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  1. US Sailing turns up the volume to save Clipper Cove

    This is an issue of boater access to the water. Contact Thom Dammrich, President of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (nmma.org) and his VP of Government Relations, John McKnight (in Washington, D.C.). They have an army of people that fight these cases. Among others they got involved in saving Sail Sand Point in Seattle when it was threatened. They have some real muscle.
  2. Chicago Area III

    The fleet in Milwaukee is going to have some speed to it next year. Rumors, the Thompson 35, showed up about a month ago, now Javelin. And there is talk of another one or two in the works.
  3. Thompson 35 Rumours/Vida Zee Specs & Info Needed

    Were you out sailing in Milwaukee yesterday. We saw a boat we didn't recognize, and now I'm wondering if it was Rumors. We thought maybe Redrum got put in the water. But we were never that close to the boat. The boat did the Chicago-Mac in about 2001 (not sure what year) so LM-PHRF should have a copy of the certificate. I had a hand in the original electronics for the boat and fine tuned them before the Mac.
  4. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Call J Boats directly. They will be able to direct you to their suppliers
  5. boat hunter

    get a hold of Bill Emery. He was in charge of finishing up the Swan 43s at PJs, and then went on to work at the factory in Finland. He'll probably have some idea.
  6. J70, cheating and pros

    I think Sailman at post 256 hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Some one design classes are "more" one-design than others. If not, and since people have been throwing around the name of the Star Class, explain the dominance of the P Yachts Star Boat. O, for that matter, the Persson Snipe. The latter really did make every other Snipe obsolete.
  7. New J 121 will be in the water at the show.
  8. Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Good luck with the project. I was on one of these once back in the 80's that was sailed out of Bald Eagle State Park in Pennsylvania. It had been struck by lightening the night before, and what saved it was that after dancing around the cabin, the lightening hit the dagger board and grounded out of the boat leaving only black marks on the inside of the hull. The open transom, fractional rig, and light weight were pretty radical for its time.

    I don't live in Miami-Dade County, but am familiar with Castle Harbor Sailing and sailed there a couple of times. I echo everyone who said get an attorney. Cai and his team have been offering excellent sailing programs for a long time. I'm concerned about the statement that Castle Harbor is the only "licensed sailing school in Miami-Dade County. I'm not sure what you mean by licensed. I'm pretty sure Shake-A-Leg Miami uses either the ASA or US Sailing authorized programs for their learn to sail program. Also, the Sail Time base inthe Miami area is an ASA school. If you're going to take on Dade County you should have your facts up to date. Good luck. it would be terrible to lose this access point to our sport.
  10. There used to be a Gulf of Maine series every summer. Then it was replaced by about a week of racing that was point to point; began IIRC around Southwest Harbor and the last race ended outside of Camden. The Stonington Harbor YC began a race they called the Lobster Run or something from there up to Maine. You might check these out to see if any of them still exist.
  11. Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    Glenn- I've had a lot of experience with both the B&G Vulcan (on J-88 I race on), and Gamin (lots of deliveries). The new stuff has lots of features. And as others have said, it might take a quiet afternoon to learn them all. However, a lot of the new stuff I find is very intuitive. So if you aren't into constantly updated changing laylines, or whatever, you should be able to figure this out very quickly. Either will take inputs from your electronics if they can send NMEA data. You didn't mention what instruments you had on the boat, and what you wanted to integrate with the chartplotter. For example, does an Auto Pilot figure in to this.
  12. Plastrend/Composite Technology 1976 Peterson 1/4 Ton

    You might do a search here on SA for Peterson34, they were built by the same company, and at one point the owner/owner's son/someone connected with the company chimed in. He might have more info. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.
  13. Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    The Garmin/Nexus compass I was referring to is the 70UN or if you need it lit, the 70UNE I think these are well under $ 100.
  14. Chicago Area III

    Saturday and Sunday at the show were "busy" but the vast majority were lookers. The show really needs to change and realize that there is a world out there. For example, it was right up against KWRW. At the same time there was another and larger RV show out in the suburbs. And in the building they were holding a high end car show. Talk about direct competition for the discretionary dollar ! Cruising Outpost pulled their party sponsorship after less than 25 people showed up last year. And for both exhibitors and attendees things like parking were a real hassle as they also scheduled some sort of volleyball tournament during the boat show. The NMMA staff running this show (different from the staff that ran Navy Pier) has no clue.
  15. Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    Tack Tick made/makes a couple of models without lift/header and other features, like the micro compass mentioned above. For non-digital I've like the Plastimo. (Large, easy to read). Not sure they make it anymore, but Silva/Brunton had a very nice handheld compass with a great mount for dinghies that was also very readable.