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  1. 16 minutes ago, jackolantern said:

    Because you can only make a 30 footer go a certain speed upwind, and to make them go faster downwind you have to add wetted surface area (that makes them slow in light air) so you shrink down on the size of the foils to cut back on wetted surface area (or add a shitload of sail area) which make the boats very twitchy when the breeze gets up. 

    All of Mark Mills' recent boats have that same tricky problem with control. The King 40, C&C 30, Summit 35, etc. If your main trimmer isn't mainlining adderal, you're going to have upwind wipeout problems and good luck on any kind of power reach. The IC37 (which is just a scaled up C&C 30) was so bad out of the box that the NYYC demanded a redesign of the rudder to provide better control for amateur helmsmen - even if it meant it would slow the boat down a bit. 

    Did a regatta on Narragansett Bay on one of the demo boats with the full racing team of a prospective owner. We did have pros in the trimming spots and the boat would still do random wind-checks upwind. 

    Didn't the demo boat have a rudder issue. I thought they mentioned that on the test sail we had.

  2. 4 minutes ago, samc99us said:

    That looks and sounds like a clean example and worthy contender in this market space. I'm curious what their next ride is?

    If I were in the market, I would look at two boats in Annapolis. 1. Short Bus. 2. Problem Child the BC27 Custom.  The Hendo is a great light air boat, and a rocket downwind in breeze as everyone knows. WIth the Bay being light air often, it would work, and I think far more so than the C&C as they are sticky in the light IMHO. The Hendo would be relegated to A0/A1 and as this class is dwindling, would have a hard time beating the 111s, and IMX40, etc. Also, you need a full crew of 9 in breeze.  Alternatively, Problem Child excels in the Bay conditions as well, and fits solidly in A2 where are there are more boats to play with.  3-5 to crew is a nice sweet spot. Problem Child's downfall being, it is gold and many do not like the color, and it most likely needs a full suite of new sails as I do not believe they have been replaced. 

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  3. 29 minutes ago, samc99us said:

     Anema and Core lists no sail newer than 2017, yes a cherry boat but I think their ask is a bit out to lunch. I suspect the sails on the West Coast boat are in reasonable shape and sufficient for a season or two of PHRF racing on the Chesapeake. I agree that a Hendo might be a better buy, the downside being their age and potential problems. Most probably need $20k to be brought into good shape, at which point a <5 year old C&C 30OD for the price of a new J/70 starts to look attractive.

    The Hendo Short Bus in Solomons has been updated nonstop since purchase. If I had cash, that is the one I would buy. I don't think you would have to worry about much with it.

  4. 1 minute ago, samc99us said:

    One is for sale on the west coast for $69k, so the $50k number mentioned above is probably fairly realistic.

    Sails are from original purchase it seems. What's more fun is Enema Encore wants $135k and "the name is not transferrable" so pay someone to remove the name after purchase. Oh and their sales aren't North or Quantum which in some eyes could be worth less. With the number of Hendos for sale, and being confined to PHRF, I'd buy one of those for $35k.

  5. 2 hours ago, Starboard!! said:

    A lot of it is that the septuagenarians on the PHRF committee automatically ding new boats, making a lot hard to justify shelling out cash for a new boat that'll never rate competitively against 20 yr old designs. 

    That said, the Mumm 30 / Farr 30 did something right, it's still fast. And look what Roddy did to make his an asym boat.

    He may have modified the 30, but it didn't clean house. The non mod 30 beat him in WNR 2 series. 

  6. Am I the only one that doesn't understand why they are making a push for Double Handed Racing as a way to increase participation? Literally Ken Read talked about this portion for 30 mins a few months back. So lets increase participation by spending $150k on a boat designed for two people. Maybe I am missing something, but this just smells fishy.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, doghouse said:

    Good to hear. It was basically all gone, and the bottom had some gnarly ass brushed on power boat anti fouling on the bottom. She is a very unique and cool boat, happy it's been brought back up to standard.

    Yup, rode hard, put away wet, beer cans down below, and no budget for upkeep. Then sold pennies on the dollar.

  8. I had an opportunity to hear Ken Read talk last week regarding how to increase participation in sailing. While some of his points were absolutely fucking stupid, including but not limited to adding more color to the fleets by mandating spinnakers other than white (such as the IC37s in Newport have), or having boats painted instead of white (sure let me pull out my wallet to increase participation), or a whole 30 minute bullet point about the new double handed offshore Olympic campaign pitch (yea not sure how that figures into increasing participation either), the biggest thing I took away was the things I heard from RC and PROs.

    First and foremost, the RC is on their high horse and are unwilling to change. It was amazing listening to the RC people at the other table around me.  Some of his points were to alert sailors to postponements before leaving the dock, or have RC look at the weather the night before so people spent less time waiting for racing, rather than being at home or doing other things before or after. RC people just complained how it is so hard to organize and how it wasn't feasible.  Secondly, as they do in Newport, they race in from the ocean course during the last race.  Well, that caused another gripe since there are people that do not sail out of the main finish location, therefore we cannot due it.  He also said have races out to the course rather than a motor. Again, same gripe as the previous sentence.  He also said start races when they may not be perfect conditions or course. As everyone has said above, they were bitching about that too saying people would complain. Granted, I am sure they are right because people do bitch about everything. however, I am sick and tired of seeing RC do absolutely stupid things. It always used to be set the start line of the largest fleet. These days, they are literally starting the first two fleets, and then adjusting the start line causing more wasted time between the fleets. While I don't take for granted RC and the PRO being out there so I can enjoy the sport I want to spend time on, what I cannot stand is all this nonsense. There is a reason no one wants to do RC, because even if they did lend a hand, they would be hamstrung by the old curmudgeons who do not want to change.  The old adage of my way or the highway is certainly plentiful with these committees.  In closing, for the life of me, I cannot figure out these people as they are always the ones telling me how great sailing was in the 80s and how big the parties were. Yet, as they have gotten older, and into the age, they are the ones ruining things. Goes to say this happens outside of sailing as well, but fuck those millennials am I right?

