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    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    It is quite sad as it is the best race of the Bay. I think attendance will probably go up.
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    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    How much money does this guy have and where do I find it?
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    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Last edited: Today at 7:57 AM Pretty sure the thread was already sent to the investigating team prior to him requesting his delete...... Some people just don't understand what posting online can do I suppose.
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    Front Page - scotw

    Do you like APS now?
  5. trimfast

    Karver Kj3 cleat

    Karver is a nice cleat, however, in our experience it will eat through cover pretty fast.
  6. Not to come down on you personally, but come on. The promotion from Spinlock lasted from June 1st to June 30th. So count 30 Days. By his original statement, APS said they had to receive them by July 8th for the discount to be in effect (which is also in writing if you happened to read the how it works link above). Which by my count is another 8 days of opportunity. APS' original email sent on June 1st, even states the Sale is for 30 days. They then sent a follow up email on June 26th presenting every opportunity for a clown like this to make sure they get within the window. That is 38 days for any person to purchase, and return the used items for the discount. There is 0, repeat 0 fucking logic to think anyone other then the complaining douche is at fault. As he claims, he ordered on June 28th. So guess what, even if you mail it via UPS ground on June 28th, the 5 day shipping window for $20.70 from Texas to Maryland gets it to APS within the allotted time even with the holiday. So again, every opportunity for this to happen, but the guy didn't follow simple rules. This does not put APS or the manufacturer in bad faith, or a claim to say bad tactics as you state. This is strictly one dudes fuck up, and trying to get out of it. Next thing we will hear, is his self claim replacement of offshore life jackets were not what he signed up for when the promotion says trade in for a Deckvest Lite so we will hear that bitching too. His claim of there wasn't anything on the ad to alert him to the fact is bullshit as well. There was a giant blue button in the email that says click here for details. Assuming he only bought these online and didn't actually read, he could have called APS directly, and asked for the details of the promotion by having a relationship with the Customer Service Reps. Again, a failure on his part, not APS. There are so many things wrong with this original poster it is not funny. His claim to things being irrelevant is laughable at best, but mostly just sad. He brought up everyone one of the relevant facts in all his posts. As they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too jackass. Next we will look at his occupation and trying to compare healthcare to that of someone who couldn't follow written instructions. If you are in healthcare, its called Hippocratic Oath, or perhaps you forgot about that. Even trying to compare the two things which are so far apart on the realm of anything plausible just makes you even more a giant piece of shit. Then he goes and talks about loyalty in his last post, well we already have determined this guy has no loyalty from all of his conversations. Lastly, speaking of his own loyalty in subsequent posts about your FE28 you love to call your crew amateurs. While they may not be professionals, generally when you keep stating your crew is amateurs and not just your crew, your'e a degrading piece of shit. Your'e probably the same person that uses that line when you don't win. Ohhh my amateurs cost me the win.
  7. I am very nice Dog. Just don't appreciate when someone uses an internet forum trying to bash a small company due to their own issues. Sailing is shrinking all over the US, and if it isn't for these small stores still trying to make a difference, we would all have less access to the things we need to let us enjoy our hobby/sport. We should all be thankful stores like Team 1, APS, Vela, etc all still exist.
  8. trimfast

