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  1. flyingdog

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Seriously sexy; Alpine A110 Berlinette 1300G
  2. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

  3. flyingdog

    Ignore please

    How can I ignore this?
  4. flyingdog

    Teak Rescue: Structure and Cosmetic

    I inherited my parents teak that was in the sun for years. Bleached white, with black in the crevice's. Took a power washer to blast the grime out of the low spots to make them all white then applied a few coats of Watco teak oil after they dried out and they looked brand new! Two years thereafter I had to apply another coat to the bench that faces the South, but haven't had to do a thing to the chairs that are North facing...
  5. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    The parts department guys were Gods to me when I was keeping my Saab together in high school...
  6. flyingdog

    IOR landfills?

    The only time I have ever puked on a boat was on Seduction (tied up at Parker's Lighthouse after being at the bar too long)!
  7. flyingdog

    making apricot jam

    When I home brewed, I'd just wash the recycled bottles on hot in the dishwasher with normal dishwasher soap. Never had a problem.
  8. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    This was like Lahue yesterday...
  9. Four straight nights after work. Plus an hour each night after normal bed time. And the f'ers still aren't done.
  10. flyingdog

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    Tall or short rig? I was on a tall in '85? in Pedro and we got second. The year before the boat got a chevron (or was it a diamond).
  11. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    Same with my TRW Dad...
  12. flyingdog

    Random PicThread

    I thought the new bridge went to Long Beach?
  13. flyingdog

    Save my Sander

    If it floats, it's a duck...
  14. flyingdog

    what is it?

    Longy's got it...
  15. flyingdog

    A tennis star

    New Associated Press guidelines. Ask them...