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  1. rock

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    already full throttle
  2. rock

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    6 hours of sleep at 35kn/h average speeds.... this is starting to look as joke
  3. rock

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    nice to see that playing a role of robot for 74 day..... still leaves a human in it....
  4. rock

    Thomas Coville RTW attempt 2016

    I realy hope this is new sailor of the year.... and not some spoiled AC bloke...
  5. rock

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Data from statistic...... Distance and speed max over 24 hours Boat: Hugo Boss Date: 19 novembre 09h30 UTC Distance: 535.34 nm Speed: 22.3 kts
  6. rock

    Vendee Globe 2016? Sorry. I'm not following. Is Coville restricted by the same limits? no..... line in his routing is just invisible line to avoid icebergs which can be seen on satelite images
  7. rock

    New imoca boats

    I have looked at the production pictures on Getana team page and both halfs of the hull are visible. Thare is no high chine like on Macif... It looks like connection ob both halfs is at bothom chine....
  8. rock

    New imoca boats

    It is just me, or we all looking on the deck side of the hull.... it is just taken out of the mold upside down. I have just read in the article about new Gitana open60 on daily sail...... Once the structure has been bonded in, we’ll be able to join the hull and deck - a phase which should be completed in April. This phase promises to quite unique - it will be a first for the teams as Gitana 16 is built split horizontally along her entire length. Usually, we complete the deck and hull. Without going into too much detail, that’s linked to the [shape of the] hull below the waterline." The same is with picture of the mold for new Vibrac..... Because if this is mold for the bothom part of the hull, than visualization is totaly wrong.
  9. rock

    Seascape 18

    HI, Some more photos. I had pleasure to sailed with it. Realy nice and easy to sail. The concept of "keep it simple" is excellent. It is chep and easy to handle. You all will probably notice that everythnig could be more sporty, bat it would not be so simple with so much fun..... For more questions is better to ask Andraz or Krisjan on Just for the note. I took my girlfrend with me on test sailing with seascape18. It was first time for her to deal with spinaker. It hande it very well. After day of sailng with this beauty, she said. "We could own this". It was first time from her mouth, for any boat lp, rok