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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    This is fast becoming worse than the SF boondoggle. See y'all in Italy.
  2. AC 36 Protocol

    The Falcons arguably relieved them of that tag last February. 28-3 will forever be difficult to top
  3. Team UK

    Ok, you go tell the families of the attack victims that joking about a car mowing down people is funny and they should quit being precious about their loved ones.
  4. Team UK

    WTF? They published that this week of all weeks?
  5. Lone wolf - have you read it.

    I didn't even finish it. I'll admit I didn't have high hopes going into it giving Jimmy's love of cliches, but I made it as far as the Dogzilla challenge before I just gave up. Can't really see myself picking it back up.
  6. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Uhhh, wtf? The majority of the flags were on public property, but you are right in the fact that OR (yes the team, not ACEA) employed personnel did remove flags from private property against the wishes of the property owners. How do I know? Because two friends who decided to support ETNZ threatened to bring a trespass and willful damage suit against Oracle if the flags weren't restored to their original spots. They were returned the next day.
  7. Teams?

    Lol, because Land/Range Rover's are only sold in Europe. Better call the local dealership and tell them to shut things down
  8. Team NYYC

    That's about the limit of my Auckland real estate knowledge from 9,000 miles away I'm sure one of the locals will have a better idea as to whether there's any suitable spots outside of the city
  9. Team NYYC

    I think that's only residential, and from what I understand all of the land around the Auckland waterfront is leasehold so you can't technically "buy" it so it shouldn't be an issue
  10. Lone wolf - have you read it.

    I could tell from the few snippets I read here that it was going to be a mess. Very disjointed and the use of quotes without quotation marks drove me crazy so I decided to pass on it knowing I probably wouldn't finish it if I bought it. I guess that's what you get when you write and publish a book in ~3 months.
  11. Oracle Team USA

    It's definitely a road
  12. Oracle Team USA

    But I have to cross the road like a commoner to get to my yacht!
  13. Oracle Team USA

    Meh, no direct dock access. No thanks
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Ok, in that case why did he tighten the purse strings for AC35? OR most certainly did not have a blank check to work with so why do you think a non-AC series would be different?
  15. Team NZ

    Wait, is that their new PM? Maybe AC36 won't be so bad after all ....