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  1. 4 hours ago, spectator said:

    You've nailed it, the problem with the retail market is they're really struggling to stay profitable and it's easy to embrace the same attitude of there competitors and that helps dictate what the warranty and quality will be (Product obsolescence), that's not a good feeling when taking that type of gear offshore wondering if it will hold up?  It's almost like they've forgotten the ones who really need the gear and not have it fail. Almost all sailing gear and fabrics are now made in Asia.

    The OP write up is what is needed to help these companies stay honest with there quality and warranty. They're just trying to get away with what the retail market will bear instead of making gear they can confidential stand behind for many years and hence give it a long warranty. That kind of quality and attitude is what makes the gear shine 2000 miles offshore but that would be way more expensive to produce.

    I had some issues with my very favorite & very expensive Dubarry gore-tex leather sailing boots, to my surprise they said I'm out of warranty but they'll give me a 20% discount for a new pair which is useless as you can buy them for less everywhere else, I asked what the warranty is and they said it's now for only 1 year! How could I possibly trust a company selling $400 sailing boots but will only stand behind them for 1 year warranty ? It's not the same Dubarry and doesn't give me too much confidence buying a new pair, taking them offshore wondering how long will these last? Will they even last 2 yrs? Maybe

    There are some truly amazing new fabrics by Gore and by other similar companies that are very robust and exceptional compared to previous generations but you won't see them in the retail market; there're way too expensive so Gore supplies there retail clients much cheaper fabric to help them stay competitive/profitable. If you want the very best & durable Gore-Tex gear, just look at the private military clothing lines. Even Patagonia (Lost Arrow Project) and Arc'Teryx (Leaf) produce usa made lines for this very private & lucrative market, the prices are crazy, crazy high and heavily in demand, they make Musto foulie prices look cheap. This also applies to some pro sailing teams sponsored by foulie companies, they get the gucci robust Gore fabrics, all handmade and double checked (I've been lucky race with it and still have) but you won't find it in the retail models sold in stores even though they look the same.

    All of this. Musto now has the warranty on their site for 2 years only. Once those two years expire, they state, Gore picks up the warranty  with their "Guaranteed to Keep you Dry" policy. So even if it isn't the fabric after 2 years, and actual construction starts failing, there is nothing which will cover you.  No one, should expect to replace a $775 MPX Race Jacket every 2 years, that is insane. Musto previously, and other companies used to say for the life of the garment, While that ambiguity left it open for interpretation, most people think a item of these prices, should last considerably longer than 5 years, yet alone the 2 they offer now.  If it is a design defect that shows up later, it is not their problem any longer. That seems to be an issue in the OP. They certainly did change the zippers over the model years, maybe that doesn't happen unless their is a problem, but us customers will never know.

    For my own sake, I decided to look into this further in case anything in the future arises. Below is what happens when you contact Gore. Which, even at first look, feels like you are getting the run around. Who has an initial receipt these days? Furthermore, if you look into the fine print on their website, they will only cover your costs to your purchase price via a credit to the manufacturer. While sure, that is 100% of what you paid and semi-reasonable, every year these products are going up in price. That $400  item you bought is now, $600. For a something that should not have failed, you still would be on the hook for $200. Even if Musto were to offer you cost on a new one, that still is a lot of money for people.  I don't see this changing, but it certainly would be nice to have a company stand by their product and customer base, without always looking at the bottom line, profit.

    Thank you for contacting GORE-TEX Brand Services.  Please provide us with some additional information so that we can handle your case with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. Before we take a look at your item, we will need to establish some initial information to determine the item’s overall condition. This is important because the item to be returned must have useful life left and not be excessively damaged or worn-out.

     Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability:


     Style or model name? 

     GORE-TEX technology, if known?  (This information can often be found on the sleeve or tag.)

     Size of the item? 

     Where did you purchase the item?

     What year did you purchase the product/s?

     What was the price you paid including tax?

     Please attach a copy of your initial receipt.

     How have you cared for the item? (Washing, care instructions, etc.)

     Is the item damaged? (tears, punctures, heavy abrasion etc.) If so please explain.

     Where is the specific location/s you are experiencing the leak/ delamination?

     Please describe the conditions or activity in which you experienced the leak or noticed the delamination.

     Please attach pictures of the item’s current condition (front, back, and inside), the area/s of leakage, any damaged areas, tread on the soles (for footwear), our GORE-TEX tag, and the manufacturer's tag.

     * PLEASE NOTE* Pictures may need to be sent in multiple emails if the attachment size exceeds 10MB. Attachments 10MB and smaller can be received without issue.

     Please provide your mailing address. If you prefer the option to receive a call related to you case, please provide your phone number, if not previously provided.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, sledracr said:

    Heh.  Not to be an ass, but... already mentioned West and Defender, and didn't bother mentioning P2 because their price is even WORSE than West's.

    I know where to find VPC.  What I don't know is where to find it at a better price...

    Oh man I failed hard. My apologies. It is that kind of day.

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  3. 6 hours ago, fufkin said:

    If it's an individual or team trying to get to an event, say to build or train for an Olympic campaign, any Corinthian activity or junior activity, then go for it and raise money. If it's a recreational J sailors trying to get to Key West not so much.

    Who is to say that those are any different? Recreation J sailors have a dream just as much as an Olympic sailor. 

