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  1. clucas

    Dyneema lifelines

    The ability to better adjust for construction stretch is a concern of both form and function. To your point, using the least amount of threads on the turnbuckle and pelican hook to determine the position of the final splice may over time still not fully compensate for construction stretch.
  2. clucas

    Dyneema lifelines

    Good points. I'm considering a couple different single-braid dyneemas -- regular inspection is a given both for chafe and UV damage over time (especially for single-braids). As far as chafing through the stanchions, I'm looking at a dyneema chafe sleeve, but there comes a point where uncoated wire may start to make more sense.
  3. clucas

    Dyneema lifelines

    Replacing vinyl-coated lifelines on my Pearson 30 after sustaining damage when another vessel dragged into me during TS Isaias this summer. After pretzeling my bowrail and dragging down the STB side, the other vessel managed to snag the upper lifeline, folding a stanchion and opening the vinyl-coating. Lifelines were about 10-11 years old and otherwise in good shape (at least based on what I could see...). Fittings are all good. Having weighed the alternatives (including just replacing the one vinyl-coated line), I've decided to replace the lifelines with synthetic. Looking at either 6mm Amsteel Blue or New England HTS-78. Both are SK78 dyneema, though HTS-78 rates maybe slightly better (assuming apples to apples metrics). Perspectives, opinions on one over the other? Forget them both and just use Dux or uncoated SS? Any first-hand experience with C.S Johnson splice line fittings? Since existing fittings are good, I'll only need to replace the threaded studs. These fittings use a tighter bend radius than just lashing. They look neater, but are perhaps less adjustable in terms of being able to compensate for stretch. Maybe a hybrid approach is best? Thoughts/opinions? Boat's out of the water for the season, so now I get to over-think things...
  4. clucas

    Picture Sharing From Your Boat

    Hempstead Harbor, LI Sound
  5. Yup. If you're blathering on about politics you won't be invited back. I sail in part to get away from that shit.
  6. clucas

    Good source for VPC line?

    Try Milwaukee Rigging on EBay. They current currently list 10mm @ $1.03/ft. Contact them to see if they can get 8mm. I've had good experience with these guys.
  7. clucas

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    We choose truth over facts.
  8. clucas

    Great Sailing Videos

    Good, clean ILCA fun...
  9. clucas

    2015 ALIR

    51kts - very impressive.
  10. clucas

    Anyone bought from Diegocustommarine

    See what you mean by your photos. The 'C' dimension in their diagram seems as if it should include the mast and not just go down to the tack.
  11. clucas

    Anyone bought from Diegocustommarine

    Diegocustommarine did a pedestal cover for me -- good job. Fit perfectly -- in part because I measured carefully. If your measurements aren't spot on, you won't be happy - no matter who you go to. If you don't trust your ability to measure accurately, go with someone local who will come to your boat.
  12. clucas

    Gel coat

    Check out If you need color, rent a color book to get a perfect color match and order a quart of gelcoat. Apply using a Preval sprayer.
  13. clucas

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Lonseal.® WOOD/
  14. clucas

    Occasional/special tools for club to share

    Maybe a StrutPro cutless bearing extractor -- pricey for the maybe 1 or 2 times you'll ever wish you had it. My club keeps a stash of basic, Harbor Freight-quality tools -- spray-painted red so they don't end up in someone's personal toolbox (in theory anyway...). Knowing how people generally take care of tools, especially tools they don't own, I would be hesitant to spend the boat bucks on a strutpro, knowing that parts are going to go missing quickly. Depending on the situation, maybe have a sign-out/sign-in procedure on certain equipment? A good friend did replace my Loos gauge after ignoring my suggestion to use the leash I attached to keep it from jumping overboard. Oops.