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  1. Kitebeach, Bloubergstrand, Table Bay, Cape Town, best kitesurfing in the world
  2. TheDragon

    The Swedish Experiment

    Which Scandinavian country has done better?
  3. TheDragon

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    Excellent everyone, good to hear many here are sensible enough to get vaccinated. I'm five weeks in on Moderna first dose.
  4. TheDragon

    Defer the second dose for three months

    CBS reporter tonight on news notes that the UK approach of 12 weeks between doses of the BioNtech/Pfizer and Oxford/Astrazeneca is helping them contain their variant, while the US approach of sticking to the 3/4 week interval might not. And Fauci pleads for accelerated vaccine rollout to contain the endogenous and UK/SA/Br variants, but apparently still will not endorse delaying the second dose. Meanwhile my local PHD says this on their website, which does not help us get enough people vaccinated quickly. We are at nearly 30% of eligible county residents with their first dose, but stalling now. Delaying the second dose would allow us to get well over 50% and along with those who have already had covid put us within reach of herd immunity. 2nd Dose Appointments for those Vaccinated at IHotel. This week's allocation is mainly 2nd doses for previously vaccinated 1A/1B individuals. We expect to have more first doses allocations next week and the week after. We are not currently setting up first dose clinics. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for information about when additional vaccines become available
  5. TheDragon

    Found my boat on Google Maps

    Best so far! Anchored somewhere? I love the wave echos off the hull.
  6. TheDragon

    Why is it getting better? US / world

    So for those on here who argue that lockdowns don't work, masks are useless, bars and restaurants and large social events should continued as if it was 2019, virus be damned because only the old and fat will die, what would you suggest that the governments of the Czech Republic and Estonia should do now that they face yet another surge of infections?
  7. TheDragon

    The UK Variant

    New York variant has the same E484K mutation as the SA and Brazil (and new new UK) variants, so clearly this is a major path for the virus towards increased transmissability, and even if by chance also some escape from antibodies against the original strain, a second booster shot targeted at it likely will help with all variants to date. The really interesting question is whether once these E484K variants become dominant will we see additional mutants on top of them.
  8. TheDragon

    Tiger drives into the rough

    Hard to tell, but just saw footage of the Genesis being carried away and is it possible the engine was ripped right out of the car? That kind of impact, perhaps from landing on the front right side after a pitchpole, might account for the smashing of his right leg.
  9. TheDragon

    Massive short squeeze

    deja vu
  10. TheDragon

    "Gybe Draulic" Preventer on SY Gefion

    I picked up a slightly oversized and older model Walder Boombrake for my boat but have yet to try it out. Pip Hare (I now know who she is because of the VG), gave it 8/10 in a review on Yachtworld. Somewhere between the above contraption and a simple rope preventer.
  11. TheDragon

    Found my boat on Google Maps

    In March I bailed from Panama as the country closed down. Out of boredom today I checked the marina I left it moored at, Panamarina on the North shore of Panama, and I'm delighted to be able to see it. It is the double-ended in the middle of the pic. The trimaran to the right of it left in mid-December, so I know the photo was taken some time last year. Just wish I could get back to it, but I am still rehabbing my right shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. Does anyone else check their boat via Google Maps, albeit the photos are old.
  12. TheDragon

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Great effort and very brave dealing with a loose keel in the south Atlantic. Hope she can go again.
  13. TheDragon

    Tiger drives into the rough

    Doesn't provide much of an advertisement for the Hyundai luxury model Genesis GV80 he was driving. While the front end looks pretty crumpled, there should not be crushing of the driver or passenger compartments like he apparently suffered.
  14. TheDragon

    Defer the second dose for three months

    So today we get near-approval of the "single-shot" JnJ vaccine, and as far as I can tell its effectiveness is basically the same as a single dose of the Moderna/NIH and BioNtech/Pfizer vaccines. The effectiveness of a single dose of these two mRNA vaccines has now been confirmed by vast numbers in both Israel and the UK. So why doesn't the USA at least defer the second dose of the mRNA vaccines so we can get many more their first dose? Around here most doses are now being used for second doses, with only a few first doses being given.
  15. TheDragon

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    I guess more than 100m vaccine shots to date worldwide is not convincing enough for you, SFB. Not to mention new analyses of the Pfizer shot from Israel and UK showing over 90% efficacy from the first dose alone, huge datasets 10X the phase 3 trials (and that's for symptomatic infection, essentially 100% for prevention of severe cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, just like the phase 3 results). I'm very happy to be one month in on my Moderna shot and hence essentially immune, and given the Israel data showing protection through at least nine weeks (the max they could examine), I'm going to wait at least two months and likely three months for my second shot, let someone else get their first shot to hasten our progress to herd immunity. Furthermore, even if I get infected chances of my transmitting it are greatly reduced. And now my whole family is vaccinated, even better. Our county is above 25% with first dose, so added to the number of folks already infected, we are getting close to herd immunity and are seeing the infection and hospitalization, but not yet death, rates drop.