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  1. VX Evo vs Rader II

    I've not sailed the Vx, but have sailed both the Raider and Raider II. Boom height...not a problem. Even wifey never complains. Unless xonk has sailed both, the opinion comes from NO knowledge.
  2. Don't overlook a Raider. It would seem to fit your needs. Family below
  3. Megabyte v. RS Feva

    See if you can find a used Raider II. Looks like it would fit your application perfectly. Main and jib, easily singlehands, plenty of room for two, has asso spinny and has light air performance similar to a Thistle.
  4. 13 Raiders at the last "Kettle Cup" in in Dec. Orlando (lake Monroe). More coming to Melbourne in April. Fit your size.
  5. Dinghies, in order of difficulty

    Second that! I think it would be hard to find an easier or more comfortable boat to rig and sail than my raider sport. Pretty quick too!
  6. +2 on the Raider suggestion. Just saw about a dozen of them at the Kettle Cup. Similar boats sailed single and double handed were about equal.in 8/10 wind speeds Very comfy and easy to sail.(fast) Age of skippers were from about 40 to 75+ Mine is an older model but new ones are about 10K with spinny .
  7. Look at a Raider II........very good (excellent) in light air, has a spinny and easy on the body. I have a Raider 1 and dinghys don't come more comfortable.
  8. Mug Race at Jacksonville

  9. Mug Race at Jacksonville

    63 annual 42 mi. race in the St Johns river. The big cats usually run away.......wind must have been on the nose. 76 entries, half finished. Ellis in his Raider finished 6th. First singlehander.
  10. Knee Pads for Dinghy Sailing?

    So, you kind of wear them as individual "stockings" on each leg? Yes, cut them About 5" above and below the knees I like that. I've got an old wetsuit I don't use. I might cut "stockings" out of it.
  11. Knee Pads for Dinghy Sailing?

    I bought a used (broken zippers) wet suit and just cut them off at the lower thighs and above the ankles. Worked well for 3 years now.
  12. Fine day for Windmill Midwinters

    Thanks Dave. The Clearwater center is a great site. My last sail in a Windmill was in the 70's. It was a woodie. Fun boat. How did the woodies do?, can you tell by the hull numbers?
  13. beach-launched dinghy

    Contact Joe Waters at Waters Sails. I think he has sold a couple of Raiders in your area. They weigh less that the two you mention and are very capable single or double handers.