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  1. Jeanne just returned to Victoria to begin prep for another attempt. I met in Simonstown in South Africa a few years ago after one of her aborted attempts, remarkable and kind woman. https://svnereida.com/index.php
  2. How about we don't spend those additional hundreds of billions of dollars on the military and instead spend them on Puerto Rico?? No way the Republicans are going for that, however.
  3. Congrats Bob, and thanks again for allowing the rest of us to follow along, and even discuss! Please everyone, don't quote the dude with one and a half hulls. Folks like him are only here for the attention. Ignoring them will eventually drive them even crazier than they already are, and with any luck they will go away. I'm even more jealous than he is, but I can handle it.
  4. His latest post is optimistic about her chances.
  5. San Juan is looking pretty sporty right now. Gonna be a lot of water blown into that bay and harbor.
  6. On Marine Traffic is looks like the cruise ship Carnival Sensation is high tailing it through the Turks and Caicos to Miami. Several other ships needing to skeedaddle too. But being in Miami if Irma heads there might not be the best for a cruise ship either, perhaps head north and out to sea would be better.
  7. Oh well, that last wind meter in the USVI just quit. Now on to Puerto Rico and its eastern islands.
  8. I don't know how to post images, but try WindAlert to check out the one surviving wind meter on Buck Island, south of St. Thomas in the USVI. Sustained wind over 100 and gusts to 130, and it is far from the eye.
  9. Drove 5 hours to northern Kentucky using back roads to avoid Carbondale and the chaos there. Had my wife, college-age daughter and her two friends whose parents could not be bothered. Got to the center of totality 30 minutes ahead of time and had a golf course outside of Princeton to ourselves. Absolutely worth it! So glad we made the trip and the girls loved it. Only regret is that we wore the glasses into the eclipse. Should have taken them off to watch the shadow race across the fields to the west of us. Best decision was to bring binoculars and talked with the girls beforehand so they understood it was not only fine to take the glasses off during totality, but that looking with binoculars was okay, and how! Drove home on backroads including dinner at a cafe in New Harmony in SW Indiana, got home at 10PM while friends who tried and failed to get to Carbondale got home around 1AM, having sat in traffic on I57 for nine hours! I'll try not to wait seven years for the next one.
  10. Wow, just WOW!
  11. I already made my contribution. My state gets 60c for every $1 paid in federal taxes. You in Texas get $1.40 for every $1 you pay, hence I've already paid my bit for your disaster. Note that I pay 5% of my income to my state, which is what partially makes up for that difference in federal funding, while you don't pay anything in state income taxes and instead suck at the federal teat. And Cal20Sailor, since you apparently live in Kenya, you can stuff your opinion where it belongs.
  12. I'd say this is what Houston and Texas could expect from their past behavior, as pointed out above re rampant development and no zoning rules and utter disrespect for the power of storms. What really pisses me off is that they now will expect the rest of us to bail them out to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, despite Cruz and the rest of the demented Republican right wing refusing to help out the Sandy and other disaster victims. And what will they do with all of that money? That's right, rebuild and refurbish in exactly the same places and wait for the next disaster. And of course that idiot Trump just cancelled previous rules that you can't do stupid shit like that. Right on guys, way to go. How about Texas institutes an income tax and pays for this and future stupidity on their part themselves?
  13. Great stuff. How about some pics of you boat underway?
  14. Almost the highlight of this whole sad saga. Thanks!
  15. So the two furlers are a foot apart so that when they do a circumnavigation they can pole out both foresails for DDW sailing in the trades, right?