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  1. tom312


  2. tom312

    Homemade small tri

    Looking around for simple, economic, homebuilder multihulls - one overlooked designer is Gary Dierking. He has an especially attractive design, Va'a Motu, that has the option to be built as a double outrigger (trimaran) -- very nice, great sailing boat (see his videos). Found at
  3. tom312

    Mutihull a mono?

    If you have custom motorcycle background, then you'll know full well that there are thousands of good motorcycles turned into shit bikes because of someone who thought they knew all the ins-and-outs to chassis design. If you don't know what you don't know then you're one of them. For boats it's a little worse, mistakes put you at the bottom of the sea - not just give you road rash.
  4. +1 Best idea - and it's the first one And try living aboard, all of you together, continuously for a couple of months -- you and family need to experience living aboard 24/7/30days a month. Really - It's a HUGE leap to expect everyone to be comfortable with that lifestyle (even yourself ) and much better to test before making a million dollar commitment All the best,
  5. tom312

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Now that Doug's development project is SA front page news... maybe in the furture you would consider not exposing you ignorance until after the results are in Some will notice that in your "interests" that "thinking" was not included
  6. tom312


    _Vegas_ Thanks for being our eyes and ears on this. As always there's serious learning from anything they do at Gougeon's. I'll be especially interested in their take on details of the twin bilge boards and of course the wing mast. So the more pics the better. I notice from the shiny clean floor in the last picture that they still keep the shop as immaculate as a hospital. They are the artists of wood/epoxy design and build. Thanks again,