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  1. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 :)

    Totally agree. The little Universal is simple, reliable and easy for an average non-mechanic guy like me to work on (the basic stuff). i do the routine service stuff (fluids, filters, belt, impeller) and the thing just runs. When it doesn't, then I'll call Dirty Oar...
  2. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 :)

    We have had a C30 for about two years, just used for bobbing around in So Cal. & weekend cruising. Usually it's just the wife and I so there is plenty of room. She loves the boat but she is not much of a sailor. I'm lukewarm about the boat, but if she loves it... that's a gift and I can adapt. I have not looked at a lot of other similarly sized boats recently but I guess my comments would be: -tiny icebox - lots of interior volume but not a lot of storage space -v berth is very "V" shaped, lot's of footsie if you are tall - the aft berth is really just a large single and we mainly use it for storage -the table area can be made into a berth but it is way too short for adults -engine access is tough - the boat is no rocketship under sail, i have yet to see it surf down a wave and I doubt it ever has, the thing is a bitch to steer with waves coming from the stern quarter - ours is a 1985 and we have not found any of the usual structural issues; we are however re-bedding every hatch, handrail, stanchion and piece of hardware on deck because hey all leak. Resealing the windows is on the list -the head is very nice. lot's of room, the holding tank setup works well and the boat does not smell like a head -Catalina support and access to parts etc is wonderful We may end up keeping the boat, we may not - since we bought it we have had a few electrical issues to fix, we've replaced the batteries and added a status monitor, I have replaced the engine's exhaust system from the mixing elbow aft, re-plumbed the head and holding tank system and replaced the macerator pump, re plumbed some of the freshwater system, replaced the dodger and canvas, replaced the lifelines We've paid for the boat twice but it is wonderful to get out of Dodge on it with the wife. Good luck! Rob W.
  3. rwaterman

    Little Inflatable Dink Advice Please

    Thank you everyone, this is really helpful information. I'm not going to be doing any planing so I think something with an inflatable floor would fit the bill. I like the soft ladder thingy, think I'll try one of them too. Thanks Cheers, Rob W
  4. My wife and I sail locally/weekends on our Catalina 30 (4 ktsb). We currently have what I believe to be the original 8' Avon inflatable dinghy. It has no floorboards, just the rubber fabric floor. We both hate the thing. It is like stepping down onto a banana peel or a bar of soap; it wants to take off out from under you when you get in or out. Is that an inherent issue with all inflatable boats that size or have I just gotten soft in my old age and have less upper body strength than needed to keep the little POS alongside while we board? I like that I can roll it up, put it in a bag, and carry it myself but those are not necessary requirements on the next dink. Not currently considering a hard dinghy or a RIB. Would an inflatable with a pump up keel be better, more stable? Would bigger solve the problem? Floorboards, a roll up floor? Right now we don't have to keep it on deck or tow it and I like that, but we hate always feeling like we are going to be launched out of the thing. We use it mainly for going to the beach and back, perhaps a little cruise around the cove. We have a little electric outboard on it which we like a lot. Any (ok, most...) advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks Rob W.
  5. rwaterman

    Diesel engine maintenance courses?

    +1 I took this course too. The cooling and exhaust part of our diesel were not clear to me having only seen them through little access doors and I wanted to understand the whole deal. This course was really informative and fun too, it was a day well spent. I highly recommend it. Cheers, Rob W.
  6. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    somehow managed to post the pics upside down. ugh, sorry
  7. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thanks for the encouragement Hike! I managed to pull it off, the exhaust system is out of the boat. Took about three hours, not so bad. Now we'll see if I can get it all back together. Cheers, Rob W,
  8. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thanks Hike! I'm going to move the galley out of the way. Actually my biggest concern is how to get the exhaust hose off the top of the old muffler, not much space under there to wrestle with it. Cheers, Rob W
  9. rwaterman

    Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thank you all! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to call Catalina, duh. I have heard for years that their customer service is amazing. Galley removal looks like a real PITA but if it's gotta be done so be it. Thanks again. Cheers
  10. Anyone out there ever had to replace the water lift muffler in a Catalina 30? We have a 1985 boat and the muffler appears to be leaking; mixing elbow is suspect too. It looks like the boat was built on top of the engine and exhaust. Do you have to remove the galley to get it out? Will it somehow fit out of one of those little access openings? Any issues with getting the exhaust hose off? I want to keep the exhaust hose going out (it;s fairly new), anything else can be cut. All advice welcome; thanks! Rob W.
  11. Just saw this, not good.
  12. That thing is hideous looking.
  13. rwaterman

    505 Winter Storage Advice

    Congratulations! I also have a mid-life crisis 5o5! I would call Larry Tuttle at Waterat and ask him. Good advice from fastyacht there too. Cheers
  14. rwaterman

    505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    That's a great looking boat! Have a look around inside the tanks, there may be some huge G-10 backing plates you can take out. I had 8084, I pulled something like 5 lbs of G-10 out of the seat tanks. I think that was leftover from the day when you were limited to the amount of corrector weights you could put in the boat. My floorboards had thick G-10 panels in them too, just ahead of the aft thwart. Larry told me to have fun grinding those out. Never had to go that far. Removing all the wire and rerigging with a new boom and pole setup made a big difference too. Give Larry a call, he is always helpful with this stuff. Good luck! Rob W. BTW, and you probably know this, but 90% of the time you get more benefit from sailing the boat than working on it! Of course I'm still learning that lesson myself. Have fun
  15. rwaterman

    Pole back! From the FP...

    Conrats Ed, have fun!