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    That is exactly right, and as such if the plan set is used as part of the rules so to speak it should be made clear what the tolerance on all of the critical linear measurements are. The size of the tolerance could get tricky, on one hand it has to be easily achivable by the average builder yet on the other hand you want it as small as possible to ensure that the hull forms are as close as possible. Essentially each measurement has its own 'box' if the box is big enough someone can intentionally build to one corner of it as the box gets smaller the target gets closer to the middle to ensure that the finished product is still within the 'box'.
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    I don’t have a dog in this fight so it may make it easer to see where everyone is coming from. i think everyone is actually on the same page but they don’t quite realise it. Without having seen a plan set some of this is speculation.... Every dimension in the plan set has a tolerance, it is impossible to have an absolute value, likewise straight lines will have a straightness tolerance and every flat panel a flatness tolerance. Since this boat is aimed at home builders these tolerances may be reasonably high some may even be +- 1" ?? Now I’m guessing that the curvy boat was drawn with certain dimensions at one or other of the extremes of this tolerance so in fact it would still be 'made to the plans' To stop this the tolerances on the plans need to be reduced and or explicitly defined, such as maximum concavity and convexity, straightness, flatness etc
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    Can you get some more pictures then?