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  1. TheDragon

    A big project!

    Video is up, damn that is a drag. Hang in there Leo!
  2. TheDragon

    Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    It would be nice if he could at least spell Jeanne Socrates name -’s-Getting-Crowded-Out-There I don't give him much of a chance. Even if he gets to Cape Horn he will likely be rather late in the season. He estimates 160 days at best, split into rough quarters for the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic portions, that means he would get to Cape Horn around end of March or early April, just when things get really rough there. I saw his boat in Cape Town after one of his previous abandonments, and am here till mid-February, so maybe I will see it again.
  3. TheDragon

    Commercial Sail

    Redirect Carlos Ghosn's salary to it and the experiment is free.
  4. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Maybe he grounded on one of the turquoise sandy bits and got off relatively unscathed. limping home now.
  5. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    He sure was tired in that last video. Echos of Joyon after one of his transatlantic runs, just exhausted.
  6. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I wonder if he does 3 knots in a strong easterly under poles alone
  7. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Just gybed West?
  8. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Headed south at 3knots now
  9. TheDragon

    Blue Sea fire

    I have one in my basement. Might have to think about it, but like the guy said, when it’s worked fine for me for 30years, and who knows how many before me, it is hard to say replace it. But I’ve not tested any of the regular breakers. The outside outlets are on a sensitive breaker and it trips regularly, so at least that one works! Might try shorting out a few of the regular circuits.
  10. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Meanwhile, as many here predicted, Hugo Boss is streaking away from the competition. I’d love to see some footage of Alex hooting along right now. He must be so happy to have both foils intact.
  11. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Go Alex, and ignore the multis
  12. TheDragon

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Damn, loaded the tracker after 24 hours and it shows carnage. Tough luck for a bunch of boats, especially galling for Josse after all those lovely foiling videos. And Nauti, how on earth did you get to -1826, that’s quite an accomplishment!
  13. So I finally pulled the boat out to see how the paint was doing. That's two years in dam water which is eutrophic. It had a thin layer of algae, more than I would have liked, but a lot less than before. It all came off with a powerwasher. The VC17m was pretty thin, could see the underlying epoxy paint in places. There were some small blisters on the keel, but nothing big and nothing to bother with. No blisters anywhere else, it all looks solid and the boat is bone dry inside. So, now I want to put another coat or two of VC17m to last at least another two years. The VC17m can says I need to sand the existing paint, but that sounds like a nasty job with a ventilator, etc. Thoughts? Surface is a lot rougher than it was after the original AF application, which was very smooth, so I think new coats will stick just fine.
  14. TheDragon

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Proa, you are obviously an experienced sailor, but I cannot understand your constant harping about Jeanne not following the rhumb line. It has been explained repeatedly that she almost certainly has to go far SW before she can turn back to the east. That's what she did the past several trips, and what was done by everyone else who has attempted Cape Horn from the West Coast of North America that I know about, going all the way back to Webb Chiles first trip. As to the choice of boat, of course a light multihull is faster and more fun than a heavy monohull, but you answered your own questions in the next post. No way could Jeanne, or you (I imagine), attempt what she is attempting on a multihull, it would be insane. She is not MacArthur or Joyon or Gabart, nor I would guess are you. You just have to check back on what Webb or Jeanne or many others attempting Cape Horn have encountered to see how extreme it can be. Short of a massive very expensive very fast trimaran with an exceptional sailor on board, a monohull is the only way to even attempt it. I met Jeanne in Simonstown several years ago after one of her failed attempts and her stories were hair raising. As to a faster monohull, Jeanne does not have that choice, she has what she has and that will have to do. Just enjoy following and supporting her amazing resilience, persistence, and hopefully success again.
  15. TheDragon

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Question about these pilot house and similar designs, like Perry’s Freeport 36, are not those large windows a liability in a storm, especially with cross seas that might launch a wave into them?