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  1. fstbttms

    Roller covers for Micron 66

    So good, he had to quote it twice! Unfortunately for this guy (whomever he is), every word I posted is 100% true.
  2. fstbttms

    Roller covers for Micron 66

    I assure you that if a diver used a wire brush on Trilux 33, he would have taken it down to the aluminum in a matter of seconds. That product is quite possibly the least durable anti fouling paint you can buy and the only reason to use use a cleaning tool as abrasive as a wire brush on it would be to remove the hard growth a missing or otherwise failed coating had allowed to grow. Assuming you are referring to Micron 66, I can also assure you that there is no anti fouling paint that you can buy in California that will be successfully cleaned with a t-shirt or terry cloth rag unless the paint is brand new or nearly so. Certainly not for the life of the paint. While Micron 66 is (IMHO) the best anti fouling paint available in California, as it ages and loses effectiveness, it will eventually need more abrasive cleaning media, even if cleaned monthly. That is the nature of anti fouling paints and to infer otherwise is to admit that you don't know much about in-water hull cleaning.
  3. fstbttms

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Not true. Plate anodes are very common on fiberglass boats. Primarily powerboats but they are used on some sailboat models as well.
  4. fstbttms

    OCSC Going Out Of Buisness

    Word on the dock is that OCSC in the Berkeley Marina are going under and are looking for a buyer.
  5. fstbttms

    J4x maintenance costs

    Minimum of 100% off. You must be in SoCal.
  6. fstbttms

    British Marine Closing Its Doors?

    While I hate to see any boatyard go away, I never recommend British to anyone. Least knowledgeable yard when it comes to anti fouling paints I have ever encountered. You are correct. My mistake.
  7. The word on the dock is that British Marine in Alameda is shutting down for good because their landlord has tripled the rent. Anybody else hear this?
  8. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Again, most powerboats don’t get enough use to make a difference but those that do get a lot of use and can achieve a decent speed can keep fouling at a minimum. I once had a client with a 45-foot sport fisher painted with Micron 66. He used it a lot and it rarely got dirty enough to where it truly needed cleaning. But where I am, boats like that are few and far in between.
  9. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    If you think creating and uploading customer-usable videos to YouTube is merely a 3-5 minute process, then you have never done it. And again, we have 700-800 clients being cleaned on 1, 2 or 3 month schedules and I don't have an office staff to do this kind of stuff. While we happily do provide pix or video on request, I simply do not have the desire or capability to produce several thousand short videos every year.
  10. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Using the boat a lot doesn't hurt for sure but the reality is that nobody uses their boat so much that it has a significant impact on fouling.
  11. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Well if this guy had come to me complaining of heavy heavy growth on his keel three weeks after the boat had been cleaned, he'd have a valid issue. But this was three months after the boat had been cleaned. That's the whole point.
  12. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Yes, he was on a 3-month schedule (now a 2-month schedule) and 11 weeks in during the middle of summer decided that the growth he could see from the dock meant that his boat had been improperly cleaned almost three moths previous.
  13. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Fouling rates vary widely from region to region. Micron 66 is an effective and popular choice for racers. Baltoplate (unfortunately) still sees some use here too.
  14. fstbttms

    That Look You Get...

    Well certainly one other, at least.