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  1. savoir

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    Philippe Kahn kept two fully rigged Farr 40s in different countries. So did Marcus Blackmore.
  2. Cal 40, winning for 50 years
  3. savoir

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Try soaking polyester shirts in a bucket of water with a diaper cleaner. It really works.
  4. savoir

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Polyester shirts only make you sweat and don't do any wicking. The stuff to get is polypropylene. Merino works even better but you will pay accordingly. Helly Hansen sells a pretty decent range of polypropylene stuff.
  5. savoir

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    Typical Nebraska cruising couple ?
  6. savoir

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    No problem. Truk lagoon is open all year.
  7. savoir

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    Then you are missing out. The guy I saw was headed for Truk to do some diving. The lagoon at Truk is said to be the world's best dive spot and you get a plush floating hotel while doing it.
  8. savoir

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    If you don't travel at sailboat speeds the fuel consumption goes krayzeee. A Nordhavn crossing oceans will probably be doing 8 knots. Open the throttle and your fuel consumption might go up by 20 gph. Then you get range problems. I sailed from Honolulu to Majuro with a Nordhavn once and it beat me in by 3 days.
  9. savoir


    The best trade off between quality and simplicity is one of these. I have been using one on the boat since 2006. They can handle any strength or grind of coffee, keep the coffee hot for about 30 minutes, are unbreakable and come in 3 sizes. What's not to like ?
  10. savoir

    Comanche sold again?

    Registration in Monaco has nothing to do with VAT being paid, or not paid. BJ gets 18 months tax free in EU and must then pay up or leave but leaving isn't so bad. They only have to go to Turkey or Morocco and they can restart the 18 month period.
  11. savoir

    Ask Bruce anything.

    The Pythons got that one wrong. Bruce is a kiwi name. Every white male in NZ is named Bruce, Lance or Murray. Every maori male is named Cuz.
  12. savoir

    J.M.W. Turner Exhibit Mystic Seaport Museum

    No shower, but here's one of his better nautical efforts.
  13. savoir

    Comanche sold again?

    Odd choice. Booth has been a cat guy absolutely forever.