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    Henderson 30?

    I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I had the resources. However, finding 8 friends would be a real challenge.
  2. trimfast

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Looks okay. Hard to tell but not nearly as bad as it could have been.
  3. trimfast

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Looks okay. Hard to tell but not nearly as bad as it could have been.
  4. trimfast

    Musto Sucks

    All of this. Musto now has the warranty on their site for 2 years only. Once those two years expire, they state, Gore picks up the warranty with their "Guaranteed to Keep you Dry" policy. So even if it isn't the fabric after 2 years, and actual construction starts failing, there is nothing which will cover you. No one, should expect to replace a $775 MPX Race Jacket every 2 years, that is insane. Musto previously, and other companies used to say for the life of the garment, While that ambiguity left it open for interpretation, most people think a item of these prices, should last considerably longer than 5 years, yet alone the 2 they offer now. If it is a design defect that shows up later, it is not their problem any longer. That seems to be an issue in the OP. They certainly did change the zippers over the model years, maybe that doesn't happen unless their is a problem, but us customers will never know. For my own sake, I decided to look into this further in case anything in the future arises. Below is what happens when you contact Gore. Which, even at first look, feels like you are getting the run around. Who has an initial receipt these days? Furthermore, if you look into the fine print on their website, they will only cover your costs to your purchase price via a credit to the manufacturer. While sure, that is 100% of what you paid and semi-reasonable, every year these products are going up in price. That $400 item you bought is now, $600. For a something that should not have failed, you still would be on the hook for $200. Even if Musto were to offer you cost on a new one, that still is a lot of money for people. I don't see this changing, but it certainly would be nice to have a company stand by their product and customer base, without always looking at the bottom line, profit. Thank you for contacting GORE-TEX Brand Services. Please provide us with some additional information so that we can handle your case with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. Before we take a look at your item, we will need to establish some initial information to determine the item’s overall condition. This is important because the item to be returned must have useful life left and not be excessively damaged or worn-out. Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability: Brand? Style or model name? GORE-TEX technology, if known? (This information can often be found on the sleeve or tag.) Size of the item? Where did you purchase the item? What year did you purchase the product/s? What was the price you paid including tax? Please attach a copy of your initial receipt. How have you cared for the item? (Washing, care instructions, etc.) Is the item damaged? (tears, punctures, heavy abrasion etc.) If so please explain. Where is the specific location/s you are experiencing the leak/ delamination? Please describe the conditions or activity in which you experienced the leak or noticed the delamination. Please attach pictures of the item’s current condition (front, back, and inside), the area/s of leakage, any damaged areas, tread on the soles (for footwear), our GORE-TEX tag, and the manufacturer's tag. * PLEASE NOTE* Pictures may need to be sent in multiple emails if the attachment size exceeds 10MB. Attachments 10MB and smaller can be received without issue. Please provide your mailing address. If you prefer the option to receive a call related to you case, please provide your phone number, if not previously provided.
  5. trimfast

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    Crew cabin or prison?
  6. trimfast

    Good source for VPC line?

    To make amends, I have been searching for you. You are right there are no better prices. I do have a question, is $8 for UPS really too much? That is how much it is quoted for 100'. Seems reasonable to me.
  7. trimfast

    Good source for VPC line?

    Oh man I failed hard. My apologies. It is that kind of day.
  8. trimfast

    Good source for VPC line?

    Not to be an ass, but google is your friend. Search results for NE VPC West Marine P2 Marine Defender
  9. This is why I own an RC Sailboat. It is what I can afford to campaign.
  10. Who is to say that those are any different? Recreation J sailors have a dream just as much as an Olympic sailor.
  11. I honestly find some of the pandering to be a bit much across all facets of life. However, we all know the amount of expendable income in this world for some is huge. Not to be political by any means, but as an easy example look at how many people donate money to political campaigns just because they don't like the other party. These people have no idea where the money will actually be spent, but they still do so anyway. I'd rather give to someone I know where the money is going, rather than flushing it down a political toilet, but that is just my thoughts. Life is about choices, and if someone wants to donate to anything by all means go ahead. If someone wants to ask for help, by all means go ahead. If they want to work together, again go ahead. No one has to donate anything, no one has to ask. Choose your own path.
  12. trimfast

