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  1. Keysrock35

    Regatta, ocean, club & delivery sails...

    4 sets, we swap out just about every sailing day. 1. Race sails for Saturdays/events 2. Club racing sails for wednesdays 3. Fuck around race sails for fun events 4. Delivery/cruising.
  2. Made halyards go from external to internal, thru-bolted boom so it no longer roller-rotated. got rid of wire winches, re-rigged pole so we could dip-pole gybe, added auto bilge pump, removed oil filter system. Is any of this helpful?
  3. Keysrock35

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Anything new for those of us who don't subscribe to wsj?
  4. Keysrock35

    Mast up dry storage, use it or lose it...

    Not in line with "saving sailing" Should make it easier for the boats that don't go out. The boats that are going to go out anyway will surmount any obstacle.
  5. Keysrock35

    Musto Sucks

    I've given up on buying new stuff. Tried gill, henri lloyd, helly hanson> X,000s spent. I now rely on 40 year old Line 7; at least I know I'll be dry.
  6. Keysrock35

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    NM Sloop
  7. Keysrock35

    Where Has Your Boat Taken You?

    Well, we did a SuperMac at least once, ~45 PH to Mackinac Races, and have visited darn near every port or anchorage on Lakes Huron, Erie, St. Clair, and Michigan. Always back to the same place in the end...
  8. Keysrock35

    Where Has Your Boat Taken You?

    Always back to the same place in the end.
  9. Keysrock35

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    No, just Chicago. Join CCYC and you can use the gin pole for free and DIY. Way better deal.
  10. Keysrock35

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Maybe deceased crew was the one on watch who died valiantly trying to help the passengers or fight the initial fire. Or maybe that's the story the captain can weave to save his arse.
  11. Keysrock35

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    I've played those dreamers; the old dude who saw hope in me never suspected I was headed straight to the scrap yard with $800 of lead and a trailer.
  12. Keysrock35

    What's Cruising to you?

    Some combination of Boring, wet, cold, or hot.
  13. Yes. I put a few cap fulls at each end before I go sailing so it can slosh around a bit.
  14. On my boat it is the pungent organic scent of rotting stringers. I find bleach helps.
  15. Keysrock35

    Sailing in India? (Mumbai/Chennai/Goa etc.)

    Yep. 1.3 billion people with 26 events, many TBD...