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  1. Diesel engine maintenance courses?

    +1 I took this course too. The cooling and exhaust part of our diesel were not clear to me having only seen them through little access doors and I wanted to understand the whole deal. This course was really informative and fun too, it was a day well spent. I highly recommend it. Cheers, Rob W.
  2. Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    somehow managed to post the pics upside down. ugh, sorry
  3. Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thanks for the encouragement Hike! I managed to pull it off, the exhaust system is out of the boat. Took about three hours, not so bad. Now we'll see if I can get it all back together. Cheers, Rob W,
  4. Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thanks Hike! I'm going to move the galley out of the way. Actually my biggest concern is how to get the exhaust hose off the top of the old muffler, not much space under there to wrestle with it. Cheers, Rob W
  5. Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    Thank you all! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to call Catalina, duh. I have heard for years that their customer service is amazing. Galley removal looks like a real PITA but if it's gotta be done so be it. Thanks again. Cheers
  6. Anyone out there ever had to replace the water lift muffler in a Catalina 30? We have a 1985 boat and the muffler appears to be leaking; mixing elbow is suspect too. It looks like the boat was built on top of the engine and exhaust. Do you have to remove the galley to get it out? Will it somehow fit out of one of those little access openings? Any issues with getting the exhaust hose off? I want to keep the exhaust hose going out (it;s fairly new), anything else can be cut. All advice welcome; thanks! Rob W.
  7. Just saw this, not good. http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/200293/French-solo-sailor-capsizes-in-Cape-Horn-storm
  8. That thing is hideous looking.
  9. 505 Winter Storage Advice

    Congratulations! I also have a mid-life crisis 5o5! I would call Larry Tuttle at Waterat and ask him. Good advice from fastyacht there too. Cheers
  10. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    That's a great looking boat! Have a look around inside the tanks, there may be some huge G-10 backing plates you can take out. I had 8084, I pulled something like 5 lbs of G-10 out of the seat tanks. I think that was leftover from the day when you were limited to the amount of corrector weights you could put in the boat. My floorboards had thick G-10 panels in them too, just ahead of the aft thwart. Larry told me to have fun grinding those out. Never had to go that far. Removing all the wire and rerigging with a new boom and pole setup made a big difference too. Give Larry a call, he is always helpful with this stuff. Good luck! Rob W. BTW, and you probably know this, but 90% of the time you get more benefit from sailing the boat than working on it! Of course I'm still learning that lesson myself. Have fun
  11. Pole back! From the FP...

    Conrats Ed, have fun!
  12. Live Racing Thread

    Fantastic! Congratulations! Well done ETNZ!
  13. Live Racing Thread

    Thanks for the heart attack! Go ETNZ!!!
  14. Safety First!

    I have sailed all kinds of boats racing and cruising for over 50 years and I don't know anyone that has gone overboard, so I'm thinking the chances are small. However I know you definitely do not want that to happen to you and if, god forbid, it ever does, your chances are a lot better if you are wearing a pfd. I know I have been in the water for short periods of time cleaning up after dinghy crashes and am always glad I wear flotation. My choice now is to wear a pfd when out on the water, its just so easy to do. Cheers, Rob W
  15. Coolboats to admire

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to try all your suggestions - check halyard, hoist from mast, try hoisting after it is unrolled etc. Good tips here. Yes my halyards and furling line are all led aft and the layout is really poor so I am sure there is a lot of friction just in that. Thank you all! Cheers, Rob W.