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  1. TheDragon

    A big project!

    That's some seriously hard work for one pair of frames.
  2. TheDragon

    Battery Charging at Mooring

    And let us know, as you can see lots of folks interested in how these systems work in practise.
  3. TheDragon

    Lake Ponchartrain Possible Sailing Death

    Story was on CNN/HLN last night, the Crime and Justice segment with Ashleigh Banfield. They had a picture of the boat. It was anchored (maybe by whoever found it?). No rig, so not sailing, presumably motored out. Towels on the cabin roof and swim ladder down at the transom, so apparently they did go swimming.
  4. TheDragon

    Books to get started on the Pacific?

    West coast, east coast, 4-5 years. Budget of 50k for boat, and soon to be retired with pension to support expenses. Mostly solo, crew in islands and legs to and from NZ and Aussie. South African originally, so planning to go around and back up Atlantic. BUT, no ocean sailing experience, so either dive in at deep end in 2019, or take it a little slower and start in 2020. Other factors might affect that decision, however, El Niño just being one of them, just trying to get a feel for how much of a factor that should be.
  5. TheDragon

    Books to get started on the Pacific?

    So, it seems best to avoid an El Nino year, both for better trade winds, fewer and less likelihood of cyclones in the eastern south Pacific, and better sea life and less coral bleaching. NOAA forecast for El Nino is now 70% for this coming season, so what do folks think. Put things off till March/April 2020 which would allow more time for getting more experience, or just go in 2019. Since I will only do this once, it seems best to avoid an El Nino, but time is passing.
  6. TheDragon

    Battery Charging at Mooring

    This might not be enough, and having a controller with displays of output, etc. would be nice, but it works for me. It's a cheap 10w system I got from Menards hardware. It claims to have built in overcharge and discharge protection, so no controller. It's small, and since I wanted to just leave it mounted while sailing, I rigged up a little tilting frame off the transom for it. It has worked well for a year, keeping my deep-cycle lead-acid battery topped up. I use the battery only for a trolling motor to get in and out of my marina if there is not enough wind or direction is problematic, otherwise I sail in and out. Obviously if you split up your two batteries you could use two of these, one for each battery. Anyway, I like the simplicity of this setup, just link the output leads to the battery terminals.
  7. And even if he does that, he has to hightail it south to get to Cape Horn early enough in the southern summer so he can circle Antarctica quickly enough to get around Cape Horn again before the summer is over. A tall ask.
  8. TheDragon

    Books to get started on the Pacific?

    Thanks all. That’s the hard part, isn’t it Zonker, getting enough experience. Got to start somewhere, and got to go before it is too late, both for age and for climate change.
  9. TheDragon

    Epic Boat Loss

    More photos of the recovered Kelaerin in -
  10. TheDragon

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    It's going to do a lot more than just pivot! Pirouette might be more like it, plus leap, vault, summersault, and crash.
  11. TheDragon

    Books to get started on the Pacific?

    Thanks, yes, I have Cornell's tome. Just ordered the Pacific Crossing Guide so will see.
  12. Starting to think seriously about heading out across the Puddle, and while familiar with most relevant topics in theory, if not always in practise, I'm looking for a good overview to round out my planning and came across Pacific Crossing Guide by Kitty van Hagen, 3rd Ed from 2016 (published by the RCC Pilotage Foundation in the UK for about $60 in hard copy, $40 in PDF or Kindle), which seems recent enough for most purposes. Anybody used it or have an alternative to recommend, especially if you have actually done the typical route via the south pacific islands and on to New Zealand and/or Australia (Zonker perhaps?).
  13. TheDragon

    Which Barrier Coat?

    Did the same with my little Tanzer22, scraped down to gelcoat with some sanding to rough it up. Used IP2000E based on recommendations in Fix It Anarchy. Bought two quarts, one white, one grey, so I could tell when applying the second coat where it was going. The only thing I did not expect was how quickly it started curing, so as soon as I finished the first coat I started the second, and as soon as that was on applied the antifouling (VC17m for a freshwater lake). Seems to have worked well two years later, and hopefully will last a lot longer with occasional new VC17m coats (got two from a quart, it is very thin).
  14. TheDragon

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Like this one?
  15. TheDragon

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    I took my central Illinois 22ft lake boat down to gel coat, then two part epoxy paint, two coats to seal things up, then two coats of VC17. That was two years ago and no growth. Before that, had massive slime and algae growth. I leave my boat in all year, even freezes hard most winters.