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  1. Moonduster

    Waterproof Deck Plates?

    They need to be installed in a plane. If there's any camber to the deck where you install then they'll leak and then crack.
  2. Moonduster

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    Hate, really? It's the best solution. Hate your deck stepped mast is you need to hate something, or invest some time in a good wire entry solution. They're not that difficult or expensive.
  3. Moonduster

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    I wouldn't waste much time on weather. Instead, get an Iridium GO! or an Iridium Extreme and a USB cable and get yourself professionally routed for these two relatively short trips. I'd also recommend staging the boat at least as far south as San Francisco before heading west to Hawaii. In terms of preparation, there's no substitute for hours spent sailing. But it's unlikely you'll have much time for that as first you need to prep your boat. In the end, the sailing is the easy part. Leaving is the hard part. Set a date and go. Investments: Invest in the best cold-weather (merino) and wet-weather gear you can find - comfort is key. Ensure you have a good offshore berth for every crew member - hot bunking sucks. The only place I've ever found a wind vane to have any value was the first three days out of Honolulu sailing to Sitka, hard on the wind in 25+. If you have one that works, great. Otherwise, an auto pilot is a vastly superior solution and should get the lions share of your budget. Sails - it should go without saying but no one here has mentioned it. Do not leave the coast with any sail more than five years old. Forget the 3-reef main, it's stupid. You want a two-reef main with 33% and 66% reduction. And a wicked flat #3 and a nice #1. Feathering prop - the cheapest 10% performance increase on any sailboat. It will easily save you 2-3 days in each direction. Big alternator - forget wind and solar, neither will work well on this trip New batteries LED lighting Clean fuel tank - shiny, spotless, squeaky clean on the inside Reduced windage - loose all the above deck gear you can and then some Reduced displacement - remove everything from the boat that isn't bolted down and perhaps some that is, putting it on the dock. Then, as you put things back on, if you don't need it leave it behind. Safety: AIS, life raft, EPIRB, satellite SMS yes Tethers, sea boots, head lamps yes Inflatable PFDs, personal AIS, satellite phone maybe Radar no Expensive medical kit no
  4. Moonduster

    Weird B&G pilot behavior

    Agree with WHK. This is undoubtedly a problem associated with multiple heading sources - you have four. Switch of the GPS and AIS and remove the ZG100's NMEA2000 connection so that just your RC42 is active. If the problem goes away then you need to focus on your heading source selection settings.
  5. Moonduster

    Weird B&G pilot behavior

    What is the compass? How many GPS are connected (AIS includes GPS data) Is the boat setup for True or Magnetic? What heading unit is selected?
  6. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    Why on earth put anything in a diesel tank other than diesel? On the diesel-hydraulic race boats I deal with, we run about 2000 engine hours per year. Common rail, 3 liter, 200kw engines. Standard Racor fuel filtration. Water separators checked before every start with very occasional water found. Maintenance schedules are a bit aggressive, belts and impellers pre-regatta. Oil and filters pre-delivery. These engines operate 80% at idle and 10% full throttle and relatively high loads. The last 10% is motoring hours. No signs of degradation.
  7. Moonduster

    making a bigger hole

    I wouldn't enlarge holes in the grid without consulting someone familiar with the structure.
  8. Moonduster

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    Ryley, You seem budget conscious - why not use the wired wind solution that came with your Triton???
  9. Moonduster

    Weird B&G pilot behavior

    60Hz? I'd be surprised if you could see 2Hz on your instruments. Are you setup for true or magnetic heading?
  10. Moonduster

    Weird B&G pilot behavior

    I'd guess that perhaps you're using true headings and getting variation from a GPS that's not sending variation sufficiently frequently. Are you in a place on the planet where variation is five degrees? Are you set up for magnetic or true? What's your heading source? Does the heading display jump about without the pilot?
  11. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    No, they were all made with inspection ports in each baffled section explicitly for cleaning. Go figure.
  12. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    I've only worked on about 20 baffled tanks. Most were welded stainless, a few welded monel and the rest carbon. In all cases, the tanks were in the 200-400 liter size and the baffles divided the tanks into 3-4 smaller sections. The baffled completely filled the cross section of the tank and had 2-4 openings in the top and the bottom of the tank that were approximately the size of half a quarter, with the flat side against the top or bottom of the tank, respectively. These tanks were built in different decades by different companies; they were each nearly identical. There is no way you can clean a tank into even the first baffled-off section, never mind two or three sections further away when the only access is a a semi-circular opening the size of a quarter. It's just impossible. Now perhaps your baffles have some other profile, who knows. But the general idea of the baffle is that the prevent sloshing and so we can certainly agree that the smaller the holes the more effective the baffle. Even if the baffle plate looked like a colander, there's no possible way to clean through the baffle. And if the holes are sufficiently large to pass some device like shown in the video, then the baffle isn't very effective at preventing sloshing.
  13. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    DDW, when you say What you might be able to do, and what is possible for others, are two different things. You're absolutely right. That notwithstanding, what these companies claim is that they can vacuum every corner of every closet of your three story house by standing on the roof and shoving the vacuum hose down the chimney. The absurdity cannot be mitigated with a little skill and an endoscope.
  14. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    No, that's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is that it's simply not possible to clean a tank by blindly shooting fuel around inside. They have no way of either cleaning or determining where they've cleaned. It's a bad, expensive joke.
  15. Moonduster

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    If you can't see into parts of the tanks through inspection ports, there's no way some hose shoved into those inspection ports is going to do anything remotely resembling cleaning the tank. They might blast some of the crap loose, but they're going to leave a lot there, too. I'd suggest leaving the inspection ports closed and letting them do their magic through the filler pipe, which they'll be happy to claim allows them to magically clean every nook and cranny. Then, once they're done and before they leave, open an inspection port and look at the percentage of clean tank surface and pro-rate their fee by that percentage.