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  1. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    A towel is fine to begin with. Or a white Doodlebug pad or gentle brush.
  2. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    My experience is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area, where our fouling is moderate to high, IMHO. I only ever recommend two products- Pettit Trinidad and Interlux Micron 66. Everything else runs a distant second, at best.
  3. Resistance is fertile.



    Whats on your bottom?



    Fastbottoms Hull Diving




  4. caption contest

    'I have my bottom cleaned every ten years whether it needs it or not."
  5. Black Widow

    Both are vinyl-based products. That's the determining factor.
  6. Black Widow

    Have you not read the thread?
  7. Black Widow

    If Black Widow is compatible with VC Offshore (as reported above), it is not "just Vivid with some graphite in it."
  8. Black Widow

    Plenty of online reviews that say it is suitable for use on personal watercraft and bass boats, both of which are typically trailered.
  9. Svendsen's Boatworks To Close 11/1/17

    Updated timeline: Yard closes at year end, wholesale moves to Bay Ship in March.
  10. The word on the docks is that the boatyard will close November 1st. Employees will move to other Bay Ship facilities. Retail and wholesale operations apparently unaffected at this time.
  11. Black Widow

    So far it does what an anti fouling paint is supposed to do.
  12. Black Widow

    Too soon to pass judgement.
  13. How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    This article was written over twelve years ago. My guess is that if this technology was going to be useful, we'd see examples of it in use by now.
  14. Micron CSC - is it really this bad?

    Commercial and naval vessels do not use anti fouling paints that are any different than the products available to you and me. They may be marketed differently, but they essentially just run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf anti fouling paints.