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  1. Kevlar Edge

    Shields for sale cheap at auction

    Let’s find the hunt Lawrence 110 and 120 and race boats from that era. These are fast boats, not waterdozers.
  2. Kevlar Edge

    Shields for sale cheap at auction

    Shields haha why bother time to let them die.
  3. Kevlar Edge

    Blooper dimensions

    made quite a few bloopers in this century, mostly for ior fixer uppers that don’t want to death roll. The foot length and luff length are the keys, and of course trimming with halyard. let me know if you need some design advice
  4. Kevlar Edge


    The issue of too much tension on the intermediate reef nettles/grommets (yes I know a grommet is a little surfer down under) usually happens when they are installed above or on the same plane as the tack and clew reef points .All points should never be on the same plane. I usually place my intermediate reef points 8” below the clew and tack points. This allows the tack and clew to get tight and makes tying up the intermediates easy with no load. If your sail has all points 90 degrees to the luff, your gonna fight the intermediates every time you reef.
  5. Kevlar Edge

    Universal m3-20 parts needed

    I might have what your looking for I will check tomorrow and let you know
  6. Kevlar Edge

    PA has ruined this SAILING website...

    Not at all snaggs still smooth as ever! See you tomorrow Espo!
  7. Kevlar Edge

    Calibrating TWS

    Fly by wire sailing. If you’re not calibrated right it doesn’t work!
  8. Kevlar Edge

    PA has ruined this SAILING website...

    Yeah, Perception of this site is skewed, but traffic pays the bills and the forums drive traffic.
  9. Kevlar Edge

    how to open the mainsail leech in small winds?

    Boomkicker cheep, easy and effective. By the way I have no affiliation with the company, just love the results.
  10. Kevlar Edge

    how to open the mainsail leech in small winds?

    +1 check it out and I have a used one in great condition for sale that will fit your boat. PM me for details
  11. SORC 1985, st Pete to ft lauderdale race. Coming up the Florida coast. We hit a major squall with the big kite up. The majority of the crew ran for their foulies and harnesses. Instead of getting the kite down. The man Todd Raynor came up off watch barefoot and only wearing shorts, Grabbed the spin halyard and dropped the kite into his arms. The whole time yelling at us kids. He then hauled up the #3 from down below and he hoisted it while I fed it on bow. Easily the coolest moment I ever saw, it was blowing 40 and it was just another day for Todd. I learned a lot that night. Oh yeah this was on the Baltic 48 Diane
  12. Kevlar Edge

    Caption Contest

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape! you don’t piss into the wind! you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with big boat Jim!!
  13. Kevlar Edge

    Melges 24 and Old Guys Don't Mix

    Sail it like a 470 and you’ll be alright!
  14. Kevlar Edge

    YRALIS PHRF minutes