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  1. condor

    It's the End of the World ........

    If you have to explain it,....
  2. condor

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Golf clap. A friend used to describe his columns as 'I really screwed up, and here's what I learned. Then I did great in the next leg.' A great gentleman, always willing to talk sailing with anyone. Sail on...
  3. condor

    Old Sails

    Slightly off-topic, but... We had a 1 1/2 oz spinnaker that came with the boat, used only when wind was way up. Had some great photos of it at times. At age 28 years, we put it up on a Wednesday blowing high 20's. It blew out of the tapes at all three corners, tearing across the middle. We pulled in what was still attached - the bottom half of the sail - and the rest ended up buried at sea. For what that sail had been through, I thought it was a fitting end.
  4. condor

    Engine off at start?

    Thank you. Finally...
  5. condor


    Cloth weight a little light for the wind. Seams showing...
  6. condor

    3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    For cleaning up the fiberglass after removal, I used mineral spirits. Did a great job of removing the last of the silicon from previous installation. Still takes a bit of elbow grease to get the last little globs off.
  7. condor

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    That was the 77. The original Alchemy is the 70 footer. Does not need so much talent to keep it moving well. Regularly did very well in SoCal with generally local crew.
  8. condor

    SoCal Race M&A

    Trying to let family know about the YB tracking. No link on Race doesn't show up in Yellowbrick app or on-line. Big fee increase to cover the tracking. Just can't actually see it yet.
  9. condor

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Add Whiskey. (West corrections + in that direction)
  10. condor

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    At the suggestion of a rigger friend, I switched from cotter pins to small machine screws with Nyloc nuts on the ends. Easy to remove and replace and nice rounded ends, so no tape needed.
  11. condor

    Harken cam cleat rebuilds - 150 only?

    I thought of that. The larger cleat is constructed differently than the 150. The cap on each cam goes all the way to the bottom where on the 150 the cap is just a cap and the base goes up into the cleat. Not sure if disassembly will be destructive. I have an old one, so I'll try to disassemble and see what happens. Probably can use a bolt to knock the cap out from the bottom if it will come loose. I've had to drill out the caps on some 150's before because I couldn't get them out of the cam, but the kit includes new caps so that's not a problem.
  12. We have a couple of the Offshore Cam Cleats - the larger model cleats. Harken sells a rebuild kit for the 150 cleat - the smaller model - but I can only find springs for the larger model. Does that mean the larger cleats can't be rebuilt? I.e., replace all the ball bearings? If the problem is not the spring, I have to replace it?
  13. condor

    What a money pit!

    Okay, your dick is bigger.
  14. condor

    old meets new - low friction rings & spectra

    That's gonna be rough on the pretty varnish.