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    Madonna is 60 today

    Friggin hilarious! Don't think I ever saw that before...
  3. flyingdog

    Anthony Bourdain He's their idol...
  4. flyingdog

    F1 2018...

    The OG Nuremberg track...
  5. flyingdog

    thank you

    Oops, no. It's from the musical on TCM right now.
  6. flyingdog

    thank you

    I think. I mean I really think. Atear is forming in the corner of my eye...
  7. flyingdog

    A case against colored lines?

    But what about the fuel line?
  8. flyingdog

    SAN to Escondido, transit options.

    Carlsbad to SAN and back via Uber last October averaged around $35 each way, add 15 miles and approximately 33% plus one more person? Plus you can imbibe with the little bottles on the plane without worry...
  9. flyingdog

    Daylight Savings v. Standard Time

    I'm fricken exhausted. Woke up at 5/4 am and need a nap!
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    Airplane Luggage

    Best rollers, spinners, what do you have? I was about to get the Gill roller, but it is .469" bigger than Southwest's maximum guidelines. $75.00 for that size increase. Looking for suggestions as my 15 year old Travelpro is losing it's zippers and it is time. And yes, I did the search. (and I apologise about the thoughts about my self-needs and not those in the upper North West, Texas, Atlantic and Florida, let us all give and help) FD
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    Webb Chiles-Opua to Capetown 2016

    His latest post is titled "Still Standing". Hoping his Hull looks as good as his Windex!
  12. flyingdog

    Airplane Luggage

    Looking for the biggest bag that TSA will allow, durable, mobile, multiple compartments to isolate the stank from the wet from the clean. Thanks for the replies...
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    The TDF Thread

  14. flyingdog

    The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    Can't be him. He lives in AZ.
  15. flyingdog

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Instead of cutting the tail off leaving a sharp edge, use linesman pliers and twist the end until the end separates. Very smooth...
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    The VX Evo

    Anyone want a Viper? I'll trade you for this machine...
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    Had to look that one up...
  18. flyingdog

    never fuckin' mind

    Peanut butter...
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    I made the mistake of taking a steam out there - smelled like sulfur for a week!
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