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  1. Dinghy Racing in Seattle?

    You can go for a ride on my FD if you are interested when you get here, drop me a PM before you do.
  2. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    PM me, and I'll send you an FD membership email... I'm the new secretary.
  3. Jersey; PM me your email, and I'll send you a membership notice for the class. (I''m the new Secretary)
  4. 1968 Flying Dutchman Help needed

    You should pin the base of the mast at the step. Bolts and nuts are fine, just have them frame the foot of the mast. As for the Highfield lever, these guys are right. It's forestay tension. Modern FD's rake ALOT, up to 2m at the top. Straighter for lest wind. PM me your email. I'm the Class Secretary, can get you a lot of info... and I can hit you up to join the Association!
  5. new old 505

    If you want a magic box or two for the ram, I have one or two from old 5-Oh's I've cut up over the years.
  6. Craigslist Finds

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/boa/6097420787.html I know, Tempest's aren't dinghies, but they are close. I think 3000 dollars is a "bit" high, like 10x too high!
  7. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Does this mean you are covering the last 1/3 of the boat? Makes good sense. It's looking good!
  8. +1 on the Northfix. I think it has a perfect diameter, want to say it was 4 or 5mm. Make sure the line you use is kinda--- bendy. Stiff rope andthat don't work so well together. The closer you put the pulley in front of it, the more line you will pull up, but the more you will also pull up on the fittings. If you can secure them, do this. It's lots of fun to use. I do it on my FD genoa
  9. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    All good things take time. noone really asks how long it took to make the pyramids, or the Acropolis, they are simply amazed at the end results. Keep at it, you two!
  10. Craigslist Finds

    That's a Ballenger deck; I fwded it to him. Must be difficult for you guys to see your hard work rotting away in a field somewhere. The trailer is worth more than that boat, I'm afraid, but that wouldn't stop an idiot like me from fixing that boat up. Let's face it: The FD is hands down the queen of dinghies.
  11. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Good move... I don't much like the forestay either, but it did save my mast once or twice.
  12. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    You sir, are a true sailor,and priorities are intact. Do underdeck cam cleats for the jib, get rid of that above deck shit. Looks awful. outhaul on boom - Think mines 4:1 in the boom. Rigging tip: Use a magnet and steel washer. Tie floss to washer and drag along the top of the extrusion... never an overlap. cunningham and vang split to each side - Cunny... just make it single side. It's pretty set it and forget it. centreboard up/down min- 2:1, better 4:1 mast rake- forestay tension I just tied somme bungy in the line... keeps the mast from fallinig down inn case thhe genoa halyard breaks. furler - May be worth cutting a slot for the furler bar, eases angle when raking. ram What's that? traveller Easiet is the windward sheeting car. I can send you my kludged up system pics, too, if you like. No spin saves lot's of rigging time and string. - Yeah, baby. She is a classy joy to sail. - No doubt. but seriously, lose the deck cleats. Don't want your crew's bikini to get caught on them..
  13. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    The double hull is totally worth it. Capsizing with a 1 1/2 hull totally sucks. Omigosh, wannabe, that FD looks so... simple... how do you get over the stress of not adjusting everything?
  14. Craigslist Finds

    I know, not a dinghy, but still, 300 bucks for a Cal20 with sails and a trailer? Hmm. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/5959244478.html
  15. Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Make sure you rinse the this first and foremost when you pull her out of the water., especially saltwater... it's like a 12v battery going in in there. I love watching your project come together.. please keep posting as you go!