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  1. Gangbusters

    Weber Spirit E-210 grill, yea or nah?

    Bought a Weber genesis 3 burner last night to replace the Weber silver B. Much heavier in weight than the Weber Spirit. I was debating between the 2 burner model and the 3 burner model.
  2. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Typical MGA restoration project
  3. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Just checked the garage. The MGA is there but no woman!
  4. Gangbusters

    2018 Winter Olympics!

    add in the drinking and it is just like sailing!
  5. Gangbusters

    2018 Winter Olympics!

    Like these guys, should be one similar near you
  6. Gangbusters

    Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    Currently hard to say anything bad about the French. My son was selected for this fellowship.
  7. Gangbusters

    Why the tie?

    When I started on a trading floor in Chicago 36 years ago the dress code was collared shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. Now it's t-shirts and blue jeans (shorts in the summer with a "donation".
  8. Gangbusters

    Toronto boat show 2018

    The Great Lakes Singlehanded Society (GLSS) is having its AGM in Toronto that weekend. I might check out the boat show while I'm in town.
  9. Gangbusters

    Pictures of Home

    Drive out that way all the time. Will have to take a detour next time to see the farm up close.
  10. Gangbusters

    Random PicThread

    Thanks for all the good work Hobot. Hope to see more in 2018!
  11. Gangbusters

    Percentages in other bases than ten

    I will ask the mathematician when he wakes up. Sometime between 10am and 12 pm.
  12. Gangbusters

    Hug your teenager

    16 year old neighbor boy was taken away in an EMT early this morning. No word yet on his status. Don't know if it was accidental or deliberate yet.
  13. Gangbusters

    How long to shit?

    Crohns. I may not take a long time but I could be going a lot.
  14. Gangbusters

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    our view blocked by the raging storm