    How not to move your boat this summer

    Another article
  9. You are literally one of the worst customers any company could ask for. No one here becomes or is used to bad customer service. Sometimes shit happens, and sometimes its out of your control. Your route you have taken as you mentioned, is to be a self indulgent assclown. As others pointed out, there is no doubt this policy was enacted by Spinlock and not APS, Fawcetts, or any other company who had the Spinlock promotion. So to say you are taking your business elsewhere because they adhered to a policy directed to them by the manufacturer is the biggest bullshit ever. You probably only went to APS because you saw SALE signs anyway. For what I see, you have no loyalty to any company as you state above. Just whine and complain when you don't get your way. You could have overnighted the items via UPS or FedEx to have them delivered today which may have been within the window. However, because you are the cheap motherfucker you are displaying, certainly you wouldn't want to eat that cost either. Like others mentioned elsewhere it is a small industry. It is easy to obtain ones name in customer service, and have a relationship with that person at any of the companies involved. Customer service still exists at all these companies. I am sure if they messed up an order, they fixed it. If they didn't have it in stock, they ordered it. It is really just you, and your I want what I want now as cheap as fuck mentality that is the cause of this so called bad service. It is great in all you mention in your first post you have been a customer since 2010, so congrats there, however, they have been outfitting sailors around the country for over 25 years so I am sure they are doing something right. Furthermore, you should be directing your comments to Spinlock directly. If you jacket fell apart after 5 years they probably would talk to you, and maybe, just maybe offer you a replacement at cost. But, then again based on your reading of the fine print, the other question that begs to be asked, did you fill out your information and submit it when purchased? Probably not. Moral of the story, don't be a douche ripping on companies for your own inadequacies. Own up to your mistake as you had a week to ship the items back. Don't be a cheap mother fucker. And if you can't afford $225, why the fuck are you even sailing as your FE28 costs more than that each year.
  10. Telling a company you spent $4k with them isn't going to get you anywhere other than being a douche. Plenty of people spend more money at those stores and don't get a discount. You probably walk into every store and use that line. Wanker.
  11. Not one person here said anything about not wanting a women to run a program. You are delusional. To add more fuel to stupidity, a handle is a handle on a website. I wasn't aware of the desire to trim a sail fast during a tack or a gybe was an issue. You're now just deflecting because people have alternate opinions and ideas of future. Your way or no way, got it.
  12. I wrote a lengthy post before that didn't actually post so that's awesome. But, I meant to like yours and not downvote so I got that wrong. Basically my post before was about increasing opportunity for sailors to race offshore by having a larger race with three classes with five boats each. I would have them start at the same time so that each class gets the same conditions and opportunities. I would have an overall trophy, and then each class trophy. 1. Open class, whatever crew you want to bring which you feel like gives you the best chances no restrictions other than number of crew. 2. Mixed crew boat consisting of the U30, mixed male/female rules, 1 amateur (defined below). 3. All women's crew. Reasons, 1. Using the class rules of the V65 currently, crew for an all male boat is 7. Mixed crew is 7+1. All female can have 11. Minimum amount of racers for 15 boats would be 130 participants in the same race. I think that would be awesome. More faces than the known ones in the sport. 2. Having an all female class brings in 55 female sailors the class alone. Women's world cup of soccer, but for sailing. Maybe this will influence some girl to be the next Mia Hamm, etc. 3. You could sill have comparisons between the three fleets, but in reality, a class win is the focus, with overall being an added kicker for any of the three fleets. 4. Amateur on mixed crew boat. I would like to see each team develop one sailor. They likely would have high functioning novice sailors from around the world fill out applications and interests. They would then find a select group of sailors to develop into the pick. It would need to be this persons first lap of the planet, non America's Cup sailor, Non full professional sailor up until the race itself where after they would be deemed professional. Amateur could be U30. The quote itself about money and capabilities. We all know in this economic climate, its hard enough to get 8 teams yet alone 15. So that is why I said if money was no option. However, if you change it to three classes, you might be able to find different sponsors for the class itself, then sponsors for the teams as well. Probably just a dream, but who are we without them. As for enough female sailors capable, I do not know if there are 55 female sailors which could/would do this type of race. I am not saying there isn't, I am just not well versed around the world enough to actually know how many exist.
  13. There is a huge issue of translating women further into sailing. How many college women sailors sail after college? A lot of the girls in the US who are on Division 1 sailing teams stop after college. They hardly seem to transfer to big boat sailing. This is where the supply chain breaks down. However, to say it is simply caused by Men as staysail says up above is beyond ridiculous. Some genders naturally like different things. Girls don't always enjoy the same things as boys do. This is from jobs, to sports, to other things in life. There is always a natural separation regardless and sometimes our society is trying to force more of a commingling these days and that word of inclusion Strength differential between males and females is only a known issue for about 1000s of years, and will always need to be a part of the discussion. This is not saying females should not be on the boat in any means. It is just something that occurs naturally in life for most. Yes, there are females that are stronger than males, so lets get that thought out of the way. However, I know some great female sailors who have to change positions when the breeze is up simply because they cannot handle a take down in 30 kts, or trimming spinnaker as the breeze comes up without a grind on the winch like some of the guys can. It was a issue in the last go around regardless of having the all female boat. They did fall off some weather systems simply due to fatigue and they certainly said they reduced risk in breezier conditions for safety factors. If money was no object, and there were enough female sailors capable, I would love to see three difference races in the same around the world race. 1. Open class which can have any crew set up they wish. 2. Mixed crew class. 3. All women's class. I would love to see 5 boats in each class going around the world at the same time. Life is about opportunity and luck. We need to as a society fix the opportunity side of things. However, luck is something we cannot change. For example, while Martine Grael is a phenomenal sailor and well deserving, without her father's love for the sport, she may have never been a sailor so we insert opportunity/luck to have a father like hers. This is just one example in regards to this, but you can look at anything in life the same way. Brittany and Ashley Force in NHRA, their father was a racer, so they became racers, etc. They had the luck of having someone in the family who had the love as well and had the opportunity to do things others could not. Where we can change opportunity is bringing those on board who have never sailed, and changing their lives. However, you still have to have an interest, and if there is no interest in sailing, that is something no one can change.
  14. trimfast

