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    46th Annual SMCM Governor's Cup

    Instead of complaining all the time, how about some positive feedback and ideas. What would you want to change? Why you would? Does Smcm need to address issues? What should they do? Besides that, have you asked if your have done enough? Do you rent housing on campus? Do you know they have a pool and might be able to open it? Do you know it’s a great family place with fj’s and kayaks for the family after racing. With anything, it’s what you make of it. St Mary’s is a glorious place. Yes it’s in the middle of nowhere, but that’s why it’s appealing. After the race, enjoy that solitude with crew and family. Stay off the grid from Friday until Sunday. Enjoy the comfy chairs in the library looking at the water. Sit on the second deck of the boathouse and relax with a drink. Take a tour of historic. Walk around campus. Remember, the two closest things to campus is the Door and Cooks. Plenty of ways to get some beer and sit on the waterfront. Or, drop a car off in advance it’s not that far from Annapolis. If you don’t stay until sunset on Saturday, then you’re missing one of the best things. The school is hamstrung with when the race can be. It has to be between when the students leave and arrive back. That gives the housing option. Regardless, the weather has been anything from 0-25 in every direction over the years. That’s sailing, so stop complaining. In closing, you have to remember this is the same thing going on with every race on then bay. Screwpile numbers are abysmal compared to just 10 years ago. Participation is down, period. Continual bitching does nothing, everyone needs to help if we want it to survive, yet alone thrive. There are four years until the 50th. I would to see it hit major numbers again. Just my opinion.
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    46th Annual SMCM Governor's Cup

    Chancellor Pt comes out a hell of a lot further than one would think.
  3. trimfast

    Why did the Farr 280 flop?

    Interesting article if you never saw it. For me, the 280 doesn't seem as a much of a step in improvement over the Farr 30 for the price difference. Secondly, the C&C came out overweight and not significantly better/faster than the Hendo 30 or Melges 32. Sure the thought of a new one design helped drive both, but realistically they were not going to be near as successful as the Melges 32 or Farr 30 ever were. However, we may never see another one design boat over 30 other than J take off in as many numbers again, as the sport does not seem to be going that way. Even if you wanted to consider the IC37, it doesn't fit the mold as it's club backed. Sure the j70s are everywhere, but considerably smaller than the 280 and 30. Time will tell, and I remain hopeful, but as of now I'm not seeing it:
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    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    Last time I saw her was at Port Annapolis on F or G Dock, can't remember. Believe it is still there.
  5. trimfast

    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    So with this boat being nice or crackpipe deal, what about the two 125s for sale in the classifieds for over $315k?
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    Most clothing isn't actually worth the price. For instance, you can get 3 layer gore-tex fabric for $25 a yard. When you figure in wholesale prices of the fabric, plus labor from China, there is no way that shit should be worth $725.
  7. trimfast

    Cableless code 0 design

    The one we had on a 28 foot sport boat was a cableless one that was launched and retrieved just liked the asym. However, it was a sail modified to fit our boat, not necessarily a perfect fit.
  8. trimfast

    Things the crew brought on board

    mini duffle with a set of clothes is fine. What I am talking about is the duffle the size of a week trip.
  9. trimfast

    Things the crew brought on board

    Well if you don't like beer that's your prerogative.
  10. trimfast

    Things the crew brought on board

    Every time I see someone bring a duffle bag onto the boat for a fucking buoy race it really grinds my gears. Emergency Pre Race Beers help lighten the boat. When bringing beer, Aluminum cans are 17% lighter than glass bottles, and can't fucking shatter.
  11. trimfast

    jib sheets/ deck upgrade

    My preference is Enduro. Cover better than Maxi Pro. If I had unlimited budget, NE Polytec would be my choice.
  12. trimfast

    New imoca boats

    True, but not necessarily against a class. But cautiously optimistic.
  13. trimfast

    New imoca boats

    Was thinking this myself. After seeing all the latest versions with a winning designer, it feels like a considerable gamble.
  14. These are just the people that got caught. For decades, sports and other activities have had this in other ways. Coaches paying kids to go to their school. Moving families to different towns to register in their school etc. Pay to play is more widespread than anyone truly knows the details of. Sports teams give scholarships to people to play which some would have never made the admissions standards otherwise, yet most turn a blind eye. If they only gave scholarships based on academic merits alone, the college sport scene would be vastly different. Frankly, I am not shocked one bit that this was occurring.
  15. trimfast

    what are they?

    For me it looks like the 35 more so due to the cutout on the chine. It is not present on the 41. The 41, also has cut outs on the stern from previous photos. However, both may be an option which I do not know about.
  16. trimfast

    what are they?

    Wylie 60 and Riptide 35?
  17. trimfast

    C&C 30 implosion?

    Overweight too right?
  18. trimfast


    Probably are just in the process of rebranding Helly base layers with Musto. Give them a bit of time.
  19. Well this happened today in Annapolis apparently.
  20. Gotta play by the rules. Saw a friend sail a overnight race and kick their class right in the feel good spot and because they didn't check in at the start, game over. While its little, and it sucks. Cross your ts and dot your i's. Don't bitch when you don't.
  21. trimfast

    Are they Racers?

    I think you are onto something. Instead of 3+ W/L each day, I would vote for a W/L and a mini distance race every day. Two types of sailing in each regatta.
  22. trimfast

    what was it?

    How does she sail against the rating?
  23. trimfast

    Funny Comments while Racing

    Coming into a crowded mark the skipper says, "it's okay guys, I'm really good at not getting fucked."
  24. trimfast

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Batting 500, in the bottom of the third, against all right handers ,when he scratches his nuts.
  25. trimfast

    plenty of fish

    Except, no one bought the 31.