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    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    Funny that nowadays everyone thinks that you need to start with a computer. Use to be that you'd start with a sawsall and a few panels and just build what you want. Now you have to scan, laze, compute and generally mindfuck it to death rather than actually just doing something. If you want a different deck on a SC27 find a dead boat cut the deck off build what you want, if it works like you thought, splash it to make a mold. Do have to wonder about the whole idea, great boats, but there are few and they're old and tired.
  2. sean9c

    flattening Perfection paint

    For non-skid I've often done Griptex or one of the other non-skid beads broadcast in LP, never flattened the paint, if you get 100% coverage with the beads it ends up not glossy. The trick is getting the 100% coverage, because anywhere you miss will be glossy. For large surfaces use a drywall texture hopper gun to apply the beads, it's fast saves material and you can do large areas. It works really well. Never liked using flattening agents in LP, with Awlgrip anyway you're mixing 100% by volume so it's a whole lot of material to add that does who knows what to the durability of the paint, adding that much clear liquid to your paint makes it even more transparent and it often has inconsistent results in how flat it makes the paint. Roller only seems to work with Awlgrip if you thin it 10-15%. If you under thin you'll get bubbles. Curious to try Alexseal.
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    Great 35-footers

    I remember racing on one of these against Aquarius, even beat them a few times, not on my account I was just a dumb kid. Still remember trying to buoy race with the double head rig and thinking who was the idiot sailmaker that ever decided that it was a good idea. Absolutely miserable to tack. They like the light air but sure not a breeze, way slow by any modern standard but probably rate well with a rating that'll never change. Another Bruce King effort to get the shortest possible waterline for a given overall length. The good old days.
  4. sean9c

    Countersinking into Stainless

    Don't use carbide, it's too brittle and too expensive. The best countersink for metal is a single flute counter sink, you can buy them on Amazon, multi flute countersinks like you buy at the hardware store only work well if everything is clamped down, not worth the bother. Get the fancy coated one if you want they are only a couple of bucks more. You are looking for an 80 degree angle, that will match the angle on the flathead fastener. Don't go wild with the rpm, you're not in a hurry. A large drill bit will sort of do it but it's the chamfer angles are wrong and won't match the fastener. I was a machinist for 35 years probably done a million countersinks and chamfers and more dumb boat projects than I can think of.
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    Saw this, not affiliated
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    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Dumb question but why not just find the original owners and ask them how it all works? Boat's only 10 years old, I'd think they'd be easy to track down.
  7. sean9c

    painting formica

    Back to the original question, painting formica. It takes paint great. I'd scrub it withe solvent first to make sure it's clean. Sand with 220 grit to get it smooth, then 320 grit. LP over the 320 grit you don't need primer. Remember that it will now be LP glossy, so super glossy. You can add flattening agent to the LP but it's finicky and just generally a PITA, I wouldn't. LP'd countertops won't be as durable as the formica. I wouldn't do it if it was a work surface.
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    Coolboats to admire

    Just screwing the cockpit winches to the deck seems odd, like they got lazy. Also makes them low and far outboard on a boat that heels a lot.
  9. sean9c

    Coolboats to admire

    The Perry designed Capaz used to live in Anacortes, always thought it was a good look. Just noticed it was for sale and the interior is as interesting as the exterior. Lots of pics to look at. IMO the dodger could use a rethink, but other than that as cool as I remembered.
  10. sean9c

    My newest project

    My guess would be that one of those NKE displays will be showing heading and that's what everyone will look at. In the modern world put a conventional compass somewhere on the boat, just in case the electronics crap out, but digital displays do it so much nicer and are easier to read. I wonder how many bulkhead mounted compass globes have been cracked from getting clipped by winch handles trying to get to the cabin top winches? Also need to keep that bulkhead space clear for reclining against while in port. Also in the cockpit, seeing people in it, the cockpit looks really wide. I'm sure it just an illusion since Bob has done a million cockpits and would get it right, but sitting on the seat with your back against the coaming will your feet reach the opposite seat edge? Either that or you'll need seat belts to keep you from sliding off your perch. In the interior. The woodwork looks gorgeous, man what a lot of work.
  11. sean9c

    My newest project

    Regarding the bulkhead compass location. With the compasses that far outboard, doesn't the torso of anyone sitting on the cockpit seat block the view of the compass? I guess you could look at the leeward one.
  12. sean9c

    Coolboats to admire

    The listing mentioned that it does have a saildrive. It was repowered from the Sabb to a Volvo, the saildrive is just in front of the rudder and engine in the cockpit.
  13. sean9c

    Coolboats to admire

    Very cool, thanks for the clarification and added details.
  14. sean9c

    Coolboats to admire

    This is a good look. Not sure if it's a Bill Garden design, if not it's certainly influenced by him. I think it's about 6ft wide.
  15. sean9c

    foil assisted cruiser

    Just what we need, another way to make boats more expensive.
  16. sean9c

    My newest project

    Also seems obvious that your strut is designed to be stiff enough to reduce or remove the bending load the rudder puts on the shaft. Hard to believe that small metal strap at the bottom of the big rudder, in Py's picture, is providing much support to the shaft. Which does make one wonder.
  17. sean9c

    Coolboats to admire

    If"Burma" hasn't been mentioned it should have been. The second prettiest stern in the business. The prettiest belonged to the Garden designed "Oceanus"