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  1. What is this half circle cut out on my anchor locker lid?

    uhm, is there a corresponding hole on the bow side? Maybe someone wanted to "hide" the chain when not in use - slack off chain, open hatch, put chain back in horizontal orientation, close hatch = "clean" - just like my wife at home who wants to "hide" the tv!
  2. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    I unfortunately can add my unpleasant experience - purposely paid extra for an unpainted AB al9.5 - after just under a year in the PNW the seam to hull started to let go. What followed was a long and unsatisfactory experience with the local dealer ( details best left for a thread of its own). Whether coincedence or not, noticed recently another boat in our club with the same AB with the same seam separation.
  3. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Apprapro of probably nothing - but did anyone else notice during the livefeed shot of Azkonobel from the helicopter off the rock - their yellow hydrogenerator banging around like a screen door in a hurricane? Wonder if it's supposed to do that :-)
  4. Racing and Commercial Traffic

    ^ This. While I'm not condoning/suggesting racers get to impede other traffic (and I have a big issue with using channel navigational bouys as marks) I also don't quite understand this "commercial traffic gets total control" that some seem to suggest. There are rules/regulations (Col-regs) specifically for this purpose. For example, in our particular area (Vancouver harbour) quite a few of the tugs like to leave the shipping lanes and cut through the anchorages to save a bit of time - and some (by no means all) definitely have the attitude of "I'm working you're not, get out of my way" and bully their way through. To use another analogy - a bit like saying semi trucks get to ignore the other rules of the road (yield signs, 4 ways etc) just because they are "working" and you are not.
  5. Towing Nerdiness

    Mizzmo - under the heading of "stuff I'm too lazy to do myself" - any chance you could post (or PM) the details of how to dig out the non-SAE data? I've got a Yota myself and wouldn't mind access some of that info.
  6. How to discourage "campers"?

    Regarding the "first guy alone in a popular spot" - I equate it to what I call the Urinal Game - you know in a sports arena (or the like) they have the big wall of urinals - first guy gets there early and gets the "good" spot next to the sinks - next guy comes in and heads to the farthest one away, next guy in splits the difference between the two - and so, and so on, until finally it's shoulder to shoulder people - mildly uncomfortable, but it is what it is. HOWEVER, if the second guy comes in and immediately goes beside the first - now you are just some creepy guy staring at my junk!. And that's the way I look at it - we might eventually have wall to wall boats - but until that time, if you anchor close to me, you are the creep to close to my junk.
  7. Ocean Rodeo Drysuits - 1st Post - Newby Alert

    One thing I'm slightly curious about, that the pictures don't seem to show - how is the ankle/pant arrangement - i.e to keep water from filling your boots, you need the lower pant leg to go overtop the boot - yet if the ankle seal is attached to the lower leg part , that would seem to stop it and need to be tucked inside - what am I missing?
  8. RIB Repairs

    not to derail this thread too much, but ill second that opinion of kits - I just went through a very frustrating experience of a warranty "repair" on a very expensive (to me at least) AB rib that left me wanting to scream, and/or burn the place down - but ill leave the details for another thread if requested.
  9. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That boat has been sitting at the Comox gov't wharf since I was about 8 for sure, and probably a lot longer (I'm now in my 30s). Looks like it has been punted outside the breakwater finally. Unfortunately that bay is so shallow that once it drags it will become permanent, but not permanently underwater... A little longer than that - showed up ~1982 IIRC, usual story - owner had grand plans to build his dream boat, work/life/reality got in the way.