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  1. sledracr

    Delivery vs Shipping between UK and East Coast US

    If shipping it, also need to consider -- yard and labor to pull the rig, haul the boat, prep the boat and contents for loading (+ cradle?) -- yard and labor to put it all back together at the other end. for a 60-footer, I'm guessing those won't be trivial - it was a week of (my) labor, plus several $k of yard costs just to get my 32-footer on/off a truck.
  2. sledracr

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    <laughing> For mine, it was "so basically the goal of your sport is to spend less time doing it than the other guy..."
  3. sledracr

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    Me: I race sailboats offshore Her: where do you, like, pull over to park at night so you can sleep?
  4. sledracr

    Dick Carter 35

    Just got ANOTHER message from amazon that the book's release is delayed. Now saying October 15th.
  5. sledracr

    The Zombie Fleet

    never mind. found the photo and (apparently) this boat was "Momentum"
  6. sledracr

    The Zombie Fleet

    Ranger 28 / half-tonner. Worked bow on one of those bubble-top decks back in the day. My ankles still hurt.
  7. sledracr

    The Zombie Fleet

    Is that the one that someone tried to disappear somewhere out past the reef a few years back, got it stuck in front of the waikiki hotels and then had to uh... "call for help"?
  8. sledracr

    Show your boat not sailing

    Interesting. Looks like they've largely removed the center dock and replaced with a new configuration. When I was there a couple of months ago it looked like this: ...and all the decking, shorepower posts, etc looked brand new. I was favorably impressed. Plus, cute dock girls in short-shorts to take my lines on arrival.
  9. sledracr

    Show your boat not sailing

    Huh. I was there in July on the way back from the Gulf islands, and thought the docks were very nice. I was inside the breakwater, maybe that's where they're spending the money...?
  10. sledracr

    Show your boat not sailing

    Chillin' on the Maestro's mooring...
  11. sledracr

    RIB - adding bilge pump between hull layers

    ^^this is probably going to be the most effective place to spend your time... it solves the problem without creating new ones.
  12. I used Jim Wallace in my purchase. I don't know if he's an expert in the Bene, but... very thorough. (310) 617-9385
  13. Back In The Day (tm), some folks liked to do pranks in the Ensenada race. After all, it was a target-rich environment - 500+ boats, and for many of them it was their first time "offshore", let alone out of sight of land at night, so kinda fun to mess with them. One of the legends was that one year someone brought a generator and two projectors.... showed a port film on the back of the main, and a Disney film on the front, in the belief that nobody in their right mind would want to pass him. My favorite prank from that era was someone who brought loudspeakers and a really good, high-fidelity recording of a train going by.... and played it about 0300 while about 10 miles outside the Coronados. Hilarious to hear the stories from all the newbies who panicked, thinking they were on the beach.
  14. sledracr

    Mo Bettah Too

  15. wasn't there a SF boat that had a graphic showing their support of single moms?