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  1. The war in Iraq is over

    Until then, reserve judgment. There were plenty of people who questioned the Gulf of Tonkin incident and then there were plenty of Patriotic people who supported the POTUS no matter what. The facts didn't support it then and they don't now. There are many people who have stated they were pressured to provide the 'correct' answers and the shift of power in the intelligence community is well known too, if you are willing to look. Until then, keep the faith. Can anyone say Turner, and Maddox
  2. The war in Iraq is over

    Well, since you brought it up, I don't know why you wasted the "if". There is no "if" Bush was lying. Bush was lying. Either he presided over one of the worst intelligence fuckups in history, or the intel was good and he spun it to the point of incredulity. There were no WMDs. We know that now, and I believe Bush had sufficient intel to know it from the beginning. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and yes Powell fucking lied. Powell doesn't get a free pass from me. Fuck him. He's got no business in the Obama administration as far as I'm concerned. The consequences of his UN dog and pony show far outweigh any experience or honor he may have once had. or, maybe The countries that had a lot invested in Iraq, ie France, Germany, and Russia Saddam owed them large sums of money. for all the nice toys we blew up in the first gulf war. they were making a killing on the UN scam oil for food/drugs so it is not a stretch, that they (Russians) came in and removed said WMD. we all know Saddam had them before, using gas on the Kurds. because if you are the above mentioned countries, making the US look stupid to the rest of world is win win just a thought and before any says "if knew the Russians did it, why didn't we call them out" simple all those missiles from the cold war are still pointed in the same place
  3. The war in Iraq is over

    or War never changes