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  1. You might do a search here on SA for Peterson34, they were built by the same company, and at one point the owner/owner's son/someone connected with the company chimed in. He might have more info. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.
  2. The Garmin/Nexus compass I was referring to is the 70UN or if you need it lit, the 70UNE I think these are well under $ 100.
  3. Saturday and Sunday at the show were "busy" but the vast majority were lookers. The show really needs to change and realize that there is a world out there. For example, it was right up against KWRW. At the same time there was another and larger RV show out in the suburbs. And in the building they were holding a high end car show. Talk about direct competition for the discretionary dollar ! Cruising Outpost pulled their party sponsorship after less than 25 people showed up last year. And for both exhibitors and attendees things like parking were a real hassle as they also scheduled some sort of volleyball tournament during the boat show. The NMMA staff running this show (different from the staff that ran Navy Pier) has no clue.
  4. Tack Tick made/makes a couple of models without lift/header and other features, like the micro compass mentioned above. For non-digital I've like the Plastimo. (Large, easy to read). Not sure they make it anymore, but Silva/Brunton had a very nice handheld compass with a great mount for dinghies that was also very readable.
  5. If I have this correct, Composite Technologies was the builder of the Peterson 34. One of the reasons they were chosen is that one of the people who commissioned the Peterson 34 (a group from Chicago) had one of the original PT-30s. Hence, you might contact Bruce at Sailboat Sales in Chicago and see if he has any more information for you on your boat.
  6. Lots of great ideas. You might also give Alan Johnstone a call and ask him about the water ballast system on the new J/ 1-2-1.
  7. Savage got this partially correct. Melges did not build the boat. Most were partially built by SOCA in Trinidad. They were finished by Darren Lance's crew in Holland, MI., and my understanding is that they used other shops as well. While the Zenda office might have been closed for deer hunting season (actually Buddy is an avid duck hunter), you might see if some of the sub-contractors here in the US can shed some light on the problems.
  8. Good points Glenn. The NMMA has pretty much washed its hands of sailing and the sailboat industry. Unfortunately, the trade association for the sailboat industry, Sail America, is in disarray. They no longer have an "Association Manager", and the Board President, Scot West of Ronstan, was named head of Ronstan International, and is spending a lot of his time in Australia. They will be holding their Sailing Industry Conference in Milwaukee, May 31st to June 2. You might want to see if you can get some of your ideas on the agenda. If past experience is any indication, the conference has had good attendance from industry folks. They might be willing to listen. Also, the Milwaukee experiment-the Milwaukee Bay Alternative Sailing Series- seemed successful and has now changed its name to Saturday Afternoon Sailing Series (SASS). A final wrap up meeting was held Oct. 26 with lots of feed back to help improve next year's program.
  9. Seems like this has been a problem for a while. Back in the 80s a friend signed a contract for a new build. His bank agreed to finance his purchase. However, there was some miscommunications in that the bank paid all the money to the builder up front. The customer was under the impression it was a construction type loan, as in the real estate industry, When the builder declared bankruptcy with little or none of the boat finished, the friend was on the hook for the entire loan, with no asset to help him cover it. If people had researched Lutz Henkel's background (the new CEO at Bavaria) they wouldn't have trusted him. And another multi-hull builder just screwed a number of customers out of deposits and progress payments, when Antares declared bankruptcy late last month. I think those that recommended an attorney and performance bond are on the right track. If a builder wants your order they will come up with the money for the bond.
  10. Is it a fractional rig ? At least Lindy and Bob cut their masts down and made them into masthead rigs. A3 with a GS sounds like a good solution. Also the outboard lead for the genoa.
  11. The J-109 will be more comfortable. Both are sprit boats. The J-92s is lighter, probably accelerates faster, and could be all around faster. Not sure though. Yes, you can run the tapes on a J-109. Not knowing where he launches from, or what his headsail set-up is, I can't really offer any advice on his current problem. A lot of the J Boats have gone to launching from the forward hatch. If this is too much for the crew to get together, put the spinnaker bag on the rail. Since you race on the J-92s you should be able to direct a proper set. In other words, it shouldn't be that different. Good luck !
  12. $250/day, plus expenses for the captain. Another $ 100/day for crew and expenses. As others mentioned above, a degree of work on the boat should be expected; clean, minor repairs, taking note of anything major and reporting it, and / or assisting you in arranging for it to get fixed from a reputable yard, etc. And usually that means a 24 hour day. A competent delivery captain will have his/her own back up GPS with the right charts, a fully charged back up hand held VHF, PFD and harness, flashlights, and other essentials. Also should know the harbor you're leaving from and the one you're going in to and the ones in between that can be run into in the event of an emergency or storm. Is there an insurance or equipment reason why the boat can't go over night ?
  13. When the boat first came out, there was an article in Sail Magazine about 2 J-24s that did the round the DelMarVa peninsula or something like that. Loaded them up with wind instruments, Loran C, etc. As I recall they actually did very well.
  14. Glenn, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Best wishes to you and your entire family as you all deal with this. Best Regards, Radical Move.
  15. T-shirts and hats. A spline weight from Graham and Schlageter's office,a couple of pair of Harken earings produced by a boat yard in Michigan which are mini Harken blocks that actually spin in 2 separate sizes. Great swag that could get you points from a girl friend or wife after spending too much time at a regatta or boat show. Program from 1983 SORC, a plastic card from the USCG that could be used to interpolate Loran C numbers on a chart, some old books (Duttons, others and Wally Ross's Sail Power), a Weems and Plath magnifying glass, and other stuff I have hanging around my garage. Oh, and a Peter Barrett Life Jacket. That could be a collectors item if anyone knew what it is.