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  1. flyingdog

    Where were the Patriots?
  2. Thanks All for this thread, Great reading from post #1 tonight. Ed, thanks. My Great Grandfather immigrated to the states from Poland. And your and other's thoughts about culture and the wars have been enlightening. Merry Christmas (or any other reason to Celebrate) too All! FD
  3. flyingdog

    Moovie Review Threade

    Seven Samurais - 1946. Discounted a half point to 4.5 Snaggs due to the subtitles...
  4. flyingdog


    I'll be in Country next Saturday. Any other words of wisdom or whit? Thanks All, FD
  5. flyingdog


    Thanks All! Cid Harbour - no swimming? Because of the shark attacks? Stinger suits come with the Cat. Not sure about Mt. Whitsunday. In Queensland? Not going to be in the area long. Will sail everywhere. I have100 Magic Miles V. 5. My brother V. 7 or 8. Thanks toecutter for the input. Need to provision and not sure of Australian beer. Would like a variety of light beer, pale ales and IPA's. Looking o pre-purchase at BWS and/or Woolworths and have them deliver. Any recommendations? Besides the shark attack with two British men frolicking together in the water, which won't happen on our charter and the jellyfish, anything else? Thanks, FD
  6. flyingdog


    Chartering for two weeks in November/December this year. Anything that the books about the area don't cover or should be and are a don't miss? Thanks in advance' FD
  7. flyingdog

    Dingy Rentals in SF Bay? ?
  8. flyingdog


    Mine just shipped...
  9. flyingdog

    TdF 2019

    They both start with P...
  10. flyingdog

    TdF 2019

    Bob Roll is filling in nicely for Phil, but let's see how he describes the countryside and chateau's before I give him my full props...
  11. flyingdog

    Damn, I wish I still had this...

    Pretty close to my car in '85. Mine had hubcaps and not the fancy rims... FD
  12. flyingdog


    Sweet! Thanks PB
  13. flyingdog


    Thanks for the help...
  14. flyingdog


    Please help! My favorite set of darts have spring loaded points - Generic 26 gram Accudarts. Two weekends ago, my big bro and I shared my set while we threw and he had some bounce outs. Sometimes the points extracted from the shaft, springs got lost in the mayhem. My Google-Fu has me now at novice level as I can not find replacements. Anyone here able to help me out? Thanks, FD
  15. flyingdog

    where is webb chiles?

    Tuesday 5:00 pm.