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  1. Right... remind me again, because maybe I'm just remembering it wrong, how much of that became law? It's not as if these ideas were ever heard from again and they have had plenty of opportunities to follow up if they really wanted to. There is a difference between pretending to believe in something because you're trying to win an election and actually believing in it when you're holding the levers of power.
  2. In fairness to fiscally conservative Republicans, they haven't had a meaningful voice in the Republican party since the 70's. I'm sure they're tired of being asked to defend what is going on. They lost the fight. Probably best to just leave them in peace.
  3. This whole fucking nonesense has turned into such a horse shit, mickey mouse impersonation of a once great sporting event that I haven't been able to bring myself to fake enough interest to even vaguely follow what the fuck is going on in this debacle. I don't want a lengthy explanation of what fucking stage we are at in this mess, because I don't care. I just want to know if we're at the point when someone else can take this goddamn thing away from the fucking BMW Oracle douchebags and possibly bring the cup back in the direction of something that resembles meaningful tradition. Is that happening now? Are we almost there? Is this ridiculous dog and pony show almost over?
  4. svarnum

    Grab them by the pussy.

    ^ Noone cares Coors. Nobody gives one shit. Your boy is going to lose. But anyway, getting back to the whole locker room thing. You think Trump has been in a locker room since he was a schoolboy? Maybe he really believes that guys still talk like children when they grow up.
  5. svarnum

    Grab them by the pussy.

    When the Republican Party sends their candidates, they're not sending their best. They're sending criminals, they're sending rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.
  6. svarnum


    Don't suppose you have any idea where in Michigan Ron is located, I'd love to find out if he'd let me take a look.