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  1. Kevlar Edge

    CG ends search, 29' sailboat missing, east coast

    sail off and die at that age, what a way to go. Fuck the other options.
  2. Kevlar Edge

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    Well said.
  3. Kevlar Edge

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    Great designs require great material to prevent distortion and the loss of the design shape. Stabilizing the material will keep the the foil efficient. If you create a great design and the material is not capable of holding the shape then the design is lost.
  4. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Yeah yeah you’re the man you’re the king. I guess that’s what you do when you’re old and shot and waiting to die. Enjoy stroking yourself to the grave.
  5. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Ok I get it you love to be able to say this shit and not have anyone know who you are. It’s obvious this is your playground. You can have the sandbox if you really need to have it. Have fun with your internet friends that love you so much.
  6. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Holy shit WTF. Since when do you have to be able to write to be smart and highly skilled at things you do. I am mostly Italian. I have cousins and nephews named Vito, Tony and Mario. My wonderful mother is 100% Italian. The things you are saying cal whatever sailor are complety racist and I will be contacting Pitman260 to present a lawsuit against you. You have crossed the line. there are consequences for people like you that don’t understand what you can say or not say in a forum like this. It’s obvious that you are really old and have anger issues with Italian people. You’ll be hearing from my attorney. PS. I could easily crush you in a laser with one hand, all the time looking back at you and not have to look forward. Name the place, time and how much money you want to lose. PS
  7. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Hey Great job on the PHRF board Charlie.
  8. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    I was the owners rep for the boat that Michigan Tech had two years ago. I was very impressed with thier skills and how well they worked together. Every kid was on thier game and worked really hard. I was happy to see them win this year.
  9. Kevlar Edge

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Dude don’t get so spooled up. Remember, winning an argument with someone on the internet is just like winning the special olympics, at the end of the day you’re still a retard.
  10. Kevlar Edge

    caption contest

    Screw the caption. Props to the guy who built the sail.
  11. Kevlar Edge

    Sailing one-liners

    Said by a limited experience j24 owner ”I like the left, but the right looks good.”
  12. Kevlar Edge

    GPL Lite Skin

    It’s all about eliminating the film as the final finish on the sail. Film can’t take the stress. Applying a light skin keeps the film from breaking and allowing moisture and air into the laminate.
  13. Kevlar Edge

    Sail Material for Overlaping Genoa

    The surface is not the problem. Pulling a genoa around your shrouds, mast etc. causes more wear and tear. I have applied lite skin to a sail on the areas that overlap the rig. This give you a nice buffer and helps keep the leech of the sail protected. If you want a genoa to last protect the leech.
  14. Kevlar Edge

    Sail Material for Overlaping Genoa

    It’s tough to compare shape holding and cloth wear between a jib and a genoa. Jibs being more high aspect can handle more dpi and a larger range and not struggle too bad in the light since they are small. Genoas require a little more tweaking to get the right balance.