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  1. I had a fun day. I headed out from the lighthouse in front of our flat in Milnerton around 1:30PM, anticipating the boats whose turning marks were set a little downwind and then upwind. I was on my 7m orange and black kite and surfboard, and got myself into the middle of the course, watching them come down to the first mark, then beat up along the beach. I got quite close to the last boat, Scallywag, and crossed their stern. They were struggling on the upwind, with their furled masthead code0 up the whole time. Then I gybed and headed far across the bay to watch them coming across on their third leg back to the harbor and out around Sea Point. Man, I was way out there. Luckily my 7m is a bulletproof kite. If you watched the start or the replay, Mapfre unfurled their code0 near the end of that third leg and took off after Dongfeng and eventually passed them. That's about when I decided enough, and turned back to the beach, which was a good 3-4 miles away at that point. Then I did a lovely downwinder of several miles with a stop at Bloubergstrand for a drink and icecream. The waves were small, allowing me to try some turns and I got a lot more comfortable at that. Cool thing here is there is a city bus that comes all the way from a village just beyond my stopping point, called Melkbosstrand, so I just catch that back to my car. I just watched the replay and each time one of use five or six kitesurfers gets into the picture the director cuts away, but there is a brief glimpse of me after they round the first mark, plus two guys on blue kites. Later the commentator mentions a kitesurfer on the course, but that's after I quit and he's on a black kite. Well, I've really enjoyed getting close to these VOR65s out on the water. They are pretty impressive out there in person.
  2. I went for a climb up Table Mountain down by Kalk Bay this morning. Nice SEaster there on False Bay. Back in Milnerton the breeze is still a SEaster, but it is waffling around a bit and not nearly as strong as yesterday, maybe 20 knots. I'll be heading out in an hour or so after lunch once I see where they put the marks. If the wind stays down I'll be on a green and blue kite. If it comes up, on an orange and black kite. I'll try not to put it in the rigging of a VOR! I anticipate there will be other kiters out too, and the boats may try to avoid us by tacking out into the bay instead of coming close to shore, but if the marks are within a mile of the beach we should be able to reach them.
  3. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    I don't often get these things right, but in post #545 I called 2000nm advance by the equator and looks like that will be it. Amazing. What a ride.
  4. What a day for kiting, although only a few kiters did. Most sat and watched the show. I started around noon on my smallest kite, a 7m, got blown off the water pretty quickly, so went to a nearby kite shop and rented a 5.5m which was fine for an hour, during which time both Kevin Langaree and Nick Jacobsen came down and put on a show, and then most guys left, but I was not done and went back to the kite shop and exchanged for a 4m, which is the smallest kite I've ever ridden, and had another hour before quitting. Quite something. Below is the recording from the shop's windmeter, which is near the beach, but it blows even harder than that on the beach, and even harder beyond the waves, so the gusts were likely to 50mph, hence my need for a 4m kite for the late afternoon. Of course Kevin and Nick were on 8m kites! It was hard to stand on the beach, the sandblasting was head high. Hoping to kite with the VORs tomorrow if they set the course close enough to the beach. If you see an orange and black kite being a nuisance you will know who.
  5. Whoever put the in-port race video up on the front page does not understand what the Cape Doctor is. Today is a Cape Doctor, the strong SEasterly for which Cape Town is rightly famed in the summer, and which blows away all the trash and smog, hence the name Cape Doctor. Yesterday's race was run in a gentle SWesterly with full mains and jibs. If they were sailing today they would have triple reefed mains and J3s. Anyway, I'm going to try to go kiting in this, but with my binoculars I can only see three kites out, so it may well be too much for me, sadly. Might have to wait till tomorrow.
  6. It is now officially nukin in Cape Town. Gusts over 45 recorded at the airport and Bloubergstrand, with much more than that on top of Table Mountain. You can check it here - http://windalert.com/map#-33.917,18.596,11,1 This is from a similar day 2012. And 2015 And this past summer, turning bicycles into flags! The NW winds in winter storms can be pretty strong too!
  7. Thanks Stief, so they modified the course in a sensible way, giving them a beam reach to mark 1, upwind to mark2, broad reach back through the start line and off they go. AND, this will give us kiters a change to rendevous with them on the upwind leg. And the breeze should be perfect, 20-30 knots of SEaster. Today is epic, and I'm sure they are glad neither the in-port nor the start are today. It has been blowing SE all night and is now blowing dogs off chains, pedestrians are hanging onto lamp poles, birds aren't even flying. Two suicidal kiters just launched tiny kites from in front of the lighthouse at Milnerton, in gusts that must be approaching 50 knots. The mountain is covered with a thick table cloth. The pros will be out later doing stuff like this: I will be riding my 7m Naish Pivot kite and trying to survive not only the wind, but the 4M swells predicted for later this afternoon. Might even have the nerve to ride some of them.
  8. Well, that was not nearly as much fun as it would have been if held tomorrow in a howling SEaster. Oh well, at least the fog bank with a northerly did not quite get to them before the finish. It was glassy between the finish and the shore. That main commentator was irksome though.
  9. VOR's introduction to the in-port today is off base, applying only if the SEaster was blowing "Racing off Cape Town is notoriously challenging with strong, gusty, shifting winds and tricky currents commonplace". Today the wind is steady from the WSW, with almost no swell and little chop, and certainly no current that I am aware of. Everyone has full mains up and cruising around. If I had a foil board I could work my way up to them, but I'm staying nice and dry and watching from my tenth floor flat near the lighthouse. Should be fun!
  10. Well, they all came out around 12:30 and the course is indeed properly set, with the bottom gate directly off the lighthouse at Milnerton in front of my flat, and the top gate far up in the bay to windward. The big blue MAERSK LINE ship that featured in the video of Kevin Langaree kiting with TTOP is still anchored to the north of the course, so will limit their options on that side. Should be a lot of fun to watch, except that it will be hard for me to tell who is in the lead till they round the marks, as they will either be leaving or approaching me. Hope you all enjoy it online, I will watch it in person, then later online.
  11. Wind is still straight west, but maybe showing signs of shifting to SW, around 15 knots, with lots of whitecaps, so good conditions for them today. But no activity in the bay so far at 12:00, not even the bouys getting set up.
  12. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    He just tacked onto starboard, at 1640nm ahead, and doing 20 knots upwind. Nice, and it's only going to get sweeter. I did not type this - don't hit anything, Gabart!
  13. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Very frustrating, but he's being patient and staying on port for a while. Once he tacks to starboard he can begin the long curve up past the tip of Brazil. Advantage down to 1642nm, but will grow again once he tacks. I hope he got all his repairs done, because it might be full blast from here.
  14. Actually, if let windyty run on https://gis.ee/vor/, he already has the projected path of the boats out of Cape Town and into the SO.
  15. Forecast for the leg 3 start on Sunday is excellent in the bay, especially for liters trying to get out there, but Sunday night as the bash South will be boat breaking conditions with at lest 30 knots on the nose and probably a lot more.