  9. 4 hours ago, frozenhawaiian said:

    it's scripted reality TV. top to bottom it's made up, even the "guests" are paid to be there. and I can tell you from working in yachting the past 10 years than 90% of the time what goes on on yachts would make for very dull television. this show has however resulted in a huge increase of dock walkers (starry eyed dreamers) looking for work. some are useful for daywork when I want to give my crew some extra time off ashore. 

    I don't  know about you all, but even being paid, I could not act like those jackasses do. Really are some trashy people in the world. 

  10. 15 hours ago, Starboard!! said:

    Or the two J/33's that rate 84, "Delirium" and "Hornet".  They are almost as fast as a J/35 and nearly unbeatable in corrected time.  Though in fairness to their rating, a J/33 also did very well under ORC in AYC's doublehanded race.

    It will be an interesting year in PHRF in Annapolis. It is more than likely the 35 fleet will not get a OD start for events due to some bad blood with ghost boats signed up last year trying to keep a fleet. If that happens, you might see the 35 struggling in PHRF A2. As it already was over the past decade, when the 35s went to PHRF events, they did not do well. Maybe ORC will be a difference maker, but yet to be determined. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Starboard!! said:

    Not an ORR fan after seeing it used in the Chesapeake, vs ORC.

    While ORR might be theoretically more fair, it has too many wind range and point of sail options, and the realty ends up being that the guy who picks those numbers for a particular race ends up deciding the winner.  And then everyone who didn't luck out w/the windrange/angle choice is angry.

    In the Chesapeake, AYC started using ORC for dual-scoring their distance races and will offer it ths season for WDR.  As I see it, the benefit is a measurement rule that's just three numbers for any particular race.  The RC and competitors should be able to understand it and better rank/sort the competition. (Well, technically ORC can make a custom course with custom wind speed/direction ratings, but that's less common).

    It will be interesting to see how the results are changed. For instance. Xiberger the Cape Fear 38 with a rating of 72 has been very hard to beat over the years in PHRF which made us wonder if 69 should be the true rating.

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  12. 17 hours ago, Controversial_posts said:

    Ok, sorry to SMSa, But still fuck that gov cup race...

    Like every race, some years are better than others with the conditions. My suggestion would be to have early Friday starting times of 10am, and no more 5pm or later. Everything else other than the bar closing time doesn't need to change. Most people are already taking off Friday to do the evening race, so that complaint is null and void.  If you are really worried about the bar, Cooks is up the street and you can buy 30 racks and have a blast on the river front. In fact, St. Mary's should also hold a FJ regatta on Friday evening. That would be a fun addition.  Housing could open Friday evening if racers get in, the costs shouldn't need to change for that.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Controversial_posts said:

    Speaking of SMSA... you guys need to fix the gov cup or it will be gone entirely in just a few years. Everyone hated the last race, and we are not doing it again.

    Shorten the fucking course at the River entrance when its clear the wind is dying at sunrise and wont be back until the afternoon. No one wants to bake in the August sun for 8 hrs floating backwards. We all paid for the food and lodging In advance anyway, everyone will still motor to the finish.  And fix your shitty party too, who closes the bar at 6pm?



    That's not SMSA, try St. Mary's directly.

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  14. On 12/19/2019 at 4:49 PM, marcus brutus said:

    Because :

    I am more than sufficiently experienced in purchasing and selling boats,

    most of the J/105 listings are available on the internet,


    I do not want to pay a higher price due to broker's commission.

    Having said that, I would consider paying broker a finders fee if and when I purchased a boat that he/she found for me.


    so tell us your feelings about real estate agents

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  15. 38 minutes ago, voodoochile said:

    Well I hope it works out for SMSA, as I understand it SPLC helps fund their Jr.'s program and I've enjoyed the event since 1990 - before it was even Screwpile.  Coming from S. Bay, we stopped off at Fishing Bay for Leukemia Cup (now cancelled also) the preceding weekend, then continued up to Solomons for the Challenge.  It was a great Mid Summer event when not much else was going on.  Hot, yes. Light some years, yes (25-30kn 2 yrs. ago) but good parties, well run races, and tight racing. I recall some whining from the Northern contingent re missing some distance race and others upset that it didn't dovetail with CBYRA High Point.  The pity is that a once great event dwindled to barely 3 dozen boats. There used to be that many staying over from the Eastport feeder race alone.  Surely something  needed to be done but late Sept. is "schools in",  Fall Series at most clubs, College kids gone, pools closed, early hurricane season....I expect it will break my 30 yr. tradition.  But that's just me and Time Moves On.   Best of Luck!  


    This is what happens when people do not work together. You are correct! Lack of participation not only is due to outside forces, but also due to forces as you mention. We must do better, or my kids will not be able to race like we have been able to. As it is, all those stories of the days of past are no longer true now. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Foxtrot Corpen said:

    But... the pools just might be open.  This past September was warm , and Z's pool stayed open until the last weekend.  You just might get to sample some of that "sailor testicle tea" afterall, trimfast.

    I will pack my straw.