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  1. sleddog

    Mini sailor lost at sea

    You shouldn't run your jacklines all the way to the transom. Your jacklines should terminate far enough forward that you wouldn't be dragging behind the boat if you went over while clipped into a jackline. You should have solid attachment points -- not jacklines -- for clipping in aft of the companionway. In memory of Harvey Schlasky who died in 1999 DH Farallones Race being towed behind his boat by his harness inspite of his inflated PFD and crew attempting to slow boat.
  2. sleddog

    Merlin at 75 mph

    30 smiling crew, including her designer, aboard last evening for MERLIN's Wednesday Night "Oldtimers" reunion sail off Santa Cruz after returning from Transpac. Memories were flowing as MERLIN does what she has always done best: make apparent wind. All aboard fascinated with recent upgrades. Thanks, Chip, for sending MERLIN back to her roots. Good luck in the BBS!
  3. sleddog


    The deck light prisms were always cool! We're sailing MERLIN this afternoon out of Santa Cruz for Wed night racing. Join us if you dare.
  4. sleddog

    Dick Carter design boats

    Credit where due: At age six, DC's daughter Catherine not only suggested RED ROOSTER's name, but also delivered a drawing, complete with red hull and black waterline stripe. Said Catherine, “if you paint the boat red, you can call him RED ROOSTER!” The only part of Catherine's color scheme DC nixed was the red mast.. It should be no surprise 50 years on that Catherine had a major hand in the publication of DC's new book In the Golden Age of Offshore Racing, including exhaustive research, editing, and restoration of the many classic photos. Well done Catarina! 50 years? Catherine, never one to miss details, recently asked the exact day and time of this week's 50th Anniversary of RED ROO winning the '69 Fastnet Race, becoming the Admiral's Cup high-point boat, and anchoring the American Admirals Cup Team of CARINA, PALAWAN, and RED ROOSTER to a come-from-behind victory over the heavily favored Aussie threesome of MERCEDES III, RAGAMUFFIN, and KOOMOOLOO. This USA AC win was not to be repeated for 28 years, 1997. I had to think a bit and consult some record keeping...days, dates, and finish times don't always rise to memory's surface 50 years on. I do remember motoring RED ROOSTER to the Royal Yacht Squadron start line on a Saturday after the traditional end of Cowes Weeks fireworks. According to a calendar, it must have been August 9, 1969. We had been up much of the night with broken winch gearing that had dropped the keel 6" into the tarmac at Groves and Gutteridges while doing a final bottom polish the afternoon before. As we reached the RYS starting area just offshore, DC called the crew aft. Instead of a short speech, DC reached into his sea bag and passed out 8 small jars of p-nut butter, and an apple each. Only 7 spoons could be found, and DC said, "we're going light." "Hope you don't get hungry." End of speech. Jim Hartvig Anderson then opened his sea bag and passed out crew shirts: white, Hanes, X-Large T-shirts on which he'd taken a felt tip pen and wrote RED ROOSTER's name on the front. Only problem, Jim was good at drawing boats in the Nahant Tower and had in fact drawn RED ROOSTER's lines. But English spelling was not his Danish strong point. All our crew shirts said "RED ROOTER." We reached Fastnet Rock in good shape and set the spinnaker for the DDW run to the Bishop Rock. The SW'erly freshened during the afternoon as predicted by the BBC for the Irish Sea. "Southwest 6, becoming 5 later," was the succinct forecast. "This is gonna be good I thought." DC was no shrinking violet when it came to fully retracting the keel, even with the suspect and recently repaired winch. "Dick," I said, "don't we want to leave a little keel down to help with steering?" The answer came with no hesitation. "All the way up!" "And remember, the trunk curtain is closed. Don't tear it." (Without the fairing over the keel trunk's exit slot, a small window revealed washing machine agitation inside. All we needed was adding laundry soap for our odoriferous clothing.) Off we surfed, riding 4-6' wind waves downwind, rolling rail-to-rail, but with never a round up or down. DC seemed pleased as he'd pop his head from the nav station through the companionway hatch. Everyone aboard was happy we had a tiller as we slithered and slewed our way eastward. Billy, Taylor, Commodore, and I, the California contingent of ROOSTER's Fastnet crew, had a dozen or more Transpac races under our belts and these conditions in the Irish Sea seemed like home, minus the popcorn clouds and trade winds. Between the Scillies and Plymouth, the breeze dropped as it usually does in the wee-night hours. We just had to finish before the zephyrs quit altogether and the tide turned foul. In the dawn gloaming, RED ROOSTER ghosted by the Plymouth Breakwater Lighthouse finish at 3:50 a.m., 4 days and 17 hours after our start. We felt pretty good about our overall chances. Of the three Aussie boats, only RAGS was tied up. No MERCEDES nor KOOMOOLOO in view on our approach. We were all pretty drained from the nite-fighting. But not too tired to answer DC's request for a hoist aloft to retrieve the much despised racing flag lashed at the masthead. We secured our captain well in the bosun's chair. Just as well, as DC fell asleep at the masthead where he spent the morning napping above the hubbub below. The Awards Ceremony was the next afternoon, Friday, August 15th, the official conclusion of the Fastnet and Admirals Cup. DC had somehow got a cardboard box of 20 dozen Golden Cockerel lapel pin badges from the local Simpson's Brewery. Across the street was a hardware store where DC bought several cans of red spray paint. We spent the morning painting the golden cockerels red, and Dick Carter spent the rest of the day and into the afternoon's festivities at the Guild Hall graciously handing out RED ROOSTER pins to well wishers and smiling admirers along the docks and Plymouth streets. In answer to Catherine's question, If RR finished the Fastnet at 3:50 a.m.,Thursday DT, August 14th, 1969, the 50th Anniversary of RED ROOSTER winning the 1969 Fastnet is tonight, Tuesday night, August 13th, at 23:50 p.m. EDT. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Break out the champagne, p-nut butter, and red apples. Congrats, Dick Carter and crew. RED ROOSTER was an amazing boat. And standby, there is more recently discovered news as to RR's history after her ownership in California and two Transpac Races. Meanwhile, DC has become proud new owner of an "Oystercatcher" 14' catboat. You may see him and grand kids sailing RABBIT III off Hospital Cove, Cataumet, Cape Cod. It only draws 10" board up.
  5. From the current Star Class Log, the winning Star in Savannah in 1996 Olympics was #7875. 1996 SAVANNAH, USA - 25 Boats Gold BRA 7875 Torben Grael Marcelo Ferreira 25Silver SWE 7857 Hans Wallen Bobbie Lohse 29Bronze AUS 7828 Colin Beashel David Giles 32
  6. sleddog

