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  1. Four straight nights after work. Plus an hour each night after normal bed time. And the f'ers still aren't done.
  2. flyingdog

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    Tall or short rig? I was on a tall in '85? in Pedro and we got second. The year before the boat got a chevron (or was it a diamond).
  3. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    Same with my TRW Dad...
  4. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    I thought the new bridge went to Long Beach?
  5. flyingdog

    Save my Sander

    If it floats, it's a duck...
  6. flyingdog

    what is it?

    Longy's got it...
  7. flyingdog

    A tennis star

    New Associated Press guidelines. Ask them...
  8. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    My apologies. I was there the first time Lamond won the Tour...
  9. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

  10. flyingdog

    Toots DTS

    Thanks for the education on Ska. I thought the English Beat was the shit. Now I know better.
  11. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    Sure it's not 1986? I was there I think...
  12. flyingdog

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    Want a time share there? My Mother is trying to sell hers!
  13. flyingdog

    TDF 2020

    Quick question. Best hardtail carbon mountain bike? Looking for a friend...
  14. flyingdog

    What's in your arsenal??

    Really? I just asked about a target pistol to entertain myself until racing starts again. Askeered (Guessing this means scared in your local slang)? Maybe you, but not me.
  15. flyingdog

    What's in your arsenal??

    The Smith & Wesson Model 41 is restricted in this Nanny State...