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    boat advice requested

    congrats on scoring the boat. My experience on capsize is when you know its happning make sure you don't bail out onto the mainsail or hang onto the boom and it wont turtle. The boat will self right if the mainsheet is free to run and there isn't a 15 kt breeze blowing on the hull to keep the boat down.

    Are Glass Lenses safe for dinghy sailing?

    My experience has been that the expense of the glasses is proportional to the speed that they sink. I buy flying fisherman (< 20 bucks) , good optics, and keep them in my sail kit bag. Keep rinsed from salt water . 4/5 yrs avg . life

    boat advice requested

    What "Modern" design does check the boxes? A boom tent on the long boom of the Highlander makes it a cavern for camping. Plenty of room for 4 with a beer cooler, weight= 850 lbs.(650 less than max requirement) Light air performance close to his Corsair and has a spinny. My reading comprehension tells me its a fit with requirements as stated..Classic design is not a detriment if it goes fast. Check the portsmouth numbers. BTW.Tiger Dancer. I have a Raider and love it. But it will not carry 4 peeps unless all kids. Its probably the most underrated boat being (or not being) promoted. Very comfortable, easy to sail very fast, furling headsail and spinny etc .Great for single or double handing. Won overall in this years Mug Race ahead of a Farrier F-22 boat for boat. PM me if you want more info.

    boat advice requested

    Check out buddy of mine (mid 50's 5'10"165 lbs.) used to rig and sail his solo or with his not very aquatic wife very frequently. It was a rocket in light / medium air but too much for him or them on windy days. I offered to put a reef in the main for him. his reply was "it isn't class legal" My response "so what,, you only race in portsmouth regattas anyway". Contact some of the active fleet members from the site, you'll get lots of feedback.

    boat advice requested

    reading everything on your "wish list" The Highlander best fits the bill. The only concession would be to have a reef (not a big deal) put in the main for single & short handing. Great light /medium air performance, lots of room for camping stuff and easily holds 3 crew and dry boat in all but the windiest conditions. A jib furler would be a nice addition too.


    Just finished a search on the 65 year history of the Mug Race. Dave in his Raider was the second time a single hander ever won it. The other was Chris Cordes in an "A" Cat. Obviously he was the first single handed overall winner in a monohull. Also, probably the most senior overall winner. Good job sir!

    Rusty stainless

    Did it,.... looks good, will report back in 6 mo. Arnold

    Toast or Roast

    Here's something I got from Mark J, Re: Dave Ellis "Mark Here's my best effort re Dave--PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EDIT DAVE ELLIS has an almost life-long history with the Windmill Class--a competitive and fast dinghy today that was originally designed in the early 1950s by Clark Mills as a step up from his Optimist Pram design. Dave is the only person to have his name engraved on every Windmill Class Association (WCA) perpetual trophy: Internationals, Nationals, Midwinters, Southerns and Midwesterns. He's the only sailor to have won the Nationals as both crew and skipper as well as serving as Nationals PRO and class President. As a youngster, Dave crewed for Walter Most (Windmill #17) when they won both the 1957 and 1959 Nationals. He also fell out of the boat when crewing in the 1960 Internationals (hiking strap broke) and heard his skipper yelling "Swim, Swim!" Dave moved around the country and lived in California where he built both a Moth and a Catamaran! Upon returning east in the late 1970s, purchased a Windmill and was 3rd in the 1979 Nationals. He was elected President of the WCA and retained that position for 2 years during which time he won the last-sailed Windmill Internationals (1980) on Saratoga Lake NY where top Finnish Windmill sailors took 2nd and 5th and future (many times) National Champion Craig Tovell was 3rd. He served as Jouster editor over 2 different periods.Acquiring #4922 (the original McLaughlin boat) Dave won the 1985 Nationals at the Concord YC in Knoxville TN over a very strong fleet of former and future Nationals winners. He "retired" from Windmilling in the later 1980s. Dave sailed a wide variety of small boats out of St. Petersburg FL and was busy promoting & teaching sailing. He was the Sailing Master at the St. Pete YC and wrote a sailing column for the St. Pete Times as well as articles in numerous sailing publications. When Christina Chauvenet "hassled" him back into Windmill racing, he re-did an old Moorman boat and in 2004 finished 3rd in the 30 boat Nationals in Charleston, SC. Subsequently he re-rigged another boat and won both the 2005 and 2006 Nationals -- two of those 3 events with crews who had never been in a sailboat! Dave also was the PRO for the 2008 Nationals in NH where he was elected as the 2nd (after the founders) honorary member of the Windmill Class. and as the Jouster Editor on several different occasions. Dave represented the Windmill Class in the 1981 Yachting Magazine "One of a Kind" regatta, securing 3rd place among 21 highly competitive centerboard dinghies. He also represented the WCA twice in the US Sailing "Championship of Champions" event where 20 classes are invited to send their current champion to compete in a round-robin boat-swapping event. In 2006 Dave finished 7th in this incredibly competitive fleet--sailed in Y-Flyers and showing his versatility! Dave has also been involved in delivering boats via trailer to classes and regattas around the country as well as delivering some larger boats by water. His service to one-design racing may actually be exemplified by his receipt of the Denis Surtees award (2010) from the 505 class. This is given to someone felt to have provided outstanding service to the class--generally a 505 racer and fleet promoter. Dave's was for his service as PRO at 505 Nationals and several other major 505 events. He's raced more different classes of sailboats than most can count and always with success and efforts to help others. The Windmill class is both honored and fortunate to count Dave as its longest time member, promoter and friend!" Allen C

    Rusty stainless

    Thanks all. I'm going to try the polishing wheel and finish off with spotless stainless.
  10. ARNOLD

    Rusty stainless

    Is there a way to treat stainless after grinding or heating to straightening to eliminate the surface from rusting?. I've been polishing with a brass wire wheel and can get the shine back to origonal but two weeks later rust starts forming.
  11. Get a copy of Southwinds mag. They have most of the Fl clubs listed. Then, check in there.
  12. ARNOLD

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Buy this
  13. ARNOLD

    VX Evo vs Rader II

    I've not sailed the Vx, but have sailed both the Raider and Raider II. Boom height...not a problem. Even wifey never complains. Unless xonk has sailed both, the opinion comes from NO knowledge.