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    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    14.8 on a 35 in the same race before the kite exploded. Was a great race.
  2. Love the boat, but I think the Farr 400 ran it in less than 3 hours looking at the results.
  3. trimfast

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    Goal to get everyone to the end point. Like saying you wouldn't shorten the course to Bermuda, sail the conditions and see you when we see you.
  4. trimfast

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    I think both races need more participation. We need to do something to change this across the board. I know a lot of the members and committees have been trying to do races that would increase participation which is one of the factors of the new Solomon's race. However, I have not seen it increasing anything as of yet. I am also not in agreement to make Fall Series just buoy racing as I always liked the distance race in fall breeze. Personally, I would like to know where $50 a boat entry fee goes. Say 100 boats race does it really take $5,000 to have a boat set up a start line?
  5. trimfast

    NASS race Annapolis to Oxford 9/8

    It is quite sad as it is the best race of the Bay. I think attendance will probably go up.
  6. trimfast

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Last edited: Today at 7:57 AM Pretty sure the thread was already sent to the investigating team prior to him requesting his delete...... Some people just don't understand what posting online can do I suppose.
  7. trimfast

    Front Page - scotw

    Do you like APS now?
  8. I hope this turns out well. Plus, who doesn't want a bigger kite.
  9. So kind of OD, maybe OD, not really OD, we don't know the actual specs for OD yet because the boom is in question again OD? Seriously guys, how are you marketing OD when you are still debating things. Also get on the same page with Stagg. Directly from their website.... shows no update to the Mast length, yet your information above in the thread does. Updates include: Bow sprit lengthened by 800 millimeters Boom lengthened by 300 millimeters Gooseneck lowered 75 millimeters Added topmast runners to accommodate square-top mainsail Added a spinnaker takedown system Addition of a pit winch Relocation and reconfiguration of some deck gear and systems to improve leads and ergonomics
  10. Check AYC Specifically WNR 2017, 2016, etc. You will find hall pass and rattle and rum listed. There's a viper 830 for a comparison. There's a melges 32 but in the class above. Rattle is sailed very well by some really good people. Hall pass would be more of a standard crew for comparison sake. You can also look at Fall series. Hall Pass was scored both orc and phrf for 2017.
  11. trimfast

    NYYC One Design

    Is it me, or is that one ugly keel?
  12. trimfast

    Annapolis NOOD

    Noods, payday, and Cinco de mayo. How perfect.
  13. trimfast

    Henderson 30?

    Shit, eds 32 is almost the price of the Hendo for sail in Canada
  14. trimfast

    J35 Anarchist

    Once things settle and we see who shows, ill offer you a bet. Something along the lines of place and I will buy your boat a 3 bottles of rum. Get 4th, and you owe me those bottles.
  15. trimfast

    J35 Anarchist

    A lot of money to spend to find out you are in the middle. One boat has had theirs since the dawn of time. Another boat will probably hire the quantum bros again. A third boat will come from the Midwest who fits the same category as boat one. The rest will play for scraps.
  16. trimfast

    Radio controlled sailing

    What does everyone think a fun progression of boats would be. Victoria to CR914, to ? and so on. Or is the Victoria to close to the CR914?
  17. trimfast

    Radio controlled sailing

    Maybe this will give me the drive to want to re rig and make my victoria up to par. It has been on my mind this past week already. Score.
  18. trimfast

    New imoca boats

    I feel like this is the scene in pirates of the Caribbean where they are betting how many dice in the cup have what number. All that being said, i say 7 with Safran and as the movie goes, "I dare you to call me a liar."
  19. trimfast

    Flying Tiger

    If you don't know what size your own shaft is I really feel bad for you.... Sorry couldn't resist. Merry Christmas
  20. trimfast

    New imoca boats

    I think she looks good, until i see the pulpit. Sure I know why its like that, but it still looks like an afterthought in comparison to everything else.
  21. trimfast

    Henderson 30?

    78 feet according to Mauri Pro...
  22. trimfast

    J35 Anarchist

    Quick question for everyone. Looking for a Genoa Sheet length.... running with sheet overtop bridal for pole. Any ideas what a good length for that is with room. Current sheets are short, and cannot remember a good starting point. Any quick direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. trimfast

    J35 Anarchist

    I think everyone needs to change their overall outlook at the total aspect of an NA regatta. For one, it would be awesome to have more boats on the line than just the normal Annapolis fleet, but..the fact is, this class is no longer designed to be the giant participants/owners who have the money and or want to travel like Melges, or Farr, etc. Could it be, perhaps, is it likely no. This is why participation in the 70, and all the other hot small boats is up. Less money to go to away regattas..... but that is another conversation. Last time NAs were in Annapolis the only out of town boat was Mr. Bill. I didn't see any other participation other than the Bay boats. The same goes when the regattas are on the Lakes. So Na's no, it should be more like Region champs. Perhaps morphed into a hey, lets all meet in the middle and charter a small class OD like J80s and race against each other REGIONS champions like Spar wars is in Annapolis. Thats more economical than moving the boat from east coast to midwest and killing not only bank accounts, but losing the boat for a huge chunk of the season. Sure I am not an owner and cannot speak of costs and what not and all that associated, but as a dedicated crew member and active participant of the fleet in Annapolis those are just my thoughts. I wil be happy to continue to sail against our Bay fleet including those pink ladies and gents on Bump, while enjoying all the comraderie on the bay with everyone else in the fleet.