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    Swede 55

    The smaller version of the Swede 55 was called an S30. It was a modern version of a 30 square meter. I raced for 3 seasons on one in Detroit from 79 to 81. We placed 2nd in class in the 1980 Port Huron-Mackinaw race. "Windhover" was substantially modified. The fractional rig was converted to a masthead rig to improve light air performance (the predominant condition in the Great Lakes). As a result the boat was a killer off the wind. Upwind in light air it was still slow. The boat moved like a Cadillac, over the first wave and under the next two, but we finished near or at the top in everything those years. Our main competition was "Natalie J" which back then was a C&C 35 Mk II. The boat tracked beautifully but I do remember one Chinese jibe where we bent the spinnaker pole 90° around the mast - but the rig stayed up. It occurred halfway down a 10 mile leg. We still rounded the first mark in second carrying a full main and a "deeply reefed chute" (the spinnaker wrapped around the headstay and it took us part of the second leg to straighten everything out. We pegged on knotmeter at "12" (the days of analog instruments) for one 5 mile leg once passing boats like they were anchored with their crews standing and applauding us. "Windhover", though odd was a fine boat on which to race.