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  1. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I thought they had straps on that stuff now to prevent that?
  2. F1 2018...

    the english stream will use sky's broadcast. I like that. just waiting for announcement for a roku app. I wonder what the delay will be for the cheaper tier? most races I won't watch live so will all of the really cool features work? If I just want to watch a replay of the race 12 hours later can I do that with the cheaper version?
  3. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I did not know that.
  4. F1 2018...

    I keep looking but haven't seen anything yet. but I won't be paying for it until they have a roku app.
  5. Geek Question

    but that means now you have to do work. you can't say "sorry! cable co sucks and I can't see you. bye!"
  6. F1 2018...

    different engine, same story: http://www.planetf1.com/news/raikkonen-flies-mclaren-and-alonso-falter/ maybe the problem was mac all along...
  7. More Teachers Behaving Badly

    back on topic here: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/engaged-ohio-teacher-had-sex-204239808.html
  8. Wood Floor

    we did bamboo in one of our houses. I'm not sure either of us would choose that again. I liked the white oak we had in our first house the best. just don't use it in the kitchen.
  9. Boats with seatbelts and roll bars WTF?

    that last one needed a parachute too! and for that cl one, I'd want a seatbelt too if the steering column ran between my legs!
  10. Geek Question

    also note if you don't have a gigabit ethernet nic in your computer the best you'll get with a wired ethernet connection will be 100 mbps. wireless may or may not be better.
  11. Geek Question

    I don't doubt the cable modem can do 680 mbps. that's not what wanted you to test. with just the computer plugged into the cable modem, what speed did you get? this is the best case scenario. it will only get slower as you introduce more components.
  12. Geek Question

    plug your laptop into your router with an ethernet cable and test the speed first. this will tell you your cable modem speed and how fast your router can route. you might find out your router can't handle 200 mbps. if you get less than 200 mbps, you can repeat the test but plug the laptop directly into the cable modem (unplug the router). I wouldn't leave it setup like that for too long, though.
  13. F1 2018...

    reuters is reporting $100 for the annual sub: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-telecoms-mobileworld-formula1/formula-1-puts-viewers-in-control-with-streaming-tv-product-idUSKCN1GB286 the season is only 8 months long so why does the year sub cost $100?
  14. F1 2018...

    the demo looks pretty nice with the ability to customize what you want to see on the screen: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/headlines/2018/2/formula-1-to-launch-f1-tv-a-live-grand-prix-subscription-service.html price of $8 - $12 per month means it will be $12. I really hope they have a roku app. they only mention apple, android and amazon apps.