    Gill Salopettes Sizing

    99% no, however, the information you provided is not enough to even figure that out. How tall are you? What is your body like? It matters! That being said, here is what I would do. Step 1. Look at the Gill website for Women's sizes. Size 12 is 32-33 inch waist. Step 2. Look at the Gill website for Men's sizes. M is 31-33 inches. Step 3. Throw all that out the window. So as you say, If you are a medium to large typically, in Gill you are wearing Large - XL as it is cut small (European) . This means you need a true 33 inch waist, not an American 33. In some cases, even women that are 16-18 need to go to Men's sizes. It is also cut differently for women. For comparison, I wear L-XL shirts, in most Gill XXL. In some Gill layering, XXXL would be needed. For lady comparison, people that wear a size 8 American, usually go up to a size 12. Even with all that, the best policy is to always try it on. If it is a good deal, and they have easy returns, then that is what you would want to do at a minimum. Although, I still think you would not fit.
  13. trimfast

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Living quarters? More like jail cell.
  14. trimfast

    Gybe Ho

    He is saying its fucking old!
  15. trimfast

    Team NYYC

    Was it coming out of a maneuver?
  16. trimfast

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    From the pictures, there are pop ups from the deck to stand on while healed.
  17. Yesterday, the website of APS changed, with a new section that said "Welcome to the new APS." Among it, was further information about the "New" APS and fact they were no longer going to be selling any line, or hardware. With the removal of line and hardware, the rigging shop will also cease to exist. With it, a wealth of customers information for custom orders which used to be able to be replicated if you needed a replacement, will vanish like fart in the wind. You may ask what will be added instead of actual "performance" oriented materials of hardware and line.....Clothing. That is right folks, a "performance" sailing company is now a full fledged clothing store, with maybe some accessories yet to be fully determined. A once great store, where you could run in and get replacement parts while rigging your boat at SSA, EYC, and the likes fast and efficiently, will now be, hey come get your Helly jacket instead. From the posts on Facebook showing their disapproval of the change, and a line on the website saying "You spoke and we listened!" , clearly they did not. In the mean time, you can get line and hardware 25% off. Stock up, until you have to sell out to West Marine down the street. Perhaps in addition, a name change as performance, isn't indicated by the clothing one wears. I might suggest Annapolis Panoply Sales, as at least this way, they can still use the same website. Word of the day, Panoply 1. a wide-ranging and impressive array or display:the dazzling panoply of the maharaja's procession; the panoply of European history. 2. a complete suit of armor. 3. a protective covering. 4. full ceremonial attire or paraphernalia; special dress and equipment.
  18. trimfast

    Team NYYC

    Fuck me, Terry said, “it took 90 mins during the first sail to be foiling.” Talk about getting after it, that’s awesome.
  19. trimfast

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Class rules state reef flags. So if RC determines to fly the flags, all boats reef. All things considered, it’s to make racing as uniform as possible.
  20. trimfast

    Mumm 36 Avatar is missing

  21. trimfast

    Racing Crew Management Software

    Try TeamSnap.
  22. trimfast

    NASS Race to Oxford MD 9/7/19

    The amount of chatter on the radio the last two weekends is disappointing to say at the least. Personally, I find those people constantly on the radio questioning rc to be complete assholes. Badgering people that are volunteers, so that we may do something we enjoy is uncalled for. I hope one day, rc asks what sail number they are and throw them out of the regatta. We don’t always like rc decisions, but show them respect, they don’t have to be there. If you think you can do better volunteer. Otherwise shut up. Could they have shortened the course, yes. Should they, yes. However, it also boggles my mind why the constant need to complain by those on the radio. It’s a distance race, you knew what you signed up for as it was always going to be an all day affair. The party in Oxford is always fun, and I was looking forward to it all day while enjoying my time with friends. We’re privileged to be able to do what we do.
  23. trimfast

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    There is a video on the Facebook account of the FB35 Weapon of Choice. Not sure how to load it here, but it looks wicked.
  24. trimfast

    Donnybrook is back (on the market)

    Last time I heard anyone talk about the boat, it needed a whole lot of work to the keel, structure and the sort. I have also heard stories from the C600 where the crew were just hoping the keel would hold for the race. So it really isn't surprising the price is so low, if the work still needs to be done. Anyone have any other details?
  25. trimfast

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    Does it matter what they did? I say that considering, the two in the classifieds for over $300k. If you bought this one at the listing price, stripped it of the bullshit, you still get the boat at a song if it's in decent shape otherwise.