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  1. Exactly, cut off the problem part, trim or extend the frames and then rebuild. It's a major.
  2. Almost any pilot any be configured to make use of almost any drive, that's not where you should focus your energy. Your hydra system with its FFDs is independent of your pilot. They share data over the Fastnet bus. You should focus on getting your hydra system to work or understand why it won't. The hydra has two boards inside, wind and depth. You claim problems on both, which is unlikely unless you've been hit by lightening or have a power problem. I suggest you measure voltage at the hydra processor first. If it's good, I'd recommend a full system reset. Then you should focus on wind and depth problems until those are resolved if they persist after the reset. Do you have a volt meter? Do you know how to reset your system? Can you tell us what components are in the system? You talk about lots of boxes, but there should be just two, hydra and hydra pilot. Take photos of thing you don't understand and post here.
  3. There's only two words for masks - low volume.
  4. And from the NOR ... Monohull yachts not having RRS 51 or 52 waivers will be eligible for the Barn Door Trophy, all others will be eligible for the Merlin Trophy. Rule 51 is about moveable ballast Rule 52 is about powered standing rigging, running rigging, appendages and spars Any other questions?
  5. And from here ... HONOLULU, HI – In the pre-dawn hours this morning, Manouch Moshayedi’s Bakewell-White-designed Rio 100 crossed the finish line at Diamond Head to be the first-to-finish monohull without powered assistance, and thereby winner of the historic Barn Door Trophy in the 2017 Transpac.
  6. Not so fast grasshopper ... from here: "Not having a canting keel or water ballasts along with its all manpowered winches make Rio 100 the only 100′ boat in the world to qualify for the prestigious Barn Door trophy of Transpac."
  7. Comanche has a single hydraulically powered winch strategically located for use with most lines. The remaining winches are pedestal powered. On a race like Transpac, there's no differentiation between powered winches and powered canting keel, neither is eligible for the Door. As a result, I would expect Comanche had a fuel weight strategy and that engine use was moderate, but when the thing was running, the powered winch was in use.
  8. You really want to forget the PYI seal and look at the Manecraft seal, which is much better. There's an old thread on the topic, but it seems to have been archived. You can find more information here. They're manufactured by Wartsila, and available worldwide. USA distribution here.
  9. I believe the salient point has been missed entirely. Among the simplifying assumptions of PHRF is that a yacht has but a single certificate in effect at any one time. This choice is for the benefit of competitors, race committees and the handicapping committee alike. When a club takes it upon themselves to muck about with yachts' ratings, they do a massive disservice to many and a benefit to few. As this thread shows, organizers and committees that fuck with ratings rarely get it right.. If you want a cert du jour, find a different sanctioning body, a different level of sailing and a different cost of participation. The competitor who declared non-spinnaker and then hoisted a kite should RAF. The competitor who created this thread clearly stated that "My biggest fear is that it opens the Pandora's Box. If you can go from NS to spin, what prevents it from going the other way during the race when there are changes in wind that eliminate a Spin run for example." should recognize that if jumping divisions in a PHRF race is their biggest fear, then they've already won at the game of life and should probably step back and shut the fuck up. Failing that, they should speak to the race committee and be sure that the yacht was scored in the Spinnaker division, that the SIs are updated for subsequent races in the series and that, in the future, they refrain from attempting to subvert the fundamentals of PHRF having proven already that they are not competent to do so.
  10. No compete clauses in the USA are difficult to enforce and illegal in many states. I would expect that what Grant Dalton is considering is a simple protocol definition of citizenship and a simple definition of citizenship requirements, perhaps along lines like: Citizenship of any individual working for any team at any time under the terms of this Protocol is defined as being their citizenship on the date this Protocol was executed. Requirements for citizenship for sailing team members must exceed a threshold of NN%, except that sailing team members continuously employed by a team since the date this Protocol was executed shall be grandfathered into that percentage That combination effectively reduces poaching across citizenship boundaries to be the non-citizenship allowance.
  11. Nice thought, but Luc was with BAR.
  12. Extortion - noun the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. There was no force, there were no threats, there was no extortion, there was no coercion. There was a request for something and a price established, sounds like a negotiation to me. You have no idea for what ETNZ went looking, perhaps it was a one-design wing element - who knows. With out a lot more information, no one here can say.
  13. Geek, What the fuck are you on about? Without stored power, the grinders would have killed themselves meeting peak power requirements. The accumulators helped the grinders. SBTJ helped OTUSA ... how? Doesn't seem like much help to me. Points carry over helped ... how? The Cup Match is never between the best two teams. It's, at best, between the best Challenger and the Defender. History shows that the Challenger is often far, far better than the defender as was the case this time. Fairness? What? The DOG is many things, tilted in many ways in favor of one side of the equation or the other. It's only fair in that everyone knows what's on offer long before the Match begins. This was perhaps the fairest of them all. Taking 4 & 5 together - are you stoned or stupid - have you read the Deed of Gift? Spinpray, The defender didn't prepare and race two boats. How could the program be too hard for the defender when the fucking defender designed the program. Are you suggesting they need to be saved from themselves? Have you read the Deed of Gift? The Challenge had no opportunity to keep up? What? They sailed in the fucking round robin and that's still not enough for you? Again, have you read the Deed of Gift? Are you stoned or stupid? Are you seriously suggesting that the odds are stacked against the defender? Are you aware of the 160+ years of history to the contrary? Are you just a sore loser? Good grief this is pathetic
  14. See, that's your entire problem in a nutshell, you're looking for magic ... You can look high and low, long and hard, but there's just no magic in the world. Sure, Art Clarke once said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". What he neglected to say is that give it a brief period of time and it looks like yesterday's news. What complicated mechanical things could their possibly be? You're only changing the rake angle of the rudder and there's no sufficient stored energy to do that very quickly. The thing you're missing is that it's rarely the case that anyone advances anything by leaps and bounds. Far, far more often it's just that they latched onto some simple, clever tidbit that the arrogance of others caused them to overlook. And I would not agree that any feathers were ruffled - it's just astonishing precious of you to attempt to paint a solid piece of work with the same brush with which you've so vociferously claimed to have had no association. I, for one, smell a rat.
  15. Spinpray, you said ... You can't call it 'cheating' in a literal sense, since ACRM and the MC certified their systems but I'm guessing it was a 'stretch' of the manual-input language, to take it as far as they did. A gamble, that by the strictest words of the design rule, they got away with. A bit like the (throw a ball way out there) Hula in that sense. To make any reference to cheating, especially given the alters at which you worship, is yet another in a long line of lows. What complete and utter bullshit. There is not a single sentence in that drivel that is remotely based in fact. It was no gamble, they asked for public interpretations and they got them. It wasn't a stretch, either - the rule is actually quite simple once the horrific language is parsed and the convoluted presentation is laid out in a more canonical form. Their input was manual and it was achieve without any electrical connections between the three on-board systems that were rule-required to be separate. Every team spent a lot of time (and money) to aggressively pursue the corners of the rule in hopes of eking out an advantage. That's what they're supposed to do. The difference was that ETNZ identified more areas with positive return than did any other team. Everyone had Hulas and there will be plenty in the future, too, because until you build stuff it's often not possible to tell if it will work. And to be clear, every single team had auto pilots for managing ride height. For fuck sake, what do you mean by "strictest". If there was language in the rule that made something prohibited, it was prohibited. If there was no language in the rule that made something prohibited, it was allowed. What else would you suggest be done? Good grief.