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  1. Bob, I'm really happy that you asked what the case is worth. That is important information.

    I tried calling my buddy for his estimate, but we've played phone tag. Attorneys, ya know.

    Best of luck in your negotiations.

  2. John:

    Had the meeting with our attorney yesterday.

    Your estimate of the worth of the case being 1.2 was exactly what he said and where he is going to start. When I asked what his fee would be he said, "Nothing". He would like us to make a donation to AMICUS in Olympia. You probably know what that is. It's a foundation for taking cases like ours to the Wa State Supreme Cour...

  3. Hiracer

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    This vessel is going to be deathly sexy.
  4. Hiracer

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    i never understood people who pay others for their opinions, and then ignore the opinions they paid for.
  5. Hiracer

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Bob, I am not sure how but I know a couple boats on my slip in Anacortes have had the darn otters get inside their boat. They trashed it pretty bad, and once kicked out they kept trying to get back inside because they found it so homey. Everytime I leave my boat as I make yet another trip to the hardware store my neighbor threatens to thow some herring down the campanionway. The goofball.
  6. Hiracer


    Well, all I can say is that you keep some pretty crazy hours if you are in China. All of China is GMT + 8. http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/asia/china/time/ I believe all of our posts are GMT noted. You must not like sleep too much. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php...mp;hl=&st=0 And how can you build a boat spending so much time here?
  7. Hiracer


    I can't quite make out the name of that hotel in the upper left of your picture of the motocycle. What hotel is that? Or does it say, "Motel?"
  8. Hiracer


    CA’s early linesplans are really messy, but the later ones are nicely drawn and sometimes traced. (Be aware that the diagonals are not lead to the centreline crossing waterlines). There are no offset table, no construction plan or scantlings. The stern needs extensive redesign to successfully fit propeller and to retain the good manoeuvrability of the original design. Too many Colin Archer replicas or copies, despite heavy scantlings, suffer from inadequate strength. Be also aware that many of CA’s designs have too little displacement for todays fitting out with engine and tanks and of shore cruising. Many designs are sharp in the ends and can thus be very “pitchy” if loaded in the ends with anchor chain, tanks, batteries and whatever we put in a boat today. Originally they did not have detailed construction plans. The boats were designed by the yard and details did not have to put down on paper. Today it is very important to have more details on scantlings and construction since the boat is probably going to be built by a yard not familiar with these boats. The original interior layout is rarely usable for today's use. Times have changed! The sailplan can sometimes be used. However, the rescue boats have little sail area and have to enlarge the rig for yacht use. The yachts have large sail areas but often a longer mainsail booms than we like today when we do more offshore cruising than before. Today these boats are not modern racing boats and we also have engine for use in calm conditions. The long boom often creates a weather helm which becomes even worse when the rudder is cut out for the propeller. The shorter yacht booms and reduces sail area is usually compensated for with a taller rig and larger jib. There are seldom scantlings on the spars. Diameters must not be taken from the sailplan! If you want advice on Colin Arhers plans, you can call me or mail me. This will be on commercial basis, 1 € (euro) pr minute, phone or mail. The original plans can be obtained from the Maritime Museum in Oslo: Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum, Bygdønesveien 37, 0286 Oslo - Norway Tlph + 47 2411 4150 - Fax + 47 2411 4151 http://home.online.no/~jeppejul/ColinArcherPlans.html Bob Perry, comment on using a straight CA design but with modern engine, tanks, chain in the pointy end? Seems like total displacement issues and displacement location issues.
  9. Hiracer


    correct. he designed some very few in the beginning but switched to carvel before 1900. I'm confused. Are you building an early or late Colin Archer design?