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  1. 1 hour ago, james_007_bond said:

    Sodebo and Gitana left last night for a try at the Jules Verne Trophy.

    Is there a place where one can see both the VG and the record attemps on one map?

    All I know, my biggest gripe with all these trackers is the wind overlays aren't on by default. I know they are not accurate, but I like to see what is forecasted.  It annoys me that I have to toggle them on every single time I refresh.  It is a sailing race after all, wind and boats are always needed.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, The Main Man said:

    I’m amazed it lasted that long. Actually, I am amazed they really were sticking at cardboard lid on in the first place!

    I am not sure why he finds this funny. To me it is shear stupidity to even attempt a cardboard cover. Who really said, this is a brilliant idea? Is this the same person he is entrusting his safety in to get around the world? What other corners have they cut?

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  3. 38 minutes ago, minca3 said:

    It has an interesting quote from Ruyant:

    "I’m starting to get really hot. These aren’t the conditions I enjoy most. Inside the boat, it quickly becomes a furnace with the generator charging up."

    Does HB have a generator? Because one of the disadvantages assigned to that closed cockpit concept was the heat inside in the tropics. Would be funny if he ends up with similar temperatures inside like the open cockpits ...

    I am surprise they don't have a type of NACA Duct which would allow airflow into the cabin which could be closed for water intrusion if needed.

  4. 16 minutes ago, kcolborne said:

    I must admit that I am an AT fan.  Have been for quite a few years now.
    I definitely was hoping that he beat Charal in this race.
    But, I didn't want it to be this way.  (Yes, I know there is a LOT of race yet to go.)

    I wish Jeremie the best of luck with reeling in the fleet and having a safe trip!

    It is hard not to be a fan of AT for me. He has been doing this for years,  and appealed to me with English being his natural language.   He has come up with two crazy designs these last two times around and that is certainly a draw as well. It is not that I am not a fan of the others as I think each have their amazing stories to tell, it is just one I can understand the easiest as a shitty American who only knows 1 language and some broken spanish after required courses.  As a sailor, who lives and breathes being on the water, I am certainly watching everyone closely as possible as I will never be able to even do anything close to this. 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Rafael said:

    APIVIA, LINKED, PRB live on Marinetraffic Azores

    APIVIA, LINKED Smoking between 26 and 14 Knts (!!)

    PRB looks like more problems, loosing miles drasticaly... 



    What a bullShit VG tracker w/ poor number in updates and reports...

    at least we have the BOSS's hub big brother porn... go ALEX! (60 days in front of you and job done!!)

    I just wish BOSS's hub had windspeed.

  6. Just now, Miffy said:

    It was pretty funny when Enright was asked if he’d ever do a VG standing next to the old Hugo boss and he awkwardly tried to not lie but not say no. 

    At the rate they’ll have the two foiling imocas signed up to do the race and no one else shows up. 

    They only bought them to do the crewed version of the ocean race, right?

  7. 19 minutes ago, WLIS Jibing said:

    Thanks for posting!  Incredible.  I don't know what I am more amazed with.  The fact that he managed to eat a good bit with all of that slamming, or the fact that he didn't spill a drop of his meal.  Whatever he had in that bowl must have been thick (but actually looked pretty tasty).  

    Is this the only boat that has a chair? I always thought the best way to ride these foilers would be to have a 5 point racing harness in a carbon race seat.  

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  8. On 9/27/2020 at 9:23 AM, voodoochile said:

    And yet  only 33 entries for Screwpile!  New format does not seem to have attracted more boats for that event.  

    Still a pandemic. Still a regatta where participants need to stay in hotels. No parties or social events. Not worth travelling to this year.

  9. 5 hours ago, NaptimeAgain said:

    Per the news story the organizers complained the city met with them only twice.  Personally I'm not seeing 2 meetings as a deficient engagement, especially when the underlying medical issues are not going to change by talking about them.  While the boats themselves might permit some social isolation, the tents and the shuttle busses really don't seem to support that, based on my own experiences at past shows.  Plus the crowd at the bars would pose additional risks.

    Bars, docks, tents, people traveling from all over. No way to do it currently. Add in the tools that go to the power boat shows and it’s even worse. Just because people are tired of doing the right things, doesn’t mean people should give them the opportunity to do the wrong thing openly.

  10. 7 hours ago, Matagi said:

    Shaw 11 or 12 (Blink)


    Soto 40 also an eligible contender, from the looks, but they are raced as OD, so no idea.



    I looked at the Soto rating while looking at the Ker40 above. It was knocked out of relevance just for ratings to ratings comparison. 

  11. 15 hours ago, weta27 said:

    Seriously, once she is up and running, Defiant looks very  impressive, but I have to say, to my eyes, she sometimes looks slow through transitions and seems slow getting back up on the foils.








    How much of it has to do with they haven't sailed the boat in 5 months?

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  12. Here is the problem. Sailed the CC30 when it first dropped, bow keep dipping and it wanted to trip and the owner felt it right away and said no thanks.  

    Compare the 30 to everything out there before, Henderson 30, Melges 30/32, FT10, etc, and it is overpriced, and rates slower than the same boats that came before, Sure OD cool, but why bother spending the dollars when dollars/fun just wasn't there. That and you had to take the boat everywhere to do OD.

    280 had similar problems. Cool new boat, however, you could just buy a Farr 30 and still have more fun for cheaper.

    That being said, maybe it is a good thing. That so many boats from before their time are still awesome. However, as prices keep going up, and people keep having less dollars to spend, we will continue to see the same trends.

    Just my thoughts, I am often quite wrong in life.

  13. 21 minutes ago, Foolish said:

    Very interesting notes from Tip & Shaft newsletter.  The boats are sooooo fast that they are unlivable. 

    Increasingly uncomfortable un-livable boats

    While the top three clearly earmark themselves as contenders for victory in the Vendée Globe, all our experts question their ability to live long term with the pace, as the new ones set new levels of discomfort but also the older generation with big, new foils, they are infernal in high-speed conditions.
    "There are times when they can't move in the boat at all,” comments Romain Attanasio. “This time they had transitions that allowed them to relax and get out of their seats, but we'll see on the Vendée how they'll do if it lasts several days. That is going to be quite a challenge. This is almost the first time a skipper will have to slow down because he can no longer stand the ‘living’ conditions on board."
    What is not so obvious, according to Didier Ravon: "Four years ago, Armel finally did not foil so much in the South, but now, down there with their big foils, they're not going to be able to retract them (apart from Armel Tripon who has this option on L'Occitane).
    Will the sailors agree to lift their foot off the gas? This will certainly be one of the issues of this Vendée Globe according to Jean-Yves Bernot: "These boats look very demanding: it is clear that when a guy is pushing it or not completely on it is obvious as he quickly loses 3 knots. Knowing how to manage sleep spells so as not to implode en route will become a main topic."
    It is something which concerns Jacques Caraes : "Medically speaking, we can go from bumps and bruising to fractures,  we're going to have to be careful." 

    Sleep with a five point harness and a hans device in a race seat.

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