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  1. Keysrock35

    Chicago Area III

    A new Chicago OD in the works? I could get onboard with that...
  2. Keysrock35

    Old Keel Bolt Questions

    We have owned our C&C 35 since new. Never touched the keel bolts and don't intend to.
  3. Keysrock35

    Chicago Area III

    Why would you drive in Chicago? What do you expect?
  4. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    State said I need a surety bond. Surety bond company says I need appraisal and insurance. Back to OP.
  5. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    I thought I dropped enough hints... it's a crescent sloop - detroit's home vessel and the boat that stole my heart.
  6. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    I've been down this path before, so I know what I'm in for. Unfortunately, it happens to be the most valuable object in the universe, so there is no option to NOT save it.
  7. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Sweet, thanks - will give them a call today.
  8. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Will they do surety bonds? Because that's what I need from the insurance company.
  9. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Guy I got it from is dead, he never titled it. Guy he stored it for is dead.
  10. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Need it in order to obtain clear title. I don't want to do all my work and then not have clear ownership. Can't get title without insurance, can't get insurance without appraisal.
  11. Keysrock35

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Hi all, for insurance and registration purposes I need to obtain an "appraisal" for a POS 20-something 1960s fiberglass sloop with no mast, no sails, no engine and needs a deck job - that I acquired for free. There are no like boats that have ever been sold on the public market such that I can use KBB or Nada or boat trader. I cannot use the lead "scrap value" for my purposes and I do not want to PAY a company to laugh at me and tell me that the boat is worthless...I'm not allowed to declare the boat worthless. I'd pay a nominal fee I suppose. Any ideas on how I can get a legit appraisal value? I'd be happy to be able to demonstrate the boat being worth $100? $200? etc.
  12. Keysrock35

    Sailing South Florida and the Keys after Irma

    My dad sank his boat last month on a new reef
  13. Keysrock35

    Pros And Cons- Wire Lifelines Vrs. Welded Tube?

    And you can mount more stuff on the rails too, like solar panels.
  14. Rhodes Bounty II. 40' and does not get much simpler.
  15. Keysrock35

    Replacing a piece of toe rail

    I have done pulled and replaced the toerails on both of my C&C 35s. Plus helped another guy with his. Easy peezy with 4 people to do the whole boat in a weekend. Highly do not recommend 4200/5200 or other wet caulk. Just gets smeared when bending the rail. I highly recommend butyl tape.