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  1. sledracr

    Summer reading ideas

    Good idea, recently re-read Roger Vaughn's (short) tale of that race Another good one! Recently read "Born to Win", have "Grand Gesture" on the shelf.
  2. sledracr

    Summer reading ideas

    Love these books! (and the author is a great guy)
  3. sledracr

    Summer reading ideas

    Ah, now there's a dilemma. Publication sequence, or chronological? 1950 Mr. Midshipman Hornblower 1941 "The Hand of Destiny" 1950 "Hornblower and the Widow McCool" ("Hornblower’s Temptation" ""Hornblower and the Big Decision"). 1952 Lieutenant Hornblower. 1962 Hornblower and the Hotspur. 1967 Hornblower and the Crisis, Published in the US as Hornblower During the Crisis (posthumous) 1953 Hornblower and the Atropos. . 1937 The Happy Return. Published in the US as Beat to Quarters 1938 A Ship of the Line. 1941 "Hornblower's Charitable Offering". 1938 Flying Colours. . 1941 "Hornblower and His Majesty". 1945 The Commodore. Published in the US as Commodore Hornblower 1946 Lord Hornblower. 1958 Hornblower in the West Indies. Published in the US as Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies 1967 "The Last Encounter". (posthumous)
  4. sledracr

    Summer reading ideas

    Heading up for a couple of weeks of COVID-isolation.... uh, I mean, quiet cruising in the San Juans... and thinking about what to put on the reading stack. Among the possibilities -- re-starting the Aubrey-Maturin series (I got about 10 books into it, years ago, and bogged down) -- re-reading the Alexander Kent "Bolitho" series (haven't read it in years) -- re-reading the Forester "Hornblower" series (I think I read the whole series in high school, that was a long time ago) -- starting the "Swallows and Amazons" series (have never read it, but heard good things) -- maybe some of the Cornwell novels ("Wildtrack", "Stormchild", etc) -- or, maybe just revisiting some old favorites (Chichester, Richard Henry Dana, maybe Rob Mundle's Cook biography, maybe ... dunno). Not looking for anything super deep that requires a lot of concentration. Mostly looking for well-written maritime-ish story-telling to enjoy while supervising a sunset. Any suggestions?
  5. sledracr

    Looking for a new watch...

    Might be more than you want to spend (although, if you're looking at a $450 Casio, maybe not much), but I bought a Garmin Fenix several years back and love it. Can configure the screen to look like any of a zillion watch-faces (the one I use most commonly is both analog and digital). Built in GPS, all sorts of fitness apps, all the timer/stopwatch/alarm gadgets you'd want, configurable start timer plus some interesting sailing features (eg., can mark the ends of the line and it will constantly tell you time and distance to the line) I wore Citizen "eco-drive" radio-synced watches for years. Between the utter reliability, the dual-time-zone displays, etc... thought they were pretty much the best combination of an every-day watch and a sailing watch. I like the Fenix better. The only thing I miss about the Citizens is that they automagically recharged from being exposed to light, the Fenix needs to be plugged into USB every couple of weeks to recharge it, but... it's worth it. $.02
  6. sledracr

    Marina Karen

    Looks like it could be Seattle. Which makes perfect sense, given the (sub-zero) level of sanity in that city these days....
  7. sledracr


    Almost a year since last popped up. I think we should all be ashamed of ourselves.
  8. It's something like 1000 pounds (30%?) heavier, IIRC, which significantly affects the SA/D number.
  9. sledracr

    not fun

    Any updates? Did it get rebuilt?
  10. sledracr

    not fun

    <lol> ummm..... sails? a mast? floats on water? heavier than a duck?
  11. sledracr

    Canvas Cover Questions

    I had my covers replaced a couple of years ago (Binnacle, companionway, brightwork/handrails, companionway) and my priorities were toward fabric that was as waterproof and UV-resistant as I could get - because this stuff is exposed 24x7, and the Great North Wet can be soggy. Stain resistance can be good too, but it was sort of second-tier in my thinking - mostly based on the premise that if the cloth was truly waterproof, stains would have a hard time soaking in. Note that even with Sunbrella, the waterproofness doesn't last forever - there's some stuff (called 303, IIRC) you can spray on - when the covers are completely dry - to restore the waterproofness. Also note, the question for interior upholstery is an interesting one, too. As I worked through the choices for interior cushions, stain resistance is more worth paying attention to, water-resistance less so, but UV-resistance may matter just as much (my old upholstery split along lines that EXACTLY corresponded to where the afternoon sun came through the cabintop ports) .... and there's a new thing to pay attention to for cushion fabrics: the wear-resistance. Most samples will have a "DR" number - that's for "double-rub" - they effectively put a piece of the cloth on a machine that rubs back and forth on it, and keeps track of how many "rubs" before they can detect wear. The bigger the number the better. That might apply to fabrics for exterior cushions, too.
  12. sledracr

    Great 35-footers

    Yeah, but still isn't deeper than the keel. Having said that, after saying "PHRF generally ignores it", checked.... and I was wrong. PHRF-NW will ignore a rudder mod if "identical in construction, area, profile, balance and weight, including the rudder post If the rudder differs in any way from this defiition a rating adjustment will be applied until such time as the observed performance shows that the change does not affect the speed potential" I don't know if the Foss/Schumacher E35 rudder has the same "area, profile, balance and weight".... if nothing else, it's obvious the profile is different, so it'd probably have to be declared to PHRF
  13. sledracr

    Great 35-footers

    My understanding is PHRF doesn't care as long as the rudder mod doesn't increase total draft.
  14. sledracr

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    Cool! Any hints on amounts? Otherwise... let's see, 8 ingredients, maybe try 5 different quantities of each... that's maybe eleventy-brazillian combinations I gotta test <lol>
  15. sledracr

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    I suck as a cook. decent with a grill and a slab of beef, but anything that has three or more ingredients, it's a crap shoot. Having said that, my magic add-ons are -- Johnny's seasoning salt (find it at the grocery store, similar to Lawry's, but really good addition to give some "pop" to things like guacamole) -- Cajun's Choice blackened seasoning. Good on fish or pork, I like my steak to taste like steak (BTW, used to use Chef Paul Prudhomme's, I like this stuff better) -- good Thai sweet-chili sauce. Current favorite is "Maggi" brand, but there are a bunch to choose from -- real South African "peri-peri" sauce. Current favorite is "Nando's". What I'd love to find is something that I can stir into a sautee-pan full of chunks of chicken, and end up with something that tastes like a credible cut at Jamaican jerk-chicken. Bonus points if it makes me cry a little. I've tried some things that claimed to be "jerk sauce" (add your own punchline if you need to), but none of them grabbed my attention. I'd also love to find a marinade (or something) that would allow me to convert some cubed Ahi to a credible poke. I've tried a few, none grabbed me. The thing I currently like the most is "poke sauce" from the sushi counter at the local "central market" (international grocery store), they make it up in-house and it is yummy but I'm not sure how well it travels. Oh, and a big +1 for Kerry Gold butter. good stuff!