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  1. Gangbusters

    Trump will save the World

    Not email either.
  2. Gangbusters

    Bidens Laptop

    Want to see my return from 15 years ago? How about 25 years ago? Last 5 years? Sorry under audit! 15 years leave a lot of time for grifting.
  3. Gangbusters

    Guns and Polling stations, really?

    I was born and raised in Michigan. As much as I like going back there, I have come to realize that there is a portion of the population that is fucking nuts.
  4. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Inside or outside? The endless debate.
  5. Gangbusters

    60 Minutes interview

    Here’s hoping that some DA gets to show Trump how unfair questions can really be.
  6. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Wife’s last name is Cox. She denies any relationship to said asshole.
  7. Gangbusters

    Debate #3

    Too busy voting to go to rallies. Your boy is going down. Bigley.
  8. Gangbusters

    Debate #3

    Is that the parking lot for the overflow crowd that never showed?
  9. Gangbusters

    Debate #3

    Not by chance. Much of it caused by regulations and prodding.
  10. Gangbusters

    Debate #3

    No. He said that the fumes rose up during the manufacturing process.
  11. Gangbusters

    60 Minutes interview

    Thanks for the update. I’ve missed your dribble for the past few days.
  12. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Fosset's office was in my office building
  13. VW bugs, (3) VW GTI, (1) MG Midgets (3) and a MGA which I have had for 44 years. My last 3 daily drivers have all been automatics.
  14. Gangbusters

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Eric looks like he has changed a bit. Or is that Don Jr.?
  15. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Thanks for the MGA pics Hobot!