sounds like the winches need resurfacing. Or, depending on the age and brand, you might be able to buy new drums. Expensive, but a lot less than a new winch.
  5. garyedelman

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    I seem to remember there were actually 3 versions of the Tartan 27, Pride 270 and a Nitro 27. All were supposed to be the same boat, but I think each as "tweaked" in some way to differentiate it from the other 2.
  6. garyedelman


    Owner of Hull #58 has also decided not to race the NAs in Chicago. Boat is located in Milwaukee, and can be delivered to the event. Great shape, professionally maintained. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  7. garyedelman

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    JY 15. The initial design brief called for a mast that one person could step. If you're not racing the JY-14/Hunter 140 (same boat-make sure it was made in the CT not FL factory), also designed so a 60+ year old woman could raise the mast solo. The JY-15 has fleets in upstate NY.
  8. garyedelman

    Harken now make... sunscreen.

    Why not ? They made/sold Harken branded lip balm, zinc oxide and other related stuff. I still have of the lip balm and zinc oxide, the latter came in various colors.
  9. garyedelman

    Bavaria in administration

    Interesting that no one is questioning the reign of Lutz Henkel. He burst on the scene here in the US by closing down the Bavaria display at the Annapolis Boat Show. Didn't exactly due Salona any favors when he ran that company. I
  10. garyedelman

    US Sailing turns up the volume to save Clipper Cove

    This is an issue of boater access to the water. Contact Thom Dammrich, President of the National Marine Manufacturers Association ( and his VP of Government Relations, John McKnight (in Washington, D.C.). They have an army of people that fight these cases. Among others they got involved in saving Sail Sand Point in Seattle when it was threatened. They have some real muscle.
  11. garyedelman

    Chicago Area III

    The fleet in Milwaukee is going to have some speed to it next year. Rumors, the Thompson 35, showed up about a month ago, now Javelin. And there is talk of another one or two in the works.
  12. garyedelman

    Thompson 35 Rumours/Vida Zee Specs & Info Needed

    Were you out sailing in Milwaukee yesterday. We saw a boat we didn't recognize, and now I'm wondering if it was Rumors. We thought maybe Redrum got put in the water. But we were never that close to the boat. The boat did the Chicago-Mac in about 2001 (not sure what year) so LM-PHRF should have a copy of the certificate. I had a hand in the original electronics for the boat and fine tuned them before the Mac.
  13. garyedelman

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Call J Boats directly. They will be able to direct you to their suppliers
  14. garyedelman

    boat hunter

    get a hold of Bill Emery. He was in charge of finishing up the Swan 43s at PJs, and then went on to work at the factory in Finland. He'll probably have some idea.
  15. garyedelman

    J70, cheating and pros

    I think Sailman at post 256 hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Some one design classes are "more" one-design than others. If not, and since people have been throwing around the name of the Star Class, explain the dominance of the P Yachts Star Boat. O, for that matter, the Persson Snipe. The latter really did make every other Snipe obsolete.