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  1. where are your pics of upside-down jeeps, woody?
  2. and at the opposite end of that spectrum is this guy: http://jalopnik.com/tag/project-slow-devil he does make for some entertaining reading, though.
  3. 2 different kids in one night! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/20/arkansas-high-school-teacher-25-slept-with-4-teen-boy-students-2-in-same-night-cops-say.html
  4. blame the content providers, not netflix. they're the ones that say where netflix can and can't show their crap.
  5. it will probably be a constant cat and mouse game. as netflix figures out new vpn providers, they will block them. good luck.
  6. that's your problem right there. no one should be using edge.
  7. I like brundle. he knows everyone on the grid and can usually have a good convo with them. same with commentary during the race. as an ex driver he has a much better insight than someone who wasn't. webber and coulthard are the same way. I wouldn't be disappointed if all the other non-driver commentators went away (except natalie).
  8. only around contract negotiation time...
  9. all convertibles are compromised.
  10. occasionally my dvr would record the uni broadcast when the nbc wasn't available then last week while on vacation univision was the only one I could see so I watched that and actually liked it. I might actually learn spanish while watching tv!
  11. no commercials...
  12. I don't think ferrari ever had a chance of wcc. kimi is just too unreliable. until they get two solid podium placing drivers, they aren't going to win it.
  13. what a total f-up by ferrari all around but I'm not the least bit surprised there wasn't any further action taken by stewards. lewis kept his cool and motored to a pretty easy win. man alonso can't catch a break. it could have been a good night for mac. I ended up watching the univision broadcast. even though I can only understand about 10% of it, the coverage is still miles better than nbc. those guys are total ass clowns.
  14. in florida, never.
  15. it's official. mac will run renault engines next year: http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/mclaren-finally-confirms-theyre-dropping-honda-for-rena-1814077366