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  1. checkstay

    Please help the Bahamas

    From Key West. The Bahamas have always helped us. Couldn't figure out how to embed.
  2. checkstay

    Buzzards Bay at Night

    Have done it dozens of times. We drop a hook outside of Marion to wait for the canal current if necessary. Lots of lights. VHF 13 for traffic. Pretty easy, just pay attention.
  3. checkstay

    Boat ID Wanted

    Tartan 34. The first boat I went to Bermuda on. Can probably still sail it blindfolded.
  4. Has a good handicap though. If I recall there was a Westsail 32 that beat us on corrected time in a Marion-Bermuda race. He finished almost 2 days after us.
  5. checkstay


    Just got a report that was a false alarm. Headed to KW asap to see if my houses are still there...