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  1. Moonduster

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    While you might feel smooth, one cannot "feel" fair. It's easy to see whether your hull is fair by spraying on a light flash coat and sanding with a 3-to-4 foot long board and 220 grit.
  2. Moonduster

    Navigation Tools

    For the kind of sailing you describe, it seems to me that you'd want to have a reliable, integrated AIS, GPS and cartography solution that overlays you and other boats on high quality, recent chart data. In addition, a standalone, battery powered, hand held backup GPS would be a good idea in the event of onboard power problems. The GPSMAP 182 seems to have been introduced in 2003, the 192 in 2005. Both of these products were ok in their day, they're both long overdue for replacement. The User Interface for creating waypoints and routes is horrible, they're slow and their position fixes don't utilize GLONASS or SBAS constellations both of which can improve position accuracy substantially. I would not recommend a GPS enabled iPad as the only onboard GPS solution, although in a Life Proof or similar case, it's a fine plotter. To be viable, you really need to have two of them and a solid charging mechanism that can recharge one faster than the battery life of the other. This requires finding a charging solution that confirms to the "PD" (power deliver) specification. Do not use a $5 charge converter as it won't even keep up with the backlight. If you go down the iPad path, I'd recommend figuring out why your 182 no longer works - probably water intrusion into the remote antenna or remote antenna cable - and repairing that. You really want a reliable marine-grade GPS solution and an iPad is not.
  3. Moonduster

    Main halyard locks

    That's weird because Hall is Southern. When did that take place?
  4. Moonduster

    Main halyard locks

    Mainsail halyard locks are cantankerous fuckers. Great when the work, deadly when they jam. There are a few manufacturers and of them all, there's only one with which I'm familiar that's worth considering and that's the solution from Southern Spars. All lock system of merit are based on a short section of mainsail track that is different but must exactly match the profile of your mainsail track. In many cases, this means replacing your main sail track when installing a locking solution. There needs to be one short lock-in track section for each locking point. If you have three reefs, you need four lock-in track sections - one for each reef and one for full hoist. The locking mechanism is integral to the headboard car and this is sold by the same vendor as sells you the lock-in track sections. There are two varieties: An Active Lock system has a line that activates the lock when pulled. You raise the main above the point at which you want it to lock, and while pulling the lock line lower the main until it locks in place. To lower the main, you grind it up a bit and lower away, the unlocking is automagic. An Active Unlocking system has a line that activates the trip when pulled. You raise the main above the point at which you want it to lock and then lower it onto the lock, the locking is automagic. To lower the main, you grind it up a bit, and while pulling the trip line you lower it past the lock-in point. You must "trip" once for each lock-in point if lowering all the way down. So if you were at full hoist, you need to "trip" four times to get the main down. Failure mechanisms are the nightmare and both styles can get stuck on a lock and both styles can give false lock symptoms in which the headboard car is not properly registered with the lock-in track section with the main falling off the lock as a result. Design of the head, gaff and installation of the headboard car are crucial to a good system. The Southern Spars system is the only one I've ever seen perform flawlessly, but then, only when installed carefully and checked thoroughly. I've spent lots of time watching other systems fail to lock and fail to unlock. The latter is the worst, at times requiring mainsails to be cut free from the headboard in order to be lowered. This is especially not fun when the main is a brand new supermaxi 3Di on its first trial.
  5. Moonduster

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Sled, That math is: Per day: $266 Per week: 266 x 7 = 1862 Per year: 1862 x 52 = 96824 Per month: 96824 / 12 = 8068.67 But it's immaterial, really, as the 266 is based on $2/foot and is ridiculously low.
  6. Moonduster

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Make up your mind. Is it lots of money or is it four grand per month? You'd pay more than four grand per month for container storage at STP, per container.
  7. There's no harm in pursuing it ten times. Each press drops a mark and you might have to reset navigation back to the first one.
  8. You've never been on a boat with two helms? That's almost all cruising power boats, all pilot house sailboats lots of mid size cruising boats and all maxis.
  9. Moonduster

    Former ericsson4/groupama70 VO70 now with foils

    I wonder if it would be possible to get the fleet back together and create a new class association. Already done. It's called IRC.
  10. A small advantage at a big price premium that becomes a disadvantage as soon as one realizes that one might want a 2nd MOB button.
  11. You can buy ip69 momentary push buttons from mouser or digikey. You can get an engraved facia from front panel express.
  12. Moonduster

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    As is the case with many big maxis, my understanding is that Sayonara had core shear or other delamination damage and was beyond repair. That the boat was destroyed rather than sold to some unsuspecting buyer was a good thing.
  13. Moonduster

    How many people does it take?

    A superseries52 team likely has anywhere from 5-10 shore crew Yeah ... no.
  14. Moonduster

    Anybody use dash cams?

    No protest committee worth a damn will allow video or still images in the room.
  15. Moonduster

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no VHF radios with integrated AIS transponders, only integral receivers. The best (and lowest cost) complete solution still seems to be: The DSC-equipped VHF that accepts GPS position input via NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 of your choice An Emtrak S100 zero loss antenna splitter An Emtrak B100 Class B transponder Any one of many masthead VHF antenna You can easily disable the transponder's transmitter.