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  1. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    The port anode had not been replaced. The starboard anode was replaced at the time the video was made.
  2. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    Apparently so to the former and I have no clue to the latter.
  3. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    I thought the captions “Port saildrive” and “Starboard saildrive” made it quite clear.
  4. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    The owner has already contacted a marine electrician who apparently is of the opinion that a neighboring boat is the culprit. That said, as of yesterday nobody had been aboard looking for the cause.
  5. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    Boat was painted 4/2019.
  6. fstbttms

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    Unknown, although the customer says he contacted a marine electrician about it and was advised that a neighboring boat was a likely source of stray current. I personally would have thought it was a 12-volt DC issue aboard the boat in question, but what do I know?
  7. It didn't look like this three months ago.
  8. fstbttms

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Not to mention he had a torch igniter in his hand while he was saying that he was going to "make fire" to heat up and bend some pipe.
  9. fstbttms

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Well, I don't know that jeopardizing America's standing in the international community or lining one's pockets at the expense of the taxpayer is "silly", but I commend you for your evolved position on this, at least.
  10. fstbttms

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    You'd win that bet, chief. Dollar says you think Dumb Nixon is the second coming of Christ.
  11. fstbttms

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Fuckin' A right. Had this one done last weekend
  12. fstbttms

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Why do you give a fuck what other people look like? You seem to be the one with a self-esteem issue.
  13. fstbttms

    Propeller help

    You don't have to haul out to adjust the pitch on any folding or feathering prop. The exception might be the Like prop. But otherwise, there is no reason to ever haul to do this.