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  1. sledracr

    What's in your arsenal??

    wow. forget "Garand thumb".... that thing would swallow your whole hand!
  2. sledracr

    Friday Tension Gauges

    OK, for bonus points... who's got a copy of the ad that used to run in Latitude-38 (KKMI?) Blonde with reallllly long legs standing at a rail overlooking the marina, wearing a thong-ish 1-piece Only marginally sailing-related, but totally qualifies as a tension-guage.
  3. sledracr

    Fattest boats

    Just wrong (lol). The 1988 Cup was sailed under the Deed of Gift, which - if the contestants can't agree on another format - is a best-two-of-three series. Only two races were needed.
  4. sledracr

    Fattest boats

  5. sledracr

    Friday Tension Gauges

    Vang checker Sunset checker Puff checker Rigging checker
  6. sledracr

    Fattest boats

  7. sledracr

    A big project!

    Two random observations, after a lazy day catching up on the Tally Ho progress While it's amazing to think of the costs going into the project ($11k just for the raw material that went into floors and knees, etc)... It's kinda mind-numbing to think of all the costs that don't actually go into the boat. Like all that dimensional lumber used for bracing, stairs, work-surfaces, etc). It occurred to me today that just the collection of clamps he has available probably represents more $$$ than what I paid for my boat. <O_O> And... jeez, Leo is not just an artist and craftsman, he's really a perfectionist in all the other aspects of the things he does. I mean, even in the middle of a work-day with volunteers the work area is neat and clean. You never see piles of sawdust and shavings, it's all... tidy. Crap, within 10 minutes in my workshop I'm ankle deep in scraps and off-cuts, with tools laying every which way on the bench. I don't know where he finds the time to not only do the work, but keep up the work area the way he does. That's really impressive.... it's a lot of discipline, and I wish I had it.
  8. sledracr

    I need a new iPad. Which one has real gps?

    Yes, the one with the cell chipset has GPS functionality. The WiFi only versions do not. On the cell versions, the GPS works whether you have cell signal (or cell-service activated) or not. It simply requires the chipset.
  9. sledracr

    Missing Sailor Presumed Dead of Eastern Victoria

    Yeah. Very sad for all. But truth be told, that's how I want to go out. Just not for a few more years....
  10. sledracr

    Moore sailboats Liquidating?

    Yeah, not random boats. I guess I meant "random photos", like, anyone could find in a random search for "moore sailboats" Both of those photos pop up really quickly moore sailboats - Google Search
  11. sledracr

    Moore sailboats Liquidating?

    Smells like BS. If it were legit, I'd expect photos of the production floor, tooling, etc. Not a couple of rando Moore 24s Plus, as said above, Ron knows how to spell. and is a get-the-details-right kinda guy.
  12. sledracr

    Stargazing app?

    Stellarium is pretty cool, too.
  13. sledracr

    A big project!

    I'm just catching up. I wonder if that beam "just happened" to be one of the beams replaced in episode 72 .... I bet it was No way he could have missed that gap when he edited the video, and I bet it would have bugged him forever.
  14. sledracr

    Ignore please

    They're rebuilding it. Should've been open this year but they've had a butt-load of construction delays... In the meantime, they have another location up in Tustin.