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  1. CHS charts available in PDF?

    Mostly because I don't want to spend money if I don't have to. And I'm a belt-and-suspenders kinda guy I have the Canada mapset on my chartplotter. And I have a few paper charts on board as backups (and as required by Canadian law). But I like having PDFs on the ipad not only because it is another layer of backup - if all the boat systems go down, I still have *some* form of info - and because it allows me to browse a whole selection of charts before deciding which (if any) to buy. At ~$25 each for CHS charts, that's... a good thing. So if I could find "free" PDFs, that works. If not, I may buy the PAC01 set of raster (BSB) files, which gets me pretty much everything I'd want (50+ charts) for about CDN$175. That's a whole lot less than 50 x $25, and works *if* I can find a way to convert them to PDFs and/or read them on my iPad.
  2. CHS charts available in PDF?

    OK, that's sort of what I figured. Thanks. The other thought I had was to get their raster versions and see if there is some way to convert the BSB format and save them as PDFs or maybe GIFs.
  3. I've quite enjoyed the fact that NOAA makes all the US charts available for download in hi-res PDF format. Is there any place where the Canadian (CHS) charts can be downloaded as PDFs? Asking for a friend ;-)
  4. caption contest

    "low freeboard is good, but... maybe there's such a thing as too much"
  5. College Football 2017

    Me too.
  6. what is it?

    2 *meter* throw? So, roughly an 8-foot-long cylinder, with a 6-foot-long ram sticking out of it when fully eased?
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Yes. They're part of the cover-up. shhhhhh!
  8. PSC Dana 24

    "Normally", yes, it will be embossed/molded/permanently engraved, usually on the transom, usually upper-starboard. Boats with no real transom, it is often just under the hull-deck joint all the way aft on the starboard side. But WA isn't "normal". A year or so back the department of licensing decided that the HINs molded into many hulls were not compliant with their view of the USCG format. So they have required "non-compliant" boats to get a new, WA-issued HIN and permanently affix it to two places on the boat. The new HIN indicates that the boat was home-built in the state of Washington, regardless of who actually built it or where. Feh. If your boat falls into that "non-compliant" state, be sure you get some paperwork that documents the *real* HIN, not just the one Washington State decided to fabricate out of thin air. $.02
  9. Anybody Know The History Of This Farr 39ML?

    Depends on routing and timing. When I had my boat (32', 9k lbs) trucked from SoCal to PNW, I got a wide range of estimates, from >$10k to <4k. A lot of the variation boiled down to whether or not they'd have a truck in the area on the dates I wanted, and/or whether or not my dates were flexible. It had very little to do with the length of the trip. But the price will go up if the boat blows height restrictions, because that affects the routes they can take (and may require additional permits)
  10. Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    Resto-mod cars are cool first and foremost because they /A/ have historic or aesthetic value and /B/ are rare. Usually both. Nobody pumps out buttloads of money to restore a Ford Escort. But when someone goes to the trouble to restore a Porsche 356A, or whatever, it already has collector value, and pumping a ton of money into it to (re)create a numbers-matching, showroom-condition, one-of-an-already-rare-kind vehicle makes sense. (Sort of.) Not so true with production sailboats, even ones with great designs and short production runs. Yes, there are people out there looking *specifically* for a C&C-43, and will likely pay a premium for one that has been thoughtfully upgraded and maintained. But that premium isn't worth an extra "zero". Case in point, when looking for my boat I was looking *specifically* for an Ericson 32-III. Mid 80s, solid-layup hull, cored deck, good manners. There were a variety on the market, in different parts of the country, in varying levels of condition. The one I bought had been thoroughly upgraded and improved, and I paid a bit of a premium for it - actually, two premiums, because it had to be transported up the length of the west coast on a truck, too. But the up-ticked asking price put it at the top end of the range for Ericson 32-IIIs... it didn't put it into a whole separate category of cost, as if it was a rare and wondrous collectible, just because it had been very well maintained. $.02
  11. Santana 20/tuna 20

    Is it a UK sailbag? UK's brand-name for a general-purpose ("cruising") asso is "Flasher" http://www.uksailmakers.com/encyclopedia/4-4-asymetrical-spinnaker/
  12. Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    "worth" is defined by what someone is willing to pay. And most buyers aren't looking to spend 200k for someone else's upgrades to a 46 year old production boat that - without the upgrades - is probably "worth" about 50k
  13. Older well known IOR Boats

    Man, I wish Geri Conser would post her archive somewhere. what a treasure-trove that would be....
  14. Cruising a two tonner

    I can't even imagine doing that trip on a windsurfer. I once sailed my Laser from Newport Beach to Catalina in a Santa Ana on a whim. Felt like it only took a half hour to get there, "pretty exciting". It wasn't until years later that it started to amaze me, all the things I did as a kid that probably should have killed me. Like, at the time, it never occurred to me to wonder what would happen if I hadn't been able to lay the island....
  15. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    Get off my lawn! <lol>