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  1. Earl Boebert

    Team NYYC

    My old machine shop teacher would have a bit to say about using a ruler to drive screws :-) Cheers, Earl
  2. Earl Boebert

    Team NYYC

    Seems reasonable to start with ballast, sort out the righting moment in displacement mode, and then switch to foils. Cheers, Earl
  3. Earl Boebert

    Team NYYC

    Enlarged version, lightly tweaked for your viewing pleasure :-) Cheers, Earl
  4. Earl Boebert

    Keel WTF...

    Patent is here. Cheers, Earl
  5. Earl Boebert

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Buttons, anticlockwise from top left: 2: Max Diff 3: Neut Diff 1: Reset 4: Trim 5: Trim Cheers, Earl
  6. Earl Boebert

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Dunno what happened here, but this is the picture.
  7. Earl Boebert

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Happens in radio racing too. Here's Ned Lakeman port-tacking the fleet in the 1999 Vintage Marblehead Nationals (he came in second that year). Cheers, Earl
  8. Earl Boebert

    Interesting New Lifesaving Device

    Vendor site with demonstration. U-shaped, self-propelled, radio controlled life ring. Toss it in and steer it to the MOB. (The only thing I know about it is from this link.) Cheers, Earl
  9. Earl Boebert

    Team UK

    Rough guess using Google Earth's measuring tool is that the area with the Union Jack is about 120 feet wide. Cheers, Earl
  10. Earl Boebert

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    L F Herreshoff's Live Yankee was different from all in Groucho's diagram. The mast was a D, it rotated, had dual bolt ropes and the double luff extended about 1/3 of the chord. Another interesting thing about that rig was the jib, which had a rigid, double luff, rotating "jib stay." Cheers, Earl
  11. Earl Boebert


    I was referring to the technology base. Once a part of that is outsourced, it is practically impossible to pull it back in. The outfit you outsourced to will see to that. (I worked for one of those, and making the customer dependent upon us was basic to our business plan and our number one marketing priority.) The other stuff you mention are parts of the supply chain and you can force them inside national boundaries, or at least try. Cheers, Earl
  12. Earl Boebert


    An amusing discussion, but IMHO irrelevant. It's as if there was a Tutankhamun Cup, and people were arguing whether the hieroglyph for "build" included "design." The simple fact is that the context in which the DoG was conceived and which remained in place down to the time of the 1958 NYYC resolution no longer exists. That context was made up of distinct, national technology bases, each of which was "truly representative" of a particular nation. A 1958 Toyota was "truly representative" of the Japanese automotive technology base, as a 1958 Chevrolet was of the American. Globalization killed that context, never to be resurrected. This is true not only of maritime technology but also automobiles, civil aviation, and electronics. A 2019 Toyota is no longer "truly" Japanese any more than a 2019 Chevrolet is "truly" American. A race between two vehicles carrying those labels (which is supposed to happen next year in NASCAR) is about as far from a "competition between foreign countries" as you can get. So all that we have left is a Victorian jug with no bottom and a bunch of people trying to figure out how to monetize it without melting it down. So far that has not been a particularly edifying spectacle, at least to me. Cheers, Earl
  13. Earl Boebert

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    L Francis Herreshoff did a double luff main with rotating mast and rigid jib stay in his "Live Yankee," designed in 1927. Plus a flexible "fish tail" rudder and the highest ballast ratio the R Class had seen to date. Got the rig design made illegal by the NYYC for his trouble. Cheers, Earl
  14. Earl Boebert


    If the loophole closing was the result of somebody reading this thread, I think I deserve at least a gimme cap from ETNZ Not holding my breath. Cheers, Earl
  15. Earl Boebert


    I see the loophole in the clause on crew indication devices (allowing mechanical versions) has been removed. Damn. And here I had already blocked out a nifty pitch-and-bank indicator with a Tesla turbine running on compressed air and driving a mechanical gyroscope, for sale to the highest bidder. Cheers, Earl