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  1. Sailing art

    ^^^ a picture of "home"...
  2. Mail Heist

    Call the postmaster at the local hub. He/she will be very interested.
  3. Mail Heist

    ...and credit-card offers.
  4. blooper time!

    Saw the "back in black" photo. Your sail number is 7096? Is that a "vanity" number, or just the next one up for recylcing in SoCal? Windward Passage (1968) is 7099. My little Ericson (1985) is 7093...
  5. Sailing art

    Pretty much anything by Jim DeWitt.... Years ago (90s) I ran across an artist named Siokos in a small gallery in Irvine, CA. Really did a *great* job of capturing (in this case, IOR boats) interaction with wind and wave. Most artists screw up, having the sails go the wrong direction or the whitecaps pointing upwind or something. This Siokos nailed it. Didn't buy anything, wish I had, and have never been able to find him/her. Anyone with a lead?
  6. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    First "big boat" I ever raced on was a C&C half-tonner called "Rivit" in Newport Beach. Fond memories....
  7. Thag and the Forgotten Outhaul

    Had a similar moment on a trip across the Sound earlier this year. Could *not* get the main shaped the way I wanted. Mainsheet, vang, no joy, leech was still soft. Then noticed I hadn't slacked the boom-lift after raising the main, hours earlier. Maybe my caveman name should be Derp.
  8. My newest project

    I had a -35, and then bought a 41CV when they came out (1979?) I remember thinking "this thing changed my life"..... not only because it was programmable for work (I was doing structural stuff at an engineering company at the time) but... because when the "nav pack" came out, it reduced the workload of celestial nav by... a huge amount. No need to carry around volumes of sight-reduction tables (HO-229) and almanacs, just punch in the numbers and get the LOPs. Magic.
  9. Longshot? Sailomat 3040 Docs / Advice

    There's an email address on the sailomat webpage: http://www.sailomat.com/ This thread on CF also has a number of people who seem willing to email a copy of the PDF documentation http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f116/sailomat-3040-self-steering-51698.html Plus, the owner of Thelonious-II probably knows how to get a hold of the guy. IIRC he bought his Sailomat directly from Dr. Knoos.
  10. My newest project

    Peterson and Getz for me....
  11. Older well known IOR Boats

    May not be the original laminate. Some veneers may have been replaced as part of the re-fit, or....earlier. IIRC, a good part of LL's topsides were damaged Way Back When at an IOR mid winters in LA. Apparently tying up a 12m outboard of her, and then having a storm create surge overnight, was not a good combination.
  12. My newest project

    I believe "Somebody Else" and I reduced Francis' displacement by the equivalent of 2 inches of Bruichladdich last month in Ludlow. Happy to help in this way again, if needed ;-)
  13. Schock 35 with lifting keel

    I was somewhere on the edges of the conversation (I was one of the few "big boat" sailors on the team at the time). The varsity dinghy studs (Kern, Kornbluth, Washburn ("chirp"), Wilson... ) threw plenty of perspective into the mix. Great fun when Steve brought "Odysseus" (Tuna-35 #1, IIRC) for us to play with at an intercollegiate regatta in Long Beach.
  14. Schock 35 with lifting keel

    What a clever solution!