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  1. My 8783 has wood blades. 1972?
  2. Can't be him. He lives in AZ.
  3. I was raised on Joe Satriani as being the best guitar player. Not mincing words, but how do you'll think the two compare?
  4. Instead of cutting the tail off leaving a sharp edge, use linesman pliers and twist the end until the end separates. Very smooth...
  5. Anyone want a Viper? I'll trade you for this machine...
  6. Had to look that one up... http://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=JN.H8fdpWr7V7u7nufO1N0lDA&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0
  7. And don't forget to add the ambient temperature correction factor in all your ratings... For example, here in Phoenix AZ, a #14 AWG THHN is rated at 25A in the 90 degree column (don't look at the obelisk next to it that states "shall not exceed 15A for #14") and the add the temperature correction, 25A*.76=19A. All I'm saying is be safe and don't be cheap for a cost savings of $10.00 per 250' of wire...
  8. Just a friendly PSA... NFPA section 240-6 Standard Ampere Ratings (a) Fuses and Trip Circuit Breakers. "The standard ampere rating for fuses and inverse time circuit breakers shall be considered 15, 20, 25, 30A", etc... If you have a 5 or 10A breaker, keep them because they will never be made again! As for using #14 AWG with a 20A breaker, don't do it in the greater 50 (15A breaker or fuse is allowable)... Check table 310-16 in the NFPA. Sure you could use #14 on a 20A breaker or fuse and the wire should hold, but I could also bundle 2 Cat 5 cables (or 1 and put a device between it and earth or even a potato) and get 120V on a 20A switch. Not smart to even mention that it can be done. #14AWG, use a 15A over current device with #14AWG wire. (period) By the way, NFPA stands for National Fire Protection Agency... And don't confuse the United States Code with the Canadian Code, there sounds like there is a difference. PSA over, be safe people... FD
  9. My dad brought home a mirror shipping crate that was made out of wood... I am guessing it was 3' X 5' X 1'. It was from Italy and kind of a work of art itself. He stood it up way far away in our back yard and refiled it with sand. Then he got some bulls eye targets and couple boxes of .22 amo and let us have at it why he sat there and superivised for the first couple of hours... after that in his mind we were good to go.. Do that these day and you'll be on the 5:00 PM news and the moring talk show circut.. Would you believe that in '71, my buddies and I would actually drive our mini-bikes across Manhattan Beach to the gigantic TRW property near MB Blvd.& Aviation with our .22's and (shudder)........shoot jack rabbits?..... So you're the one who shot out the window in my Father's Corvair. I still remember that day he came home from work...
  10. I'm 50% Polish, but anyone who watched the first poster's video realized that it took them twice as long to say what I can say in American?
  11. Mr. Charlie, I hope that your prediction of an AZ school shooting themselves in the ass is fools folly as we do not live anywhere near East LA. However, may your boys stay safe in their surroundings. I look forward to an exciting season that mimics last (Remember that game? The catch? With our back-up quarterback?) and hope that your Alma Mater and boys do well. Sincerely, FD
  12. Nice race. Dubi is very relevant now...
  13. Best of the year...
  14. Peanut butter...