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  1. Just now, Greyhound37 said:

    Just curious

    Who determines the rating ranges between A-0, A-1 and A-2? The club, the region, god?  

    It seems to be more on the Club these days with them trying to create racing classes which are even numbers, rather than following a rating rule precisely.

    You can see races where one boat which normally fell into A1 residing in A2. For instance, the Columbia 32 rates 66 which A1 was always up to 69, for the EYC Boomerang, it was the scratch boat in A2. Although, there is also another anomaly in the Boomerang Race. The Seascape 27 which rated 90 wound up in A1. Not sure how that happened, but nonetheless, still holds water as an example. 

    Another example, AYC WNR, has a boat which rates 108 in phrf 2 (although not normal A0-A2 nomenclature). In accordance with PHRF Ches Bay, A2 should be 72-108. If AYC was following the PHRF guidelines, then the 108 would be in PHRF 1 with the boats that rate 72. 

    For Screwpile A1 was -33 - 39, A2 45-69, A3 75-90. 

    Then, there is the silly decision of classes like the 105 which rates 87, always winding up doing the short courses of the event such as EYC Boomerang, when there are slower boats doing the long course. 

    So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I still cant believe the fuss people have over language. Who cares. Everyone has a different vocabulary. I could literally blast you using "proper" language and words above most peoples common lexicon, but that would be fine because it wasn't curse words. That is insane. It is the same with the people who are grammar police. Question 1, did you understand what the person said, even if it wasn't grammatically correct? Yes, than who cares. There are far more important things to actually give a damn about, and these two are not them. 

  3. Yesterday, the website of APS changed, with a new section that said "Welcome to the new APS." Among it, was further information about the "New" APS and fact they were no longer going to be selling any line, or hardware. With the removal of line and hardware, the rigging shop will also cease to exist. With it, a wealth of customers information for custom orders which used to be able to be replicated if you needed a replacement, will vanish like fart in the wind. 

    You may ask what will be added instead of actual "performance" oriented materials of hardware and line.....Clothing. That is right folks, a "performance" sailing company is now a full fledged clothing store, with maybe some accessories yet to be fully determined.

    A once great store, where you could run in and get replacement parts while rigging your boat at SSA, EYC, and the likes fast and efficiently, will now be, hey come get your Helly jacket instead. From the posts on Facebook showing their disapproval of the change, and a line on the  website saying "You spoke and we listened!" , clearly they did not. 

    In the mean time, you can get line and hardware 25% off. Stock up, until you have to sell out to West Marine down the street.

    Perhaps in addition, a name change as performance, isn't indicated by the clothing one wears. I might suggest Annapolis Panoply Sales, as at least this way, they can still use the same website.

    Word of the day, Panoply

    1. a wide-ranging and impressive array or display:the dazzling panoply of the maharaja's procession; the panoply of European history.

    2. a complete suit of armor.

    3. a protective covering.

    4. full ceremonial attire or paraphernalia; special dress and equipment.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, JoeBleaux said:

    Is this a tiller in this picture? He must have a ton of confidence in the auto pilot. 


    Certainly may be. Would help docking instead of the coffin drivers seat. However, surely not ideal if shit hits the fan in the southern ocean completely exposed.

  5. 2 hours ago, Ajax said:

    I think you misinterpreted my post as complaining when mainly, it was observations.

    First, I happen to love St. Mary's county and the college. I have several friends that live in the county, including my crewmate for the race. He lives literally a 15 minute sailboat motor from the school and my boat is lying there right now, waiting for me to retrieve it this Friday. My wife was the manager of Point Lookout State Park for several years and while I was dating her, so I have a lot of time in the area. She also happens to be a St. Mary's alum, class of '99.

    No, I don't rent the housing. I stay with my local friends. Tough shit on that one. I do stay for the party, every single time. I pay for the food and booze, I buy shirts, every year that I race. I usually buy photos of my boat from that rip-off "" even though it doesn't benefit SMCM.

    Yes, I agree that the school has little flexibility on the race dates. Yes, I agree that participation is on the decline across the scale, that's why I was "observing" and not "bitching."  It just is what it is.

    I'll tell you what I have done to help- I've created CHESSS (Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society) as a dedicated single and doublehanding class which has had a small, but positive impact on race participation. CHESSS put 13 boats on the line for this year's AYC Spring Oxford race that otherwise wouldn't have been there. Unfortunately, our participation is inconsistent. We had 5 signed up for Gov Cup but only 2 of us showed up. 

