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  1. Commercial and naval vessels do not use anti fouling paints that are any different than the products available to you and me. They may be marketed differently, but they essentially just run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf anti fouling paints.
  2. Yes, Micron 66 is popular with racers here. I couldn't tell you if burnishing a sprayed-on bottom is typical however.
  3. Neither, IMHO. I find that Micron 66 has even better anti fouling performance than Trinidad.
  4. What I know about foul release products comes anecdotally. These coatings are effective but require very frequent cleanings. They really haven't made inroads into the recreational boating market because of their cost, difficulty of application and maintenance.
  5. You really don't know what you're talking about, do you?
  6. Nobody in Washington is going to inspect your hull to determine if you have a banned anti fouling paint on it or not. As far as the UC study goes, the reason copper is banned in Washington (and under increased scrutiny elsewhere) is that it's an effective poison, which of course is what makes it a useful ingredient in anti fouling paint. I fail to see the irony. Your choice in superior anti fouling paint products takes a back seat to protecting the environment.
  7. My mistake then. Not sure however why you mentioned anything about any paint's legality (or lack thereof) in a country in which you are not a resident. The rest of your post is nonsense. Your Micron CSC is apparently not illegal to use or clean in Canada. But if it was difficult to clean, then you waited too long to clean it. That ain't rocket science, chief.
  8. There are only two paints I ever recommend- Interlux Micron 66 and Pettit Trinidad. Everything else runs a distant second at best.
  9. My understanding is that in Washington, cleaning ablative paints is illegal, period. Doesn't matter who is doing it. Copper-based anti fouling paints of any type will be banned on new builds beginning next year and on all boats beginning 2020.
  10. All copper-based anti fouling paints (Trinidad and Micron CSC included) are going to be illegal in Washington shortly. In fact, you broke the law when you cleaned your CSC in the water. That's been against the law there for years.
  11. Irgarol is not currently being produced by it's manufacturer, BASF. Therefore no anti fouling paints currently use it as an ingredient.
  12. No anti fouling paints contain Irgarol anymore.
  13. If I had a dollar for every dumbshit, bullshit anti fouling paint recommendation I've heard coming out of a boatyard manager's mouth... Maybe it's different in the Northeast, where boats are hauled every year and in-water hull cleaning isn't done much, but here in California, boatyards don't see their customer's boats but once every three or four years. The yard has no fucking clue whether the paint on a particular boat has performed well or not. They sell anti fouling paints based on what makes a profit for them, not what is well suited to the fouling conditions. Boatyards are experts in applying anti fouling paint, because that's what they do. They are not experts in maintaining anti fouling paint, because that's something they have never done. You want to know what paint works well in your area and meets your particular needs? Ask a hull cleaner.
  14. There's nothing wrong with Micron CSC. It's a decent paint. What's wrong is you waited about 100% too long to clean it.
  15. So today I received a set of ball drivers via Amazon. I didn't order them and there was nothing in or on the package to indicate who did. Since I haven't spoken of ball drivers to anybody outside of this thread, I can only assume somebody reading this thread sent them. If so, thanks!