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  1. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    It's hard to tell how many boats are out on Boxing Day - Maybe 2000 ? Maybe 3000 ? Dunno Either way it's pretty darned huge.
  2. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    Dang. That means you will miss the world's biggest and best free fireworks show.
  3. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    Well you got that one right BJ. There are only two places in Sydney to be on Boxing Day. 1. On one of the ferries. I have done it and it's a real hoot. 2. In the bar of some pub with a big screen and plenty of cold beer. Being out there on your own boat is a total shitfight.
  4. Cruising a two tonner

    Now you know why plastic cups were invented.
  5. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    Be careful at CYC. They have pretty strict dress regulations. Nautical themed outfits are preferred.
  6. Is this Nantucket harbor?

    Looks like cat boats were all the go in 1933.
  7. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    The MHYC race is on Thursday nights. Get there before 5 pm. You can take any bus starting with a 1 that leaves from Carrington Street at Wynyard - 169 171 179 etc Buses starting with L are no good.
  8. Is this Nantucket harbor?

    Maybe Edgartown ?
  9. Sailing La Vagabonde

    You can always go back to the early vids by the new guy cameraman ( who is now the ex cameraman ) who was clearly distracted mightily by Brows' perky little derriere and lingered long and lustfully upon said derriere while Brows was diving. Maybe that's why he is now " ex ". They were in Majorca round about last June.
  10. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    50 lbs ? A 9.8 hp Tohatsu weighs 81 lbs.
  11. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Strap ons come in many sizes.
  12. If you are OK with setting up two panels and only using one at a time then that will work.
  13. Putting panels on the dodger doesn't work. You get too many shadows from the boom and a shadow anywhere takes out the whole panel.