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  1. Has a good handicap though. If I recall there was a Westsail 32 that beat us on corrected time in a Marion-Bermuda race. He finished almost 2 days after us.
  2. checkstay

    Key West things to do?

    It's a monthly vacation rental that we manage ourselves. Been doing projects here for 18 years. We're down for a 2 month maintenance trip before season. You were here for what I think is the best time to be in KW. Glad you had fun!
  3. checkstay

    Key West things to do?

    You went right by my place on the conch train. Directly across from the library on Fleming St.
  4. checkstay

    Can It Be Over Now? (2017 Hurricane Season)

    The Conch Republic Navy burned the hurricane flags last night.
  5. checkstay


    Just got a report that was a false alarm. Headed to KW asap to see if my houses are still there...
  6. checkstay

    Looking for sextant info

    Freiberger. (East) German. I have one; bought in 1983 I think. I'll look for any manuals or documentation when I get home.