  4. I honestly find some of the pandering to be a bit much across all facets of life. However, we all know the amount of expendable income in this world for some is huge. Not to be political by any means, but as an easy example look at how many people donate money to political campaigns just because they don't like the other party. These people have no idea where the money will actually be spent, but they still do so anyway. I'd rather give to someone I know where the money is going, rather than flushing it down a political toilet, but that is just my thoughts. Life is about choices, and if someone wants to donate to anything by all means go ahead. If someone wants to ask for help, by all means go ahead. If they want to work together, again go ahead. No one has to donate anything, no one has to ask. Choose your own path.

  5. 99% no, however, the information you provided is not enough to even figure that out.

    How tall are you?  What is your body like? It matters!

    That being said, here is what I would do.

    Step 1. Look at the Gill website for Women's sizes.  Size 12 is 32-33 inch waist.

    Step 2. Look at the Gill website for Men's sizes. M is 31-33 inches.

    Step 3. Throw all that out the window.

    So as you say, If you are a medium to large typically, in Gill you are wearing Large - XL as it is cut small (European) . This means you need a true 33 inch waist, not an American 33. In some cases, even women that are 16-18 need to go to Men's sizes. It is also cut differently for women. 

    For comparison, I wear L-XL shirts, in most Gill XXL. In some Gill layering, XXXL would be needed.

    For lady comparison, people that wear a size 8 American, usually go up to a size 12. 

    Even with all that, the best policy is to always try it on. If it is a good deal, and they have easy returns, then that is what you would want to do at a minimum. Although, I still think you would not fit. 


  6. 3 hours ago, samc99us said:

    Ding ding. Boat looks gorgeous at the dock, and is lovely down below, but the list of issues to actually sail her are pretty long. No foot chocks behind the wheels so you can actually stay on the deck and drive while heeled. No hand holds down below in the very wide cabin. No staysail tack hardpoint on the foredeck. No storage space for sails. Not sure how the aft cabins would be while under way, but there isn't much in terms of sleeping space in the saloon. Basically you're looking at close to $1mil for a swim platform. Pass.

    From the pictures, there are pop ups from the deck to stand on while healed. 

  7. 8 hours ago, vtsail said:

    Thought the race committee did a great job trying to get a race in.  They were up against a very difficult weather forecast and I imagine under some pressure to get all the boats to Oxford for the party.  They were explaining the flags for the benefit of the cruising class who had already started and probably don't all have an in detail understanding of the rules.  I thought that while they probably should have shortened the course one mark earlier, they did an admirable job.

    What I can't stand was all the griping on the radio.  Whoever that lady was who kept complaining about wanting to start the party and get to Oxford should be ashamed of herself.  If I was on her crew I would have thrown her overboard.  Disrespecting volunteers who are out there trying to run a race for you is unconscionable.  If you don't want to race, go home.  Don't ruin it for the rest of us who are out there to race.

    The amount of chatter on the radio the last two weekends is disappointing to say at the least. Personally, I find those people constantly on the radio questioning rc to be complete assholes. Badgering people that are volunteers, so that we may do something we enjoy is uncalled for. I hope one day, rc asks what sail number they are and throw them out of the regatta. We don’t always like rc decisions, but show them respect, they don’t have to be there. If you think you can do better volunteer. Otherwise shut up. 

    Could they have shortened the course, yes. Should they, yes. However, it also boggles my mind why the constant need to complain by those on the radio. It’s a distance race, you knew what you signed up for as it was always going to be an all day affair. The party in Oxford is always fun, and I was looking forward to it all day while enjoying my time with friends. We’re privileged to be able to do what we do. 

  8. Last time I heard anyone talk about the boat, it needed a whole lot of work to the keel, structure and the sort. I have also heard stories from the C600 where the crew were just hoping the keel would hold for the race. So it really isn't surprising the price is so low, if the work still needs to be done. Anyone have any other details? 

  9. 5 hours ago, Chimp too said:

    The push to reduce freeboard to reduce unnecessary weight and lower VCG constantly pushes in the direction of a wetter and wetter ride. So as they have done, don't fight it, but make sure that the deck sheds the water as efficiently as possible and that it doesn't slow you down too much. The reverse sheer and dramatically reduced freeboard at the transom helps this even more. After all, water on the deck is an increase in momentary sailing displacement that loads everything up. So get it off as soon as it arrives and don't worry about getting wet by staying inside out of the way.

    The sad thing is that even before the first TOR using the IMOCA, the designs of single handed and crewed IMOCA are diverging at an increased rate. This boat really could not be modified to compete in TOR without completely changing the philosophy.

    I also note that the C-Foils are tapered at the tips, so could not be fully retracted. The end 1m or so will always be out there. Probably not an issue, but interesting to me. I also hope that they get their real bobstay soon so they can get rid of that make do one.

    Speaking of things they need to fix, they could have at least painted the bow pulpit black too.

  10. 22 minutes ago, Greyhound37 said:

    So if you own a boat that rates 66 why would you register A-2 with 71-109 boats? I would think the 66 boat would want to race against boats that rate closer to their own.

    Last year the Columbia 32 was in A-1 then switched to A-2 somehow. They finished the AYC race to Solomons 17 minutes ahead of the second place boat and corrected to 2nd. If it were me it would have been more exciting to finish in the top 3 of A-1. 

    In the big picture I just find it puzzling to want to register in a slower group.  

    One would think, those in charge of the race would notice these things.