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  1. Earl Boebert

    Radio controlled sailing

    Really good introduction to the rules by the Miami club using drone footage: Cheers Ear
  2. Christopher Pastore wrote a great book about Reliant: http://www.christopherpastore.com/temple-to-the-wind.html Cheers, Earl
  3. Earl Boebert

    Radio controlled sailing

    A welcome move. Cheers, Earl
  4. Earl Boebert

    Radio controlled sailing

    Tip for mark rounding: the waterline test. If, in your field of vision, the waterline of your boat is above the waterline of the mark, you're going to pass behind the mark. If the waterline of your boat is below the waterline of the mark, you're going to pass in front (miss) the mark. Shooting glasses (yellow lens) help tired old eyes when the sun is sparkling off the water. Coming in to a mark to be left to port on the port tack layline and tacking in the zone is asking for a chorus of protests and a rules argument that has no logical end. Cheers, Earl
  5. Earl Boebert

    Older well known IOR Boats

    The Internet Archive has eased the rules for the "National Emergency Library" and instead of just one image of a scanned book being accessible worldwide at a time, now anybody can "check out" any copy in the archive. This means that the classic 1937 treatise on rule makers vs. rule beaters "Men Against The Rule" is freely available to read: https://archive.org/details/menagainstrulece0000poor/mode/2up There's a minor free registration hoop to jump through but no big deal. For those who are not familiar with the book, it was privately printed in a limited edition and copies are rare and expensive. Cheers, Earl
  6. Earl Boebert


    Valuable PSA: Earl
  7. Earl Boebert

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    Yeah, you're right, I should have made the distinction. This is worth reading: https://www.justsecurity.org/69202/highlights-of-expert-panel-on-covid-19-from-harvard-mit-mass-general/ Earl
  8. Earl Boebert

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    The article actually makes valid points, but they are only valid for the context in which it was written: Canada. The tipoff is this paragraph: "We [Canadians -- EB] should instead be targeting significant resources toward the protection of those at highest risk (the elderly, those with underlying chronic diseases and those with immune-compromising conditions) and maintaining a healthy, robust, responsive health-care system that can handle a potential surge. The economic and social costs of pursuing quarantine are staggering and actually counter-productive." (Emphasis mine.) The United States version of that would go something like this: "We [Americans -- EB] are unable to target significant resources to the protection of those at highest risk because we do not have a healthy, robust, responsive health care system that can handle a potential surge. We are therefore reduced to pursuing a desperation strategy of quarantine whose economic and social costs are staggering and which may turn out to be counter-productive." tl;dr: We're screwed. Earl
  9. Earl Boebert

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Worth 8 minutes of your time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kas0tIxDvrg&feature=youtu.be Earl
  10. It was also a Polish team who did the critical mathematical analysis of the German Enigma cipher machine. Earl
  11. Earl Boebert

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    The quote is actually from Nathanael's son, L. Francis Herreshoff. Cheers, Earl
  12. Earl Boebert

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Even if you discount the hazard of a thermal runaway during charging, adding up amount of lithium in all the the phone, laptop, camera and dive light batteries on that boat suggests a significant hazard of accelerated burning. Once a lithium battery ignites the temperature rises substantially and you need a Class D fire extinguisher to put it out. Courtesy of a couple of idiots and YouTube, here's what happen when lithium ion batteries are thrown in bonfires: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y7HuyiNrhk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG8wOKnJAOY Earl
  13. Earl Boebert

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    There are precedents (Nelson Piquet with his 1987 Championship Williams, decorating his home in Brasilia) Cheers, Earl
  14. Earl Boebert

    Foil Arms

    Thank you. Cheers, Earl
  15. Earl Boebert

    Foil Arms

    Sorry, episode of what? Ehman's vlog from 23 July? Or the 16 July article? Cheers, Earl