    I'm not an expert in psychology or marketing. I'm just some regular guy who heard other people grumbling about a lack of crew or not wanting to chase crew, so I started the club. I barely know what the fuck I'm doing, but I am trying to do something.


    I certainly wasn't calling you out directly and apologize if it came across that way.  Just merely venting as others always say the race sucks. We as a collective, need to do more was more what I was going for. 

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  6. Instead of complaining all the time, how about some positive feedback and ideas. What would you want to change? Why you would? Does Smcm need to address issues? What should they do? 

    Besides that, have you asked if your have done enough? Do you rent housing on campus? Do you know they have a pool and might be able to open it? Do you know it’s a great family place with fj’s and kayaks for the family after racing.

    With anything, it’s what you make of it. St Mary’s is a glorious place. Yes it’s in the middle of nowhere, but that’s why it’s appealing. After the race, enjoy that solitude with crew and family. Stay off the grid from Friday until Sunday. Enjoy the comfy chairs in the library looking at the water. Sit on the second deck of the boathouse and relax with a drink. Take a tour of historic. Walk around campus. Remember, the two closest things to campus is the Door and Cooks. Plenty of ways to get some beer and sit on the waterfront. Or, drop a car off in advance it’s not that far from Annapolis. If you don’t stay until sunset on Saturday, then you’re missing one of the best things.

    The school is hamstrung with when the race can be. It has to be between when the students leave and arrive back. That  gives the housing option. Regardless, the weather has been anything from 0-25 in every direction over the years. That’s sailing, so stop complaining. 

    In closing, you have to remember this is the same thing going on with every race on then bay. Screwpile numbers are abysmal compared to just 10 years ago. Participation is down, period. Continual bitching does nothing, everyone needs to help if we want it to survive, yet alone thrive.

    There are four years until the 50th. I would to see it hit major numbers again. 

    Just my opinion. 

  7. Interesting article if you never saw it.


    For me, the 280 doesn't seem as a much of a step in improvement over the Farr 30 for the price difference. Secondly, the C&C came out overweight and not significantly better/faster than the Hendo 30 or Melges 32. Sure the thought of a new one design helped drive both, but realistically they were not going to be near as successful as the Melges 32 or Farr 30 ever were. However, we may never see another one design boat over 30 other than J take off in as many numbers again, as the sport does not seem to be going that way. Even if you wanted to consider the IC37, it doesn't fit the mold as it's club backed. Sure the j70s are everywhere, but considerably smaller than the 280 and 30. Time will tell, and I remain hopeful, but as of now I'm not seeing it:

  8. 3 hours ago, Greyhound37 said:

    The Farr 42 was donated by Northpoint in 2017. She left Jabins. Not sure where she is. 

    Last time I saw her was at Port Annapolis on F or G Dock, can't remember. Believe it is still there.

  9. 5 minutes ago, mustang__1 said:

    Looks like the prices Musto is charging is justified by what Zhik is charging:

    Most clothing isn't actually worth the price. For instance, you can get 3 layer gore-tex fabric for $25 a yard. When you figure in wholesale prices of the fabric, plus labor from China, there is no way that shit should be worth $725. 

  10. 48 minutes ago, apophenia said:

    Is it a violation of rule 69 if I walk up and down the docks with my mini duffel full of street clothes before the next evening beer cans?

    mini duffle with a set of clothes is fine. What I am talking about is the duffle the size of a week trip. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, MR.CLEAN said:

    I wonder if JuanK can ever design a winning boat again.  It's been how long?


    Was thinking this myself. After seeing all the latest versions with a winning designer, it feels like a considerable gamble.

  12. These are just the people that got caught. For decades, sports and other activities have had this in other ways. Coaches paying kids to go to their school. Moving families to different towns to register in their school etc.  Pay to play is more widespread than anyone truly knows the details of. Sports teams give scholarships to people to play which some would have never made the admissions standards otherwise, yet most turn a blind eye. If they only gave scholarships based on academic merits alone, the college sport scene would be vastly different. Frankly, I am not shocked one bit that this was occurring. 

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  13. 6 minutes ago, BWR said:

    Definitely Betts'.  Definitely a Riptide closed there were some 35s being worked on last fall, but looks more like the 41, (Blue sistership)  Paul is now living in Anacortes some maybe he is working on his own boat :).  


    For me it looks like the 35 more so due to the cutout on the chine. It is not present on the 41. The 41, also has cut outs on the stern from previous photos. However, both may be an option which I do not know about.