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Between book publication speaking engagements, English manor dedication, Trans-Atlantic travel, and other challenges, any DC contact info with RED ROOSTER's current owner or representative is unavailable. DC's daughter is leading the search for RED ROOSTER (she named the boat) and reads and posts on this Forum The only info that has been passed from DC is he believes RR is in the Philippines...thus this shout out. Any further info appreciated. The photo above is RED ROOSTER running westward in the Solent, 1969. Unseen in the photo is the keel which is raised, and the trunk's bottom covered with a retractable "curtain." The rudder too is raised about 2', facilitating passage over shoals where few dared to follow..No depth sounder aboard, just a long pole marked in one foot increments and DC's encyclopedic memory of local tides and topography. ~sleddog.
  7. sleddog

    IOR Legend Sighting

    DC, family, and crew would love to know. 50th Anniversary. If you have any leads, please let us know here.
  8. sleddog

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Fivestar: Dick Carter's RED ROOSTER reportedly in the Philippines. Any sightings?
  9. sleddog

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    The year was 1993. Brain fade.
  10. sleddog

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Spot on. OEX was SILVER BULLET, SC-70 #9, launched in 1988. Under John DeLaura's ownership, SILVER BULLET won a Clean Sweep in the 1991 Transpac when she was First-to-Finish (Barn Door Trophy), first in Class A, and first Overall.
  11. sleddog

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Andrews 70's and SC-70's were both 68 feet LOA. Andrew's 70's have about a foot more waterline and other things being equal, have a tick more speed on the straight away. My 2 cents after racing both side-by-side in many buoys races.
  12. sleddog

    IOR Legend Sighting

  13. sleddog

    Schooner No. 5 Elbe Sunk in Collision

    Yes, we've sailed together double-handed on WILDFLOWER, also aboard George Kiskaddon's schooner NEW WORLD. One of a kind individual and story teller, "Ramblin" Jack Elliot got his nickname from Warwick (Commodore) Tompkins.
  14. sleddog

    Schooner No. 5 Elbe Sunk in Collision

    Ramblin'Jack Elliot at WANDER BIRD's helm, sailing engineless out of Sausalito, Sterling Hayden in command... Wheel steering had been installed in VANDER VOGEL (ex. ELBE #5) before WMT, Sr. purchased her in 1929, renamed her WANDER BIRD and took her 50 S to 50 S.
  15. sleddog

    R2AK 2019

    If they're not too busy and you have text or voice comms with Duncan, it would be cool for us spectators if they would attempt to manually reset their tracker on PSRT. Apparently it may manually shut itself off after X hours. tnx.