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  1. Fast "safe" boat....

    ^^^ Too big. Maybe a 1D48.... perfect for short-handed transiting!
  2. The Refit - Andrews 43

    Great boat - congratulations!
  3. Fast "safe" boat....

    So, let's see... -- you come into our "hive", which has a well-established culture -- rather than learning that culture and assimilating into the community, you start insulting people and throwing around racial epithets -- and yet you want us to help you. I think I can see why you'll be sailing by yourself.
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    want to get there fast? buy a powerboat.
  5. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Two things jump out at me. -- you "sold everything", and the best you could do is a $5000 boat? and -- the go-fund-me plea generated more than you got when you "sold everything"? Feh.
  6. No idea on the original maker, but Hayn makes swage fittings http://hayn.com/marine/rigging/eye.html
  7. PV Race

    Plus, in some instances, it's the law. Planning a trip to the Gulf Islands this summer, and found that Canadian law requires paper charts on board. Which is fine, I carry paper charts anyway (as backup for iSailor on my iPad, which is backup for the chartplotter...) Plus... I have to say, there's still something that feels good about taking a bearing and drawing a LOP on a chart. </drift>
  8. My newest project

    I'm no artist (as will be readily apparent).... but it might be worth seeing what the logo looks like with the BP moved up and into the circle....
  9. Depends. The 1970s Ericson-32s ("32-2") were encapsulated, same as the 1970s Ericson 35s ("35-2") Starting in the 80s, the boats (32-III, 35-III, 38) had bolt-on external lead keels, but bolted to a very robust internal "grid" system.
  10. Yup. Previous owner of my Ericson-32 did Kauai-return a couple of years back. He sold the 32, bought an Ericson 38 and did Oahu-return last summer. Good solid boats, no bad habits, easy to set up for single-handing. No, they won't plane for days on end, and it's not going to be the fastest ride possible, but that size-range is pretty much a sweet-spot IMO - enough room for all the stuff you need, but the loads aren't huge and nothing on the boat is so big that you can't move it by yourself. Heh. I downloaded his boat. I win <big grin>
  11. Tracking device or software

    The more I think about this, the more I think PLB + satellite-tracker is the way to go. AIS seems like a distant third, given that it is line-of-sight, low-powered, and only likely to be picked up by boats in the area. PLB sends a "find me" signal through satellites monitored by USCG, and broadcasts a radio beacon to help in finding me. Satellite tracker sends a "find me" signal, along with GPS coordinates, through satellites monitored by GEOS and (presumably) forwarded to SAR resources. That seems like a good combination.
  12. Tracking device or software

    Good point. So... what are the downsides to the satellite (InReach, Spot, etc) choices? I get that they require a subscription, but operationally are they better or worse in a "come find me" scenario?
  13. Sailing World mag

    Before I moved North I had every issue of "Yacht Racing" / One Design Racing / whatever it was called, from the 70s through early 90s. It used to be a great magazine. (I donated the whole set to Balboa Yacht Club's upstairs library.... kinda wish I'd kept them) I'm not sure what Sailing World is now. I get the issues when they come, but.. very rarely see an article that "grabs" me. Not sure I'll be sad if it goes under. Maybe that's just me.
  14. Tracking device or software

    Sorry for the thread resurrection, but I'm trying to sort through this. Have an AIS on the boat. What I want is something I can put on the harness for getting attention if I'm in the water (I generally sail solo) PLB is basically EPIRB/radio-beacon technology, one direction, not great accuracy in SAR scenarios, but time-tested The new AIS-enabled PLBs seem cool but my understanding is that in the US they are slaved to the parent vessel's MMSI, not sure how that would work in a SAR scenario. I'm leaning toward something like an InReach; two-way comms, real-time tracking for loved-ones at home and a satellite-carried help-me signal. I'm just not sure who would be responding to that signal in a SAR scenario. Any helpful guidance about how to think through this?
  15. Missing Title

    I'm no lawyer, but if the boat was included in the trust of the former owner, that should be a publicly-available doc and should provide enough evidence of past title to satisfy the state. What I don't know is the mechanics of how a trust "signs over" title in a scenario like that.