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  1. Jeep.

    Loved my JK when I had it, and wouldn't mind picking up another. Miss that thing. And, in response to an earlier post, I'm sorry but life is too short to drive a minivan.
  2. Airplane Luggage

    We have Briggs and Riley Baseline International Widebody and Northface Rolling Thunder, both in carry on size. Both are great. The NF stuff is used for wet/sandy destinations. We looked at a lot of stuff when we bought the B&R bags last year. Extra coin was money well spent.
  3. Question for you seasoned vets

    No looking back necessary. Pictures of Barbuda make me heart sick. Can't imagine how much their lives have been turned upside down.
  4. Question for you seasoned vets

    I got it all along. Was actually looking for confirmation or someone to just tell me I was being a wimp. Our friends made it to a St. Thomas hotel, but we haven't heard from them. Understand comms may be out there. Just hope they are okay. Meanwhile, my wife and I are enjoying ourselves at the San Fransisco Ritz Carlton.
  5. Question for you seasoned vets

    Crab, the other three couples are still going. Maybe I'm just a pussy. But, I value mine and my wife's life and limb, and the impact on my business if I didn't get back for awhile would not be good. Any monies lost by me as a result of our decision is immaterial, insurance or not. Ya'll's opinions are appreciated. We're going to the west coast instead, but unfortunately, no sailing.
  6. Question for you seasoned vets

    You guys confirmed my conclusion. Thanks. Now I'll have to see what we can do to get to the islands on the other side of the world next week. Or something.
  7. We are booked for our first bareboat trip to the BVI this Saturday through the next Saturday. But, Hurricane Irma is tracked to potentially head right to the leeward isles, and hit by mid-week as a Cat 3 or 4. There is another track that suggests it will turn north and stay east of the islands if the high weakens. While this is our first trip, the people we are going with have bareboated a good number of times. Question is, would you go and take the chance that it will turn, or cancel? Loss of money is not a consideration, but loss of life or injury is as well as the risk that it would be hard to get home if the VIs are flattened since I can't be away for more than the week. I know a boat is no place to be in a hurricane. Forgive me if this is a stupid question. We've been looking forward to this trip all year, and really would not like to cancel, but also know there is always another time. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/tropical-threat-to-track-across-atlantic-this-week-will-it-affect-the-us/70002598
  8. Wasps and Daubers

    How can one keep them out of the flaked main under the sail cover? Little bitches are driving me nuts.
  9. Mattress Anarchy - Sleep Number Bed?

    A number of friends have tried Sleep Number, and have had complaints ranging from mechanical issues to the big one of a hard ridge down the middle of the bed where the two mattresses meet. We just spent a lot of time researching and looking at new mattresses, and ended up buying a Saatva "luxury firm" king. After 4 months, we absolutely love it. Soft enough and gives in all the right places, and firm enough for me. Right amount of "bounce" for the fun times as well. www.saatvamattress.com
  10. Guitar Player Anarchy

    Maybe one day, if I ever get decent, a semi-hollow electric or a nice steel string acoustic. I'm good for a while though. The ones you mentioned are nice, though.
  11. Guitar Player Anarchy

    Wife gave me a nylon stringed acoustic/electric Breedlove for Christmas, and I'm stumbling through. Having fun, but it's hard putting my classical music training from years ago aside to learn to play from tabs and improvise. I picked up the book, "Guitar Scales in Context" by Joseph Alexander off Amazon. My instructor is impressed by the book so it may be worth looking into. Goes into all the different modes. And from it I can agree with Raked about the minor pentagon is. Oh, and within a month or so of starting, I picked up an Epi Les Paul. Let the addiction begin!
  12. first music purchased with your OWN money

    Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick. Bought in '73. Still have it along with every album I've ever owned.
  13. Help with campus safety

    Thanks. The smile cost us.
  14. Help with campus safety

    Thanks guys!
  15. Paul Walker's daughter suing Porsche

    That is a problem. I have the same issue.