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  1. sledracr

    the greatest

    SC-27, by a bunch. At a time (1974) when the "conventional wisdom" was busy digging big holes in the water, trying to get an imaginary "rating advantage" by torturing underwater shapes, this pocket-rocket changed the game forever. Fuck ratings, fast is fun.
  2. Ugh.
  3. sledracr

    Unbending a bent bale

    My guess is they did that because they believed that there was enough force to damage the whole structure. If it were me, I'd probably pull the whole pulpit anyway, just to make sure that the fasteners through the deck and the structure they go through weren't damaged. Or new leak-sources. ...and then it would be an easy decision to send it off to be fixed right, on the insurance-company's dime. I mean, as long as it's off...
  4. sledracr

    Pole control

    +1 on the lashing. Do not drill the holes.
  5. sledracr

    Mo Bettah Too

  6. sledracr

    Gary W Mull

    Yup. IIRC (never a sure thing... hey, it was the 70s) there was a factor called ECG which was the distance from the engine to the boat's center of gravity. more ECG (until it got to some upper limit) meant lower rating. Of course, some custom boats went the other direction - put the engine right over the keel, figuring that better sailing performance outweighed a relatively minor rating benefit.
  7. sledracr

    which one?

    Yeah, not just that one race, and not necessarily a big accomplishment for the Adhara. That particular Pendragon was ridiculously sticky off the wind. The shape said it should have boogied, but it was just too much ass to drag around and it never seemed able to get going. I did a Cabo race on the boat, years ago, when the owner was thinking about doing a Transpac. In the middle section we had about 36 hours of pertty much *perfect* conditions - 20+ knots at 150 apparent with a 6-foot (surfable) swell...and no matter what we tried we couldn't get the boat to break loose from her own wave-train. Super frustrating. I decided to do something else for Transpac (and, as it turns out, the owner did too.) $.02
  8. sledracr

    making a bigger hole

    Thanks, all I'm not the least bit worried about enlarging the hole in this grid. It's a mid-80s Ericson with the fabulously over-engineered "tri-axial force grid", which is essentially a monocoque hull liner with laminated girder system that carries all the loads of rig and keel, plus providing foundation for all the furniture and tanks and engine and such. It already has holes through it for routing hoses, wire-runs, etc. I'm not contemplating making any new holes, just opening one up about 1/4". The companion hole (for the 1-1/2" manual-pump hose) on the other side of the same structure is already much bigger than I plan to go. (see the holes on the left side of the bilge structure in the photo below...)
  9. sledracr

    WD Schock out of business?

    the website for Schock Boats (the brokerage on Lafayette in Newport Beach) is still alive. (and, yes, I know that's a different entity than W D Schock, the boatbuilder...)
  10. sledracr

    making a bigger hole

    I'm fussing with the bilge-pumps in my boat, and as long as I'm doing it I figure I might as well fuss with the hoses, too. Current setup is a centrifugal pump in the bilge, hose led through the structural grid to a thru-hull under the counter. Pump outlet is 3/4", thru-hull is 3/4", but hose in between is reduced down to fit thru the holes in the grid. Been that way for 30+ years. I'd like to run real 3/4-ID" hose for this... which would mean opening up the ~3/4" holes in the structure to about 1-1/8" Maybe 1-1/4" to be less headache to pull through. Whats a good way to make those holes bigger? if I had access to the back of the panel I could clamp/glue/screw a piece of wood to the back and use it to center a hole-saw. But, no access. Somewhere low on my list of options is to use a Dremel tool to hog out the existing holes. But that seems like a really crude way to do it (not to mention messy) Any good ways to open up a hole, ideally in a way that ends up, you know, round and clean? Thx _/)_
  11. sledracr

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    Random aside, but... a member of the Ericson forums did the trip twice - a couple of years ago in his Ericson 32 (at, I think 70), and then last year in his Ericson 38. He's written a book after each trip, and they're interesting reads. Mixing together boat prep, personal prep, the joys and challenges of the trips, and a measure of introspection about what it means to be alone, farther away from land than you can be anywhere else on early. Good reads, and might be especially interesting as you sort out your plans. _/)_
  12. sledracr

    West Coast Sleds?

  13. sledracr

    West Coast Sleds?

    ^^^ plus, Blue Ruby is a Nelson-Marek, not a SC-70.
  14. sledracr

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    There's one on the hard, for sale, in Port Townsend WA