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  1. trimfast

    What’s next for J?

    Loki, just did the Mac stuff.
  2. Was the grid structure in that modified/custom 105 changed? Or was it originally just the normal 105 hull? What was beefed up when you added the custom carbon mast and deep keel?
  3. trimfast

    Team NYYC

    How much of it has to do with they haven't sailed the boat in 5 months?
  4. trimfast

    C&C 30 and Farr 280 - What happened

    Here is the problem. Sailed the CC30 when it first dropped, bow keep dipping and it wanted to trip and the owner felt it right away and said no thanks. Compare the 30 to everything out there before, Henderson 30, Melges 30/32, FT10, etc, and it is overpriced, and rates slower than the same boats that came before, Sure OD cool, but why bother spending the dollars when dollars/fun just wasn't there. That and you had to take the boat everywhere to do OD. 280 had similar problems. Cool new boat, however, you could just buy a Farr 30 and still have more fun for cheaper. That being said, maybe it is a good thing. That so many boats from before their time are still awesome. However, as prices keep going up, and people keep having less dollars to spend, we will continue to see the same trends. Just my thoughts, I am often quite wrong in life.
  5. trimfast

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Sleep with a five point harness and a hans device in a race seat.
  6. Button yes, but still infuriating that this is sailing race and the wind isn't on by default.
  7. Arkea Paprec has broken the starboard foil at the hull. Returning to port.
  8. trimfast

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Arkea Paprec has broken the starboard foil and is returning to port from the race.
  9. Is there a full list of what boat is what? What generation? What the boat was previously? Etc.
  10. trimfast


    Well to be fair, this design already got built as RAN. It looks like this company just used their drawings.
  11. trimfast

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    Part of it yes, some of it was still not rented last time I walked past.
  12. trimfast

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    Fawcetts left because it was rumored to be 22K per month in rent. Obviously Helly Hansen covers that cost on main street with tourists, but a sailing store, no way. Then again, the building which was replaced downtown where Fawcetts was, has sat empty for how many years now?
  13. trimfast

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    There are two really good ones. One used to be a food truck. The other only takes cash. 1. El Cabrito 2. Taqueria Juquilita