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  1. Bull 7000 - Help

    or this http://bluebullitt.blogspot.com.au/ and this old thread http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/60850-bull-7000-and-9000/
  2. Bull 7000 - Help

    Some info here: http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=3804 Search the Greg Young website or email.
  3. Turbo Etchells

    Few more
  4. Turbo Etchells

    Or this
  5. Turbo Etchells

    Wimps, Not an etchell, but a few ideas
  6. Older C scow Rigging Help

    Never even seen a C scow but Harken have. http://www.harken.com.au/DeckLayout.aspx?id=46471
  7. Please explain...

  8. Practice videos

    ?? Looked to me like ETNZ pulled the pin twice. In the first, after they nearly lunched it at 12:20 and AR caught them. In the second when AR pulls out, looks to me like they cross ETNZ in the background already head to wind. I will have to go back and see if I can pick the mark rounding, but ETNZ may have an edge upwind and gets ground down downwind in those vids. Who knows what the real situation is. Love the wing only stuff tho. Looks like a big A.
  9. Please explain...

  10. Team NZ

    Might have to explain that to our non league playing posters.
  11. Practice videos

    AR matt black wing? Which one is it
  12. Artemis?

    If you are changing the angle of attack for lift, wouldn't the board be curved front to rear rather than helical. Helical to me implies changing lateral resistance as the board goes up and down. Guess there is no reason why it can't be both. They certainly have appeared to be well on the right side of the speed/handling line so far.
  13. Practice videos

    Few more match racing videos up from 16 May. OR quicker than SBJT twice AR quicker than GTF (best foiling tack by AR at about 5:15 I have seen any team do) ETNZ quicker than GTF
  14. Practice videos

    From the commentary, I was wondering if I was watching a different video. To me LBAR looked very competitive with ETNZ (about the same speed or slightly faster) but not as neat turning the corners. I hope ETNZ are still using old foils or this is may not be pretty.
  15. Practice videos

    Now that is what I have been waiting to see. Nice.