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  1. Keysrock35

    Houston Racing

    Hi Folks, thanks for the hints - I got out last weekend, great sailing! Planning to make it the next few weeks too.
  2. Keysrock35

    Houston Racing

    Hey folks, I'm in Houston for work for the next 4 weeks - is there any weekend racing going on? If so- where to go, any recommendations on finding a ride? (Think keelboats, not dinghys). Normally I'd show up and walk the docks - but this is a big city, and could be a long drive to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thanks!
  3. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Wow - thank you and thank you - this is amazing detail, I'll have more questions when implementing this. If you are willing to share the tuning guide, that would be most welcome ( Maybe I can get the boat to Detroit at some point for us to match up and see what happens.
  4. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Thanks - I've been in touch with the DRYA Kirby folks. This toy is for Chicago. I'm moving the 35 back to Detroit, where it belongs.
  5. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    If you happen to have any pictures of this operation, I'd be much obliged!
  6. Keysrock35

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    I rebuilt the distributor rotor insulator on my Atomic IV using a red solo cup 8 years ago. Still works fine.
  7. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    This is awesome intel - thank you! Are the rudder tangs that you are referring to inside the body of the rudder? My keel sump has very evidently been repaired - can't say if it was done correctly but there is a lot of glass down there now. There really isn't a sump, the glass comes right up to the bottom of the floor board. I'm scratching my head on where to put a bilge pump. Or maybe this boat is SO DRY I don't even need one hahahaha. Yes, I have a spin halyard above the forestay too. well the Watts sails may not be original, but they are signed 1979 (and the boat's title says 1979) so they are still pretty old!
  8. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Thanks! That helps. It's hull #64. Used to be orange, currently sporting an interesting tri-tone paint scheme. I think it was in Toledo for much of its life. I will likely have a lot of questions after I spend some more time on the thing. Thus far I've spent an hour putting a tarp on it and drying out sails and that's about it. Has the complete original "Sails by Watts" sail inventory, including blooper, so I infer it was lightly used. It came with a lifting ring that threads onto a keel bolt - do you have any experience using this contraption and any thoughts on its safety? Also, mine has two jib halyards - is this standard? And why, given hanks? Besides soft deck, bulkhead, and mast beam - anything I should be on the look out for proactively?
  9. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Not sure I understand the concept of fun on a sailboat... but I guess my question is does anyone know the TWS range of the 155% or 125%?
  10. Keysrock35

    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    Glad they are safe; so many questions.
  11. Keysrock35

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Well, we added to the fleet this weekend (this makes 5 keelboats at present...) and picked up a Kirby 25, which came with a nice race sail inventory. I know next to nothing about these boats other than I've seen them sailing and they look fun. It has roller furling and all of the sails (racing and cruising) are cut for RF. We intend to use the boat for beercans and daysailing and will leave the furler on. I'm in Chicago and won't be racing OD. I've got 125% and 155% headsails - since I'm not familiar with the boat, here is the question: Could I race this boat most of the time with the 155 on a furler, and take the 6 sec/mile furling credit? Or 125% only? Or not take the RF credit and use either as appropriate? (Also the boat is sail no. 15609, can't find anything on it - it changed hands a bit and was donated) I'm told it may have been called Dazed and Confused if anyone knows history. Opinions from Kirby enthusiasts welcome.
  12. Keysrock35

    Second boat advice?

    I recommend when getting a second boat, getting one of the same design. I find it's nice to have interchangeable parts. So go with another San Juan 24. My $0.02.
  13. Keysrock35

    club racing

    Now THAT is yacht racing! Thanks for posting.
  14. Keysrock35


    Donated I thought Buffalo is looking like $1M these days
  15. Keysrock35

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    you go sailboat racing and actually think you are having fun on the water?