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  1. The plastic ones don't shrink in the cold . . . . . . . . . or so I've heard.
  2. Back when dwarf throwing was banned the first people to complain were the dwarfs who were forced into a huge pay cut. Apparently it was all tax free cash into the back pocket plus a pile of free beer. After all, who wants to declare their occupation as " dwarf wrangler " ?
  3. Well Dylan, next time you have to head up to the mast to tuck in a reef while doing 20 knots, please leave the camera running. It should pick up either a thud or a splash. It was your British navy that invented the phrase " ship shape ". Then again I think one of them also said " kiss me Hardy ". Must have been a long voyage.
  4. Then there's the pile of spaghetti they leave on deck. Tread on that at 20 knots and its hello boys with pike and a flatbag dismount.
  5. They would not have understood what it means to leave a boat at anchor in bad weather. Similarly, they did not understand that a roll up inflatable can't handle towing something that big. No wonder it fell apart. The solution would have been to buy an outboard mount and bolt it to the transom. A 5hp could push that thing along at 4 knots. That's impressive for a 3ksb.
  6. These people are proof of that old cliche - " If it looks too good to be true then it probably is " All that boat of theirs is good for is being a cheap dock queen. They are at the start of several heartbreaking and expensive years of boat rebuilding.
  7. Yeah, but what a great conversation starter.
  8. Moe Larry Curly and Shemp Resistance is futile
  9. That would have to be the stupidest boat video I have ever seen.
  10. It looks like the cameraman has taken a fancy to that pert little derriere. You can see it featured now in all the dive shots while the titties, real or otherwise, are barely seen.
  11. Interesting stool. I made one just like it in high school in 1973 or somewhere there. Still got mine.
  12. That kid would have had a double serve before starting work. It shows.
  13. Vegemite = brain food
  14. This change of plan means they will be sailing around 12,000 miles next year. Chances are they don't realize how much that long a voyage can wear down any boat.
  15. Didn't Big Julie say that to Cassius ?