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  1. love is blind

    Regatta Network defaults to a 0 rating if you don't fill in the box. We have a Soverel in SB, rates 84 buoy.
  2. Make N2E Great Again

    That is a shame. I thought they had worked out the scheduling issues. It's just dumb to have two big events competing for the boats.
  3. Racing without spinnaker pole

    I think there was a rule at one time about having to use a pole on a spinnaker, but it went way a long time ago. 20-30 years ago at least. Anyone have really old rule books around?
  4. Racing without spinnaker pole

    Nope. Rule 17 only applies to boats on same tack. Once you jibe to starboard, after you initially allow the port boat room to keep clear (R 15), the port boat has to keep clear of you (R 10). You are not limited in what course you want to steer. R 17 actually creates the situation. The asym boat is coming from behind, but their proper course is higher than the sym boat wants to sail, so the sym boat to weather has to come up above their proper course to keep clear of the leeward boat. If on port, throwing the main across puts the former weather boat on starboard and gains the right of way.
  5. Racing without spinnaker pole

    It's also a good tactical option. For example, not quite laying the leeward mark/gate, take the pole off and jibe for a few boatlengths to get to the layline, jibe back, and assuming you're pretty close to the mark, roll into the set jib/douse chute. Another one I like in mixed fleets - sailing deep on port and an asym boat comes up under you, forcing you up away from your best course. Throw the main over and call starboard. The pole can come off until you decide which way you want to go. If the asym boat jibes away, you can go back to port jibe or stay on starboard, now to leeward of the asym boat.
  6. Starboard tack after finish

    Brass is so cool!
  7. Sailboat surveyor wanted Ventura area

    Ditto with Mike Pyzel. Did a great survey when we got the last boat. Very thorough.
  8. Make N2E Great Again

    Don't actually recall Thursday starts. Must have been 60's or earlier? I find the events planned around the race in Newport seem to aim only at local folks. There are events starting the weekend before the race, throughout the week leading up to the race. Lunches, receptions, etc. Are these well-attended? Seems like they are for the NOSA and various government officials to have something to do around the race, and not aimed at the participants. With many boats coming from out of town to do the race, it's hard to believe there are many racers at the events. The one party when most are in town, as noted elsewhere, seems to have become lightly attended. I like Woody's idea (did I just say that?) that we have lost much of the inter-fleet mixing that was always part of the charm of the race. At the other end, while I understand the attraction of the Coral as the headquarters, I miss the crowds in town. The Coral to us is one trip to check in and see results, and Sunday for trophies if we're so favored, and the bus for some. Lunch at the Coral cost more than a great dinner and drinks in town, and the shopping is so much better. (We still stop by the Bahia and check in with the concrete donkeys, though, so that's us.)
  9. Gloves Off - update

    Front page: Despite the Cup’s only historic damage coming from a 1997 Maori protestor’s sledgehammer, Dalts and the ETNZ team has gone 180 degrees in the opposite direction. No white-gloved douchebags, the public getting their chance to touch it at most of their victory tour stops, and ETNZ foil trimmer Blair Tuke using the Cup for rum and cokes aboard an Emirates flight (as he gets ready for his own quest to be the first sailor to get the first true Grand Slam in history (Olympic Gold, AC win, and VOR victory) aboard MAPFRE in the next Volvo. From Wikipedia: The Cup is an ornate sterling silver bottomless ewer crafted in 1848 by Garrard & Co.[8] Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey bought one and donated it for the Royal Yacht Squadron's 1851 Annual Regatta around the Isle of Wight. Bottomless. How did Blair Tuke use it for rum and cokes?
  10. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    That's not second guessing?
  11. Front page mentions the dismasting and rescue of the crew from SNAFU, Moore 24 in the Coastal Cup. Missing is acknowledgement of the two racers that stopped racing and came to stand by the dismasted boat while they waited for Coast Guard to arrive. Big seas, high winds, dark night, and both boats stood by for over two hours. Cal 40 Azure, J/109 Junkyard Dog Heroes in the making.
  12. Is it too early?

    The last time N2E was on the Cinco de Mayo weekend was 1974. Previous year there were near riots, with the street in front of Hussong's getting firehosed. So that year they busted anyone that moved wrong. Over 600 arrests in Ensenada that year. Moved a week later the next year...
  13. Is it too early?

    Not new scheduling wrt Yachting Cup. Except for the year N2E was moved for Easter, N2E has been the week before Yachting Cup. (I think Yachting Cup was originally scheduled to take advantage of N2E returnees.) [Note: already entered.]
  14. Del Rey 24?

    Long ago, I had a 1964-ish Islander Bahama. Did some research and found that the hull mold was used for a number of boats around that time, with different decks and mast placements. The ones I know for sure are Islander 24, Islander Bahama (flush deck), Columbia 24, Columbia Challenger (flush deck), and the Del Rey 24. Boat was solid fiberglass. Installed a compass in the cabin wall at front of cockpit, and the glass was over a half-inch thick. Heard of someone putting a bolt in the bow on one for pulling onto a trailer, and it was 2" thick there. Builders weren't sure about how strong fiberglass was at that point, I guess.
  15. Question re: Newport to Ensenada Race

    US Sailing Safety at Sea class is online now. http://www.boaterexam.com/sailing/safetyatsea/