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  1. This vessel is going to be deathly sexy.
  2. i never understood people who pay others for their opinions, and then ignore the opinions they paid for.
  3. Bob, I am not sure how but I know a couple boats on my slip in Anacortes have had the darn otters get inside their boat. They trashed it pretty bad, and once kicked out they kept trying to get back inside because they found it so homey. Everytime I leave my boat as I make yet another trip to the hardware store my neighbor threatens to thow some herring down the campanionway. The goofball.
  4. Good thought, thanks. I've heard of that before. Could not agree more.
  5. Jon, Yes, thanks. I missed the business about it being a RIB. I would have to measure between my mast and staysail stay. But my current rollup Avon is 14 years old and gives no indication of dying. Tough bugger.
  6. Ever since I saw an elderly lady expertly rowing a hard dink into a setting sun in the Gulf Islands, I've wanted one. Real bad. So . . . I'm jealous. But with my rigid vang, I just can't make it work behind the mast and I have a firm commitment to that real estate on the front side. The Feathercraft kayak was my compromise. Lots more complicated than a hard dinghy, what with the skirt, sea sock, paddle floatation, etc., etc. (Being under 40 pounds, however, the launch and recovery is easy.) OTOH, I've had her out in big confused waters that would quickly swamp a hard dinghy. I've become enamared with her. Not afraid to take her miles from shore. Got myself into a pod of 40 or more dophins feeding a school of fish last summer. Their collective breath was REALLY putrid. (No surprise there, whales need to brush their teeth too.) I was up the mast last Thanksgiving and noticed that I have an extra sheave on the back end of the mast, so maybe the rigid vang's days are numbered. I also have a cheap little plastic kayak on the same side as the stack for the heater. Negotiating forward on my boat is good practice for a ballerina. In the marina when I'm off the boat I store the Feathercraft inside the boat fully assembled. The little plastic one I don't care about; it stays outside. Ya, I hate towing. I've heard too many towing stories that always seem to end with a knife playing an important roll.
  7. Me too, but I roll up mine on the foredeck because I like the real estate in front of the mast to work the mainsail, hang out, and such. I also carry a 15' Feathercraft kayak which I can fold up and store in the V-berth should I need to. It's a lot of work to inflate, drop the Avon in the water, add motor and gas tank, so the kayak comes in handy albeit ingress and egress is kind of athletic, but mostly it's always nice to have that alternative mode of transportation. The kayak is non-motorized which in wildlife areas is critical. The fact that most people on these message boards don't see a need for non-motorized tenders tells me a lot about how my coastal cruising is different. Different strokes for different folks.
  8. Bob, you're a better man than me. I went to and from Victoria right after Christmas and profoundly appreciated the dodger even though it never really rained. The wind break was much appreciated. Further, I'm pretty sure the GF would not be a repeat customer without it. Different strokes for different folks, eh? P.S. The puddles froze every night we were there, and the marina got some surface ice too. It was cold.
  9. Agreed. I split a gut reading this.
  10. Well I am glad to hear that because I want Hinckley to succeed, ding, round two. I love looking at their boats and never complain when I anchor next to one. Never, ever. Kind of hope that doesn't change. But I understand somebody has to actually buy the things.
  11. Could not agree more. Chuck Paine in his book talks about some of his custom boats where above-waterline the hull and deck hark back to older designs, while below water-line is modern. With moderate overhangs, that could work for Hinckley. Beauty sells, and I think there are enough of us out there who think moderate overhang is beautiful, albeit a fraction of a knot slower. Moderate overhang, beamy but not carried all the way back, drop dead beautiful, moderately light displacement, fin keel with bulb lead and spade rudder. In fiberglass, of course. This would be the 'follow' strategy. I think that's closer to their DNA.
  12. Very interesting.
  13. Paine talks about how a custom boat built offshore can be cheaper than an American high end production boat. Tough to compete against that. Hinckley's sailboat brand is wound-up with out of date designs. Any update in design is a risk to the brand, but the brand is out of date. Catch 22. Plus the market is small and getting smaller. What are they thinking? OTOH, there are fewer and fewer boats built without pans and liners. I think there is a market for boats that are not pre-fabs, but price is an issue. Morris owns the high-end market at this point; Hinckley has already conceded it. Maybe there is a market for non-prefab boats that cost less than a Morris. Three models: 42, 46 and 50 feet. Any bigger than that and they have to compete against customs. I like Estar's idea of aluminum. Oil is getting more and more expensive and that trend is unstoppable. The market will have to move in that direction eventually because glass boats are oil derivative. It's just a matter of time. If Hinckley leads the market in this move, that would be very savy.
  14. Well, all I can say is that you keep some pretty crazy hours if you are in China. All of China is GMT + 8. http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/asia/china/time/ I believe all of our posts are GMT noted. You must not like sleep too much. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php...mp;hl=&st=0 And how can you build a boat spending so much time here?