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  1. FishAintBiting

    Moth or Musto Skiff

    If time is not constrained could you reveal your secret on how you manage this, or what do you sacrifice to achieve it?? NOT possible in my world!!!!
  2. FishAintBiting

    Moth or Musto Skiff

    What about a WASP? Like a Moth but without the tinkering!!!
  3. FishAintBiting

    International 14 Info

    Throw the boat away. I was sailing 14's in the era where carbon masts started to be d'rigour. All speed gains that the boat I sailed over were winter were lost completely. They have come a long way since then.
  4. FishAintBiting

    Singlehanded rig suggestions

    Sell the 14' and get a second hand Moth. The Moth will be faster, easier to sail and leave a smile-on-your-dial. Plus with the Moth it'll be easier to find like competition to sail against! Good luck with it all Fish
  5. FishAintBiting

    Laser C5 Rig

    The A class cats deal with a two (2) fleet system, as an outsider looking in - it appears to be working for them Fish
  6. FishAintBiting

    DC Designs

    Blind?? Never seen a DC nor an IC? Big hit to the head?
  7. FishAintBiting

    Moth for sale

    Thumbs up to the both of you!
  8. FishAintBiting

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    Would disagree with you on that one as it appears to have a centre-board, where is the bloody dagger board??? MEGA-sigh! Fish
  9. FishAintBiting

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018
  10. FishAintBiting

    Moth Developement

    +1 and this goes for the sport of sailing too!
  11. FishAintBiting

    Moth Developement

    Hi Phil, If this is the case would the class be open, there I said it, to reducing it's development of foils and rigs, and to limiting the #s of foils and rigs that they are allowed to use at a regatta (maybe just 1 of each)? Having classes that are expensive is not good for the class nor the sport of sailing. I'm sure the moth class would still move forward with these limitations. Fish
  12. I say a wise decision by you, well done and enjoy the sailing Fish
  13. FishAintBiting

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Well done Claire, keep at it
  14. FishAintBiting

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    So you are not wanting the rewards from gaining a six-pack??? I am sure that putting in that effort, through regular effort at home, will help with many aspects of sailing too! Fish