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  1. Moonduster

    Cruising comms

    You write: It obviously also has a place with the budget conscious The budget conscious choice is definitely not SSB + Tuner + Antenna + Ground Plane + Pactor - that adds $1400 + 500 + 250 + 250 + 2000 = $4400 plus tax. An Iridium 9555 handset runs $1100. $3300 buys years of air time.
  2. Moonduster

    Squeezing brass hanks closed

    I referenced the International site because it shows pricing.
  3. Moonduster

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    The goal is to get the face of the flange to be 90ยบ to the length of the shaft. The hole in the flange, the keyway, the dimples and the set screws all figure into the way the flange gets on the shaft. So if you want it trued up, the machine shop chucks the shaft into the lathe, bolts the flange to the shaft and cuts across the face of the flange with the shaft running. If you grab the OD of the flange in the lathe, there's no way it's going to be aligned to the hole going through it or cocked quite the same way it will with the set screws torquing it on the shaft.
  4. Moonduster

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    Then you're not buying enough line. Price for core and cover doesn't vary significantly based on length when buying from the mill, whether 50m, 500m or 5000m.
  5. Moonduster

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    700 miles at 5 knots on 40 gallons is a liter an hour. I'd guess you're off by a factor of two. At a thermal efficiency of 33%, you only get 4.5hp per liter per hour.
  6. Moonduster

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    You can't face the flange without the shaft.
  7. Moonduster

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    Markup on rope is huge. Avoid the big retail outlets. There's really no such thing as a "spool" for high tech cordage, riggers order the lengths then need directly from vendors - this is true for both core and cover materials. Find your local rigger and explain that you want to purchase cordage bulk, ask if you can add your needs onto their orders at a fixed markup - say 15%.
  8. Moonduster

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    The rule of thumb is that every foot of draft cuts the number of available anchorages in half. That said, 9' still leaves plenty of access to marinas and travel lifts, but you won't be sneaking into many anchorages.
  9. Moonduster

    Using propane on a butane installation

    Both propane and butane are heavier than air and have the same safety profile. Neither is similar to CNG in that regard. To change fuels, you need to check with your stove's manufacturer, most provide jets for either gas.
  10. Moonduster

    Just got the letter....

    Who the fuck prints anything?
  11. Moonduster

    B&G Triton T41 Display

    That's a power problem. Check connections for corrosion and also overall wire length. Check the voltage at the point of power injection - it should be at least 12V.
  12. There's nothing about those tubs that maximizes comfort. Let's face it, the single best way to maximize passage comfort is to get the passage done. Double ended boats with full bilges and round cross sections are terrible passage making boats. They lack form stability and roll horribly in any kind of swell from any direction. Due to heavy displacement, they load up tremendously creating dangerous situations unnecessarily; they won't "take care of" you in the slightest. They were not a good idea in their day and they are a lousy idea today. By any measure, in any condition and with any skill level, the Wylie is far, far better choice.
  13. Moonduster

    Cruising comms

    SSB is not obsolete - but it has minimal application on a cruising yacht. I was a strong advocate of SSB for grib download, but time has moved on. For myself and many others, the novelty has long since worn off and the nets, whether ad hoc or regional bring drudgery rather than delight to passages. Emergencies are far, far, far better dealt with using a combination of EPRIB, SMS and e-mail - all of which work with handheld devices on board, in a life raft, a taxi or an atoll.
  14. You're quick (and correct) to say that "Fast was, and still is fun". It's also safer and affords one more time to enjoy destinations. So with that in mind, why on earth would one ever consider one of these two slugs, both optimized to minimize internal volume and performance while also maximizing rolling when underway and on the hook? They're slow but uncomfortable. They need long slips but have small interiors. They're poorly conceived yet over built. The epitomize the dreams of desk sailors everywhere, while delivering nothing to the actual cruising sailor and not holding their value.
  15. Moonduster

    Just got the letter....

    If you'd click the paperless option, you'd avoid the whole ordeal.