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  1. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    I find it really annoying how bad Volvo is with the website. To have to check each individual boats Twitter feeds, Facebook, etc to find up to date pictures and the like is total shit. Without you all posting here it would be impossible.
  2. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    North has a hard time making laser sails available.
  3. J70, cheating and pros

    Not sure the website functionality could be any worse. Every link goes to another link to click, then half the pages do not work. Worse than the boat issues. At least those got thrown out, as we still have to deal with a crap site lol.
  4. rtic is a cheaper copy of yeti. the igloo marine soft sides work well to.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    Given the wind limits, and most of the racing so far, yes there has been some passing, but its almost just watching the pole sitting in F1 like Mercedes, just racing themselves. I really don't find the racing too great, other than the spectacle of the boats going fast. Seems luck of the draw on tactics, and if you don't start well, end of game. I am pretty bored today watching them survive rather than actually race. Hydro pressure issues, is quite bull if you ask me.
  6. Annapolis to Newport 2017

    doesnt look bad out there right now. Poor bastards leaving tomorrow get screwed.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    Are they self tacking jibs?
  8. Live Racing Thread

    How many races have been won and lost in the start alone?
  9. Key West Dead

    Agreed. I also loved when T Hutch. wins the Noods and they are like his full crew gets a whole kit of HH. Lets give him things he doesnt need, or cant wear due to sponsor obligations lol. Talk about a waste of money.
  10. Key West Dead

    Great speech, but those top boats bring the sponsor dollars, not phrf, orc, or the like. That is the problem.
  11. Key West Dead

    Proper documented 427 Vette around $250k. Makes you kind of wish boats appreciated in value.
  12. Key West Dead

    Yes it is certainly relative. But, we also talk about this too with cars each year as we watch the auto auction on tv. A 1967 Corvette with the 427 engine was $5500 brand new. Today's comparison of a z06 corvette starts at $79k.
  13. Key West Dead

    Everything in life is more money which creates less expendable income. My father was talking about housing prices the other day as an example. When he was making $35k houses were $150k for a nice three bedroom house. Now salaries out of college are $35k and houses are $300k for the same house. Add in the increase cost of school, food, general services, cars to commute, the basic needs far outweigh the ability for younger folk to afford the same lot. The age of internet and always connected also doesn't help. Far more work involved these days then years of even the early 90s, thus the time spent on leisure activities also decreases. My vacation priorities have always been sailing, however, I also don't have kids so that helps. Not everyone can take a week for their leisure activity leaving the family home. Also boat prices. 1985 J35 was around $38k. You cannot even buy a J70 for that. Talk about price increases over the years.
  14. Key West Dead

    Novel idea, with all your resources in the industry and clout on the website, why don't you guys on SA organize, and run it how you want to?
  15. VOR 2017-18

    Well, it does say, "barring some remaining branding procedures." So essentially we have refitted the boats completely, but we don't have any sponsors for the other 3 boats to actually finish.