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  1. Frank White

    Used sails

    Funny you should say that... These guys have taken in used sails and make bags out them also. Not sure if they are still an ongoing concern though...
  2. Frank White

    Random PicThread

  3. Frank White

    prize givings

    Oakland Yacht Club gave a Lead Ingot to the winner of the Columbia 5.5 class not that long ago.
  4. Frank White

    Oct 14 earthquake Bay Area

    14 miles away, slept through it. Another reason being a live aboard is the best.
  5. Frank White

    Random PicThread

  6. Frank White

    NBA Playoffs

    Six, they will want to close it out at home to give Oakland a final send off before moving over to San Francisco.
  7. Frank White

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    Moore 24 kite would be way too small. But if you are going to do the Ditch on a 105 Sym is the way to go.
  8. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    They went out for the first time today.
  9. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Boats are in the water and out sailing. New graphics on the wings. Statue of Liberty on the US boat for instance. I hear the folks living up and down the Estuary, the channel between Oakland and Alameda are not very impressed with all the ribs going back and forth kicking up big wakes.
  10. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Its all on at the Alameda base. Cranes are up, and dropping Ribs in the water, there is a series of moorings going in in front of place. Starting to see Sail GP t-shirts and worker Bees in the local coffee shops. Will try to get another waterfront shot this eve.
  11. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Lots going on at the Alameda base. Lots of rental cars and vans on the street, at least three big truck cranes on site. I noticed one the power poles just inside the entry was at a 30 degree angle the other day and this morning there was some local utility trucks straightening it out.
  12. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Just passed in front of the Alameda set up. The hulls are in the sheds, but not assembled yet. A few worker bees around, but not a lot going on.
  13. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Seems like a bunch of activity at the base. Lots of trucks and containers going in. May try to swing by on the water side this eve to get a look see, Last time by over the weekend was just empty white tents and lots of port potties.
  14. Frank White

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Tents and other stuff staring to go up in Alameda in the old Dutra construction yard pretty far down the Estuary.