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  1. Tom Scott?

    I didn't know he'd left. I was also on here looking to see what he had to say about Irma and whether Whimsy would be safe. Very sad to hear he's gone from here. Hope the best for him
  2. Racing without spinnaker pole

    what.are you.talking about?
  3. Show your boat sailing thread

    Good guess, that is what that guy was doing. We had to send him for a "nap" within the first hour. You can't see me, I'm afraid. I'm driving on the low side... But 2 of the folks in the pic are also Keys's.
  4. Show your boat sailing thread

    yes, 11166. A fun day indeed. Start of this year's PH Mackinac Race. 12 C&Cs on the line. Leading at this point but gave it up later...
  5. Show your boat sailing thread

    I've posted before - but here are many of boats like mine sailing and thought it was a nice shot. We are 11166.
  6. Forces on Mast Step

    it held up while running for 10 hours in 20-25 plus and then held up beating in 30-35kn for 16 hours in 10-12 foot waves. Think the napkin design worked!
  7. This forecast is not getting better... US131 is looking tempting.
  8. At Last! We go back in the water tomorrow!

    Looks great! How long did it take and all DIY?
  9. The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    That's because Chicago is assbackward.
  10. Port tack reaching start

    If you can fetch from pin or boat, start at pin on port and you'll have the inside for the port rounding.
  11. Forces on Mast Step

    I appreciate your optimism. We are about to head out for 987nm of racing in 3 days. That will be the ultimate test.
  12. Forces on Mast Step

    The mast is up and has not fallen down yet!
  13. Forces on Mast Step

    Hopefully for the better!
  14. Forces on Mast Step

    I'm very nervous about the whole thing, but what I have built HAS to be stronger than what was there, which was 3 layers of completely rotten (I mean, 2 layers of mud and one layer of crumbling ply) held together by some thin glass. I have been out in 20 knots with a kite and the rig did not come down, surely my plywood and epoxy concoction is superior? - famous last words.
  15. Forces on Mast Step

    Thanks for this - What I built was 8 layers of 3/4" marine ply, with about 6 layers of 24.5oz roving between each layer, with each layer tabbed into the sides of the bilge. The whole step base is now about a foot thick and completely fills the sump of the bilge. (the rest of the bilge is only 4" deep, the sump is about a foot). The original design was 3 pieces of marine ply that spanned the bilge, with a thin layer of glass surrounding the 3 layers. however, the original pieces of ply spanned under the sole and the main bulkhead, which I could not access without destruction (which I anticipate doing in the winter). I am putting the mast up tomorrow. If I hear any noises the mast will be coming down and boat is going away for the winter (or longer).