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  1. condor

    Three Year Plan

    You might take a look at the Schock 35. There are a few on the lakes. Great sailing boat, and enough cabin for short-term cruising. 6'4" and you can stand up below (in the middle).
  2. condor

    Old Skool gear

    Mine are in the box in the garage. Went to soft shackles until a sail change at night in lots of wind led to crew complaints. Finally went back to bowlines.
  3. condor

    SA Retro Review Santana 30/30 GP

    Like to see Scott do the Schock 35. There's got to be several in Dago.
  4. condor

    Planing Back in the Day

    Pokey, you need a boat.
  5. condor

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    If you are going to cruise the Schock, one thing I suggest is more and better handholds below. 'Light and airy', as mentioned above, also means big spaces to traverse in a big sea. On one 20+ knot headwind delivery (powering with a blade and a reef), I had the other person on board come up on deck, and saying, 'Don't go down there. You'll get killed!' especially with the table out, there's a lot of room to fall down there.
  6. condor

    Slab Reefing Line Boom Attachment

    Just to confuse it further, I learned it as a Lark's Head in the Boy Scouts.
  7. condor

    Lifeline Stanchions

    An alternative approach: If the spinnaker sheet/guy rides on the stanchions or lifelines, maybe lead it inside the lifelines. We did this on the Schock 35 and the spin sheets only hit the lifelines when going really deep. We have tweakers rigged at max beam to keep the sheets off the rig and easing the tweakers when sailing deep gets the sheets off the lifelines.
  8. condor

    2 dope

    Paradise changed hands recently. Might not have the same menu...
  9. condor

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    What i'd like is that pic of the pretty girl in the Line 7 jacket they used in their ads.
  10. Speaking of dicks....
  11. condor

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    I thought you only got three seconds for that. Or was that for one-design?
  12. condor

    Deep Downwind in Tidal Conditions

    Actually, there's always a magic bullet. Finding it is the hard part.
  13. condor

    IOR Legend Sighting

    IIRC, Drifter sank at Metanchen Bay (sp?) near San Blas in Mexico. 82-83 winter, maybe?
  14. Cabo race mid-80's. We did a spinnaker change around 10 or 11 PM. I was at the mast for the raise and the halyard got around the top spreader once the sail was up. After cleaning up from the peel, everyone looked at me when the skipper asked, "Who's going up to clear the halyard off the spreader?" One person says, "You put it there." So out with the chair, up to the spreader, flip the halyard clear. Looking around, it was a bright moon, blowing around 25, whitecaps everywhere. Spectacular! I didn't want to come down it looked so cool. Like others above, I can pull that slide up in my mind any time. Not sure a camera would have seen it the way I did.
  15. condor

    so cal 300

    Anyone know if there's a problem with Miramar? Near SB Island doing 1.5 knots. Or did they just decide to go cruising?