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  1. Kevlar Edge

    Alerion Express 28 Tuning Guide

    Tuning guides can be different from one sailmaker to another. Call your sail loft and see if they have any advice based on your current sails. The rig in that boat is almost identical to a j27 rig, so using a j27 guide may get you started.
  2. Kevlar Edge

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Yeah sounds fishy
  3. Kevlar Edge

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    Tripp 26 Evelyn 26 J27
  4. Kevlar Edge

    Need Obsolete Profurl Foil Section

    I’m pretty sure I have what you’re looking for in my spar shed. I won’t be to the yard for a few days, what length section do you need?
  5. Kevlar Edge

    North Sails "Norlam" - What is it?

    Woven polyester laminated to monofilament.
  6. Kevlar Edge

    don't mock me

    Dang first thought I had was naval architecture by Hotrod
  7. Kevlar Edge

    quench that thirst

    Yeah I Agree Varan
  8. Kevlar Edge

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    Found this in a box in my dads garage a few months ago. It’s terrible and useless, maybe as a hand held compass its ok but the wind speed doesn’t work at all, I guess that’s why my dad it boxed many years ago.
  9. Kevlar Edge

    8 Bells for Tony Esposito.

    Yeah sure whatever, blowhard. I guess that’s why John asked me to post this. Putting false words in Tony’s mouth right now is rude and disrespectful. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. Kevlar Edge

    8 Bells for Tony Esposito.

    I heard that Tony Esposito sailed on yesterday. I had the pleasure of racing with Tony over the years, enjoying his jokes and especially his famous lunches. Tony was quite a character and not unlike John you really had to know him to really love him. He will be missed by many. Tony and his son John racked up quite record with their J29 Hustler. 5 time NA champion 6 time KWRW winner 12 time BIRW plus Storm Trysail race week most winningest boat winning 76% of its races Multiple NOOD reagtta winner Won every regatta entered at least once over 24 years 15 time YRALIS PHRF Champion a record that will never been seen again. my prayers and condolences to the Esposito family.
  11. Kevlar Edge

    Seeking Surveyor, Western Long Island, NY

    +1 one of the best I have worked with!
  12. Kevlar Edge

    Hey, don't step on the sails!

    The proper phrase is; “if you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot.” Got the little rhyme to make it fun.
  13. Kevlar Edge

    Precision Sails

    God the spinnakers and mains they make suck, that Genoa is garbage. It’s amazing that in this day and age with the current technology that a company can make such poor examples of sails. The art form formally known as sailmaking has been lost by some companies.
  14. Kevlar Edge

    Nasty Bird Shit Stains

    Had a similar problem and the fsr did nothing. We used on and off which is acid based. It’s great to get the eastchester bay tan off the waterline too
  15. Kevlar Edge

    Precision Sails

    Nope, 1 gallon of gas and a match will do the trick!