    Annapolis WNR

    Well, the answer is, they made another huge mistake again last night. Plain and simple no reason for them to cancel the race. Every sailor was annoyed. This marks another time this year with a terrible call. At this point, AYC needs to apologize for past errors and explain themselves, or have an open discussion on their past and future decisions. If it was for the safety of boats, then let the owner make that decision. Last week they didn't cancel the race soon enough and put two fleets into sequence in no breeze. There is no consistency on their decision making. However, it hasn't been better from any Club in the last few years in Annapolis. SSA, EYC, JWorld, NASS, etc all have made some glaring mistakes. Thursday Nights have been cancelled due to Storm Cells potentially coming and never actually materializing. Races have been cancelled because RC couldn't hold their anchors. Sure they are volunteers, however, no real excuses I can fathom at this point. One could say well you volunteer then. When I am at the age of RC and can no longer race I will, but until then I do not find that as a good enough defense.
  15. trimfast

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    It's pretty much apples and oranges. Plus it is kind of funny you are talking about planing with three boats that will never plane. Anyway, the xp44 has longer water line and weighs under 20,000 lbs. The Navy 44 weighs 27,600. That being said, in the light air upwind I would expect the Navy 44 to be around the xp44 due to the overlapping head sail on the Navy 44. Which would also show why the xp legged out in the ocean as it found more breeze and was finally able to get up to speed using the waterline as well.
  16. Consider it karma payback for not taking the sticker off your hat....
  17. trimfast

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Dude, lacrosse is all over the country at this point. It’s no longer stodgy like those pictures. While it may have started there, it’s mainstream now.
  18. trimfast

    Snowflakes and sailing

    The difference is hitting/missing a mark, fouling someone at the start or on course is obtaining an theoretical advantage. Language is never an advantage to the race course, and by definition, there is no need ever for a penalty. Not to mention, if any curse word is banned, then you will have to ban every linked synonym which is beyond ridiculous.
  19. trimfast

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Special is right. If you can't beat another boat on the water, and you want them to retire over language then let me tell you right now, fuck off. Why should anyone be forced to retire of a few choice words. Did the language another person used cost you the race? Not one chance.
  20. trimfast

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Exactly, my 8th grade lacrosse coach yelled at us with enough curse words to never give a damn. If you are a thin skinned person where as a curse word bothers you, grow the fuck up. Curse words put emphasis on things these days. They are just like any other adjective to me. It does not bother me one bit. There is no difference in calling someone an idiot, vs fucking idiot. If you get called an asshole, chances are look in the mirror long enough and it is probably true at some point in another. Sure some other language is more eloquent and high class. However, did you understand the lesser language any different ? NO!. The people complaining about cursing are probably the idiots that post they hate people who don't use proper grammar. If that is how you judge people, good fucking riddance.
  21. trimfast

    What was it?

    I just really hate yellow. It kills all things nice IMHO.
  22. trimfast

    video evidence

    Trade for advertising?
  23. I hope this turns out well. Plus, who doesn't want a bigger kite.
  24. trimfast

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    Nope, the idiots are running the ship for any real legislation to get passed that means more to the people, than those who can make a check mark on their record of look what I did.
  25. trimfast

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    This right here. I don't even spend $300 every 3 years on sailing clothing that I can wear more than once.