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  1. fstbttms

    Best nickname for Trump?

    Dumb Nixon
  2. fstbttms

    Proline Epoxy Bottom Paint

    Beginning July 1, 2018, California's new regulations limiting anti fouling paint biocide leach rates went into effect and Proline 1088 exceeds them. That said, boatyards have two years to sell any leftover inventory.
  3. Anybody who thinks you can get away without anti fouling paint in California (regardless of cleaning method) is an idiot.
  4. I don't come to your place of business and take a shit on the carpet. Please extend to me the same courtesy.
  5. You didn't read the actual article. These are two different technologies we're talking about: "...the researchers have succeeded in developing a coating made of a non-toxic silicone with a new microstructure similar to that of a mushroom head. Similar to the lotus effect causing liquids to roll off smooth surfaces, the geometry of this new structure prevents a strong adhesive bond between barnacles or mussels with the newly developed coating surface."
  6. No it hasn't. A typical foul-release coating like the one you have linked to will foul like any other paint but is slick enough that organisms are easily wiped off (if removed in a timely manner.) The coating mentioned above claims to actually keep barnacles (in particular) from ever attaching.
  7. Really bad idea put forth by someone who has never cleaned an unpainted boat bottom.
  8. fstbttms

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Good info. Thanks for the post. I know 1300+ hull divers that will be interested to learn this.
  9. fstbttms

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    How is reapplying the paint you are currently using going to make switching to a non-copper product more difficult next time around? Whatever the preparation for the non-copper paint is going to be, it will be the same in three years (or whatever) as it is now.
  10. fstbttms

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Here's a Max Prop installation video that I never completed:
  11. fstbttms

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Bear in mind there is no need to haul a boat to repitch a Max Prop (or any feathering prop, for that matter), regardless of model. They can all be repitched underwater.
  12. fstbttms

    Aluminum "zincs"?

  13. fstbttms

    ozzy man reviews gymnastics

    Your loss, mate.
  14. fstbttms

    Don't Be This Guy

    Guy had just bought it from a broker. This was his first cleaning. No info on any previous service other than it wasn't recent :-)