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  1. sledracr

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    That's how I'm doing mine.
  2. sledracr

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    I'm in the middle of doing this. Lewmar 30STs, a little smaller than the 40s. I got lucky (?) and found that the bottom of a West Marine 2-1/2 quart mixing bucket was just about the perfect diameter for the top of a pad, and had a nice taper. I taped buckets to the deck where I wanted the pads to go (so that they adopted the slope of the deck at that point), and filled to the level I needed with a succession of partial pours. WEST 105 thickened with 404 to about a "ketchup" consistency, so that the top ended up level. When set, they popped out of the buckets easily, and when flipped over I have pads that are level on top, and match the contour of the deck on the bottom. Prepping them for paint now, will post photos when done if there is interest.
  3. sledracr

    Haro Strait - current tips?

    That's an interesting idea. It adds a few miles over the straight-shot route, but could easily be faster with a push toward Sidney across the top of San Juan and Sidney Island Thanks!
  4. sledracr

    Haro Strait - current tips?

    Huh. Here's what I'm seeing for mid-day on the 5th (from the current atlas) I usually plan to average ~5k, and PT to Sidney is at 42 if I go in straight lines, so... a couple knots of adverse current could easily make it a >12-hour day. Which is not a problem (hey, I'm on vacation), but... would rather get there, get thru customs and enjoy a beverage.
  5. sledracr

    Haro Strait - current tips?

    July 5th, time is flexible but want to get to Sidney in time to clear CBSA.
  6. sledracr

    Aluminum "zincs"?

    Just picked up a new set (shaft and strut) anodes from West Marine, and they felt "light", Turns out they're aluminum, not zinc, and claim to be good for "brackish water". Feh. My boat "lives" in a brackish marina, but sails in saltwater. Not sure if I should stick these on, or stock up on "real" zincs. Thoughts?
  7. Headed north for a bit, and looking at the current-atlas, the currents are UGLY for me on the day I'm going from PT to Sidney. Like, 3k on the nose going up Haro strait. It looks like - at least on paper - that there is a nice little counter-flow along the west side of San Juan Island at the same time. Anyone found this to be true? If so, how close to the dirt do I need to be to take advantage of it? And, yeah, I'm aware of the new voluntary no-go zone along that side of the island. Happy to get any other tips for routing around adverse currents in a 6k (but beloved) shitbox.
  8. sledracr

    Favorite Dilbert

    I use this principle at work. Every Single Day.
  9. sledracr

    Plane Missing

    So... the SIXTH part is being labelled "part FIVE" by the government agency. Clearly they're trying to hide something from us.
  10. sledracr

    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

    Yeah, I thought this thread was going to be about something very different. #disappointed.
  11. sledracr

    What was it?

    Oh, come on. It *does* look a little like a Pyramid 45. Both have just one hull. Both have a angle-y part up front at the pointy end. Both have a slope-y flat part in the back. Both have places on the roof where some of those spin-around-y things go for pulling ropes. Practically impossible to tell them apart.
  12. sledracr

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    Doesn't need to be THE MOST EXPERIENCED. Does need to be someone who knows their shit. Not a newbie.
  13. sledracr

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    ...because doing it wrong, or not doing it at the right time, puts the rig in the water....?
  14. sledracr

    Boat Purchase Contract

    Good. For a lot of reasons. Not least of which, it wouldn't be hard for the seller/broker to find some skeezeball low-quality contractor to give a bid on repairs that just happens to be below 10% of the purchase price. That's a clause that can totally be gamed *against* a buyer. JMHO
  15. sledracr

    Boat Purchase Contract

    Here's the relevant language that was in the contract for my boat: 5. Vessel shall undergo a Marine Inspection (survey). The surveyor is of the Buyer’s choice. The costs of haul-out and survey shall be paid directly by Buyer to the haul-out yard and the surveyor at the time of survey. Upon satisfaction with survey (and any findings), Buyer shall date and initial here __________________. ...and... 12. Should this Agreement not be completed as herein stated, Buyer’s deposit shall be returned less any costs (including survey and haul-out) incurred by Broker or others on behalf of Buyer or at direction of Buyer. ...happy to email you a copy of the form used if you want to PM me your email address...