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  1. So today I received a set of ball drivers via Amazon. I didn't order them and there was nothing in or on the package to indicate who did. Since I haven't spoken of ball drivers to anybody outside of this thread, I can only assume somebody reading this thread sent them. If so, thanks!
  2. Thanks. The installation manual recommends lubrication every two years. But I doubt that most owners actually do that and nothing bad seems to happen. I suspect it's enough to simply do it when the boat comes out for paint. The props are shipped with several of the zerk fittings but if you've lost yours you can get them from PYI or buy one whereever these things are sold. It's a 6mm. The grease gun is just an off the shelf gun, available at any auto parts store or chandlery. I got mine at Svendsen's in Alameda. They sell the Lubriplate 130AA grease there as well. BTW- in my business, tools are consumables and those ball drivers are relatively expensive and short-lived. That ditty bag hanging from the shaft has a pound or two of loose Allen keys in it that I've collected over the years. It's essentially a lifetime supply.
  3. Ahh, it all comes clear! The marina has a yard that is advertising cheap haul & hangs for bottom cleaning. No wonder they are trying to convince customers that in-water hull cleaning is unavailable and/or on its way out. It eats into one of their revenue streams.
  4. 1.- Worker's Comp insurance would only be applicable to dive services that have actual employees. Most do not and if they do have help, it would typically be an independent contractor(s). 2.- Participation in the Clean Marina program is strictly voluntary and carries no weight of law. 3.- There are no "new environmental rules coming" that will make it illegal to perform in-water hull cleaning. All that said, a privately-owned marina can make up all manner of rules that service providers have to jump through.
  5. Donald Trump meets with the Russian Foreign Minister at the White House. Russian press is allowed in. American press is kept out. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kremlin-tweets-during-closed-door-oval-office-meeting-with-lavrov/
  6. Those are salt evaporation ponds. Seawater evaporates. leaving salt behind. We used to have a lot of them here in the Bay. They were returned to salt marsh, as it appears is happing in San Diego Bay as well.
  7. One way in, one way out.
  8. My understanding is that any liveaboard limits are put in place by local regulatory agencies, not the Coastal Commssion. Your pal might have better luck up the Delta, but I have no first-hand knowledge to support that.
  9. You understand that the Delta is 500 miles from San Diego, right?
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not the case: "Trilux 33 will not lose its effectiveness when exposed to air, which makes it ideal for trailered boats." https://www.westmarine.com/buy/interlux--trilux-33-antifouling-paint--P004_121_001_510
  11. I don't know who the fuck Paul is, but maybe the prop is an Eliche Radice
  12. I believe it is a Gori.
  13. Why would you avoid ePaint? Thanks. Your link mentions this as suitable for "primed" aluminum. Presumably Primocon would be the proper prep? I just find ePaint to have lousy anti fouling properties. I can't tell you anything about prepping an aluminum hull.
  14. Interlux Trilux 33. I would avoid ePaint like the plague http://www.yachtpaint.com/usa/diy/products/antifouling/trilux-33.aspx