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  1. vdm

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    Hendo 30 about 1/3 the displacement of your boat. Sure this will be strong enough? Can you reinforce the Hendo blade?
  2. vdm

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    Maybe in a straight windward leeward it helps but with the sprit the boat is much more fun to sail. Good luck with the project, great to see the boat getting refreshed. You'll have lots of fun with it.
  3. vdm

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    Why didn't you convert it to a sprit? Maybe the single best thing you can do to a 1D35.
  4. vdm

    Winch drum losing a grip.

    Had some drums re-done by Harken last year. $100 each plus shipping. Looked and worked like new.
  5. Wefco used to make a lot of that stuff. http://www.wefcorubber.com/
  6. I have a 1D35 trailer that I could be talked into parting with.
  7. vdm

    Humidity on a Boat

    I have one of these, drilled and put a drain hose in the reservoir. Set it on the counter with the drain hose in the sink. Leave the power supply over the stove in case it gets hot (never has). Seems to keep the inside of the boat very dry, but we are in socal so not that cold or wet.
  8. vdm

    PHRF SO CALIF - misconduct???

    People were gaming the system so I think the board took appropriate action.
  9. vdm

    Best Sailing Knife

    No but it is sharp and looks cool!
  10. vdm

    Best Sailing Knife

    This is a nice knife. Just got one so don't have any long term experience. https://ceramicknife.org/product/riggers-with-marlin-spike/
  11. vdm

    J125 owners....who has a trailer?

    I have a 1D35 trailer in so cal if that would work.
  12. vdm

    The original 4kn Shitbox…

    Results from Nationals?
  13. vdm

    halyards reccs?

    The newer Warpspeed is very slippery. We had to abandon some new jib sheets, took a couple extra wraps on the winch.
  14. vdm

    SoCal Race M&A

    Sounds great! Trackers are good, especially ones that work like YB.