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  1. The Perry designed Capaz used to live in Anacortes, always thought it was a good look. Just noticed it was for sale and the interior is as interesting as the exterior. Lots of pics to look at. IMO the dodger could use a rethink, but other than that as cool as I remembered. http://swiftsureyachts.com/products/capaz-perry-pilothouse-48-2/
  2. My guess would be that one of those NKE displays will be showing heading and that's what everyone will look at. In the modern world put a conventional compass somewhere on the boat, just in case the electronics crap out, but digital displays do it so much nicer and are easier to read. I wonder how many bulkhead mounted compass globes have been cracked from getting clipped by winch handles trying to get to the cabin top winches? Also need to keep that bulkhead space clear for reclining against while in port. Also in the cockpit, seeing people in it, the cockpit looks really wide. I'm sure it just an illusion since Bob has done a million cockpits and would get it right, but sitting on the seat with your back against the coaming will your feet reach the opposite seat edge? Either that or you'll need seat belts to keep you from sliding off your perch. In the interior. The woodwork looks gorgeous, man what a lot of work.
  3. Regarding the bulkhead compass location. With the compasses that far outboard, doesn't the torso of anyone sitting on the cockpit seat block the view of the compass? I guess you could look at the leeward one.
  4. The listing mentioned that it does have a saildrive. It was repowered from the Sabb to a Volvo, the saildrive is just in front of the rudder and engine in the cockpit.
  5. Was talking to an employee at the local WM, he said that there will not be another paper catalog. They plan to use the money it costs to produce a paper catalog to update their website, which, currently, is lousy.
  6. Very cool, thanks for the clarification and added details.
  7. Not sure if this is news to anyone. http://www.tradeonlytoday.com/2017/06/west-marine-acquired-by-private-equity-firm/?utm_source=trade-enewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=textlink&utm_campaign=enewsletter-062917
  8. This is a good look. Not sure if it's a Bill Garden design, if not it's certainly influenced by him. I think it's about 6ft wide. https://skagit.craigslist.org/boa/6191658364.html
  9. Irens sure likes that high freeboard look, so do I. Though I'm not sure why he put the worlds ugliest dodger on it.
  10. Wow, that's scary, a blessing that no one was hurt. Looks like there was a problem with the jib sheet. Had a M242 they'll barely sail with just the jib, always put the main up before the jib. They scull great using the rudder. Instead of the helmsman just standing there hanging onto the tiller I'd been sculling like there was no tomorrow.
  11. Just what we need, another way to make boats more expensive.
  12. I agree that's likely what would have to happen and that is the problem. I'd think you'd get considerable fewer people interested in the upgrade if it involved cutting the floor out of their boat and all that. I have. Sean9c and I both are assuming there is something beneath what appears to be a pan that is not evident in the photo. I don't see how a keel that thin (drawing in Post #199 , which I believe is by Finot, not LB, shows max keel width of 3.5") with an in-line array of bolts on a 0.5" solid glass hull would not be wagging all over the place without some sort of stiffening structure. I don't think there is a "grid" I believe that molded interior pan just has a lot of bog down the center so that keel bolts have a solid structure to compress on. So to put in a flange support, you'd need to open up the area outboard of the mating area and fill the gaps with epoxy bog, assuming it isn't soaking wet in there.
  13. In asking if you needed CAD to do this keel I was being facetious. Sorry I didn't do it better.
  14. Any thoughts that after seeing the interior pictures of Pegasus and seeing that the keelbolts go through whatever frame structure there is and then up through the finished floorpan, which is likely bonded in, so you can't even see the structural grid, that in order to be at all practical you need to plan on using the existing keelbolt locations? I didn't realize you needed CAD for this project. I'd have just picked a section, made some offset tables, made a plug from those and sent it to the casting house.