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  1. As someone said, that's a jib top reacher, used for reaching. Should be sheeted pretty far aft, like to a snatch block attached near the transom or at least amid ship.
  2. Dang Canadians
  3. "Standing O" from the "whole fleet" might be stretching it a lot. I breathed a sigh of relief that you weren't dead and then went on with my business.
  4. All this free marketing for sailmakers
  5. Your 30 something friends cant socialize with people older than them? Sound socially inept... A 30 something may be capable of socializing with his or her grandparents and their friends but may just choose not to do so on a regular basis. My crew ranges in age from 16-75, roughly 14 people in the pool (most in their 20s or 40s) and we have a pretty good time on a bi-weekly+ basis. But if it is so hard for 30 somethings because they do not want to be exposed to someone 10 years older than them, then buy a boat and staff it with 30 somethings... Quite frankly, I don't want 30 somethings on my boat because they tend to have families and wives and a delusion that they should be doing something "more interesting" and become flakes. The best crew is HOT CHICKS 22-27 and then SOON TO BE DIVORCED GUYS 40+ if you want people to show up. Fixed it.
  6. True, all of it.
  7. Ritchie Geoghan's work is equivalent to Waterline. For what it's worth, several years ago I looked into redoing the bottom on a J24 and got a quote from Torreson's over in Muskegon. It was pretty good, a fair bit less than Waterline System's standard quote for J24 bottom rebuild. We never did do the work, we sold the boat. I had taken a bog boat over there for some mid-season keel work the year before and they did a knock out job for about 1/3rd what the owner was thinking it was going to cost. I would consider getting a quote from them.
  8. Is Condor doing it?
  9. Hey I'm a coming first week of December to spend about 10 days in your beautiful city. Anybody need crew for racing or cruising any day from December 2 through December 10? Brendan
  10. I picked a bad year to give up coke on the Mac race.
  11. I've used fedex/ups a couple of times to ship a bag to my hotel. It cost around $30 when I did it. The packages are delivered to their shore-side office and then ferried onto the island by the hotel staff, so you need to account for an extra day to make sure it gets on the island at the actual hotel. I think I shipped them on about Tuesday before the race. It's a very civilized way to make sure your bag is at your hotel when you arrive, no tracking down where your friend's buddy's girlfriend who drove up with 8 bags is on the island and where the bag ended up. I did that until I got married and then WifeEx delivered my gear.
  12. I think that as long as there's enough wind for planing, these guys are gonna have their funnest stop in the series. Given the influence of the buildings and the just overall shiftiness of sailing in Chicago, it'll probably be some of the wildest lead changing, worst to first to last, racing they'll experience. They're probably gonna be just laughing at each other and shrugging their shoulders all the way to the dock. It has the makings for epic wackiness. Brendan
  13. Did that work for you when posted it on Grindr? NTTIAWWT
  14. I know a J30 for sale, with a trailer.
  15. Blubs, was he a dinghy sailor or just a big boat kinda guy? How well did he trim a headsail? Was he circumsized?