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  1. Eiar

    Boats and foils comparison

    Recall finals race 2 in the last cup - ETNZ took off sailed into a hole, Oracle caught up a 500m deficit on two short upbeat legs only to muck up a gyre and fall back 500m in one gibe straight line sped - getting up and staying up on foils all come into it but iat what level of priority given the much more variable conditions in Auckland - including tide can”t wait for two to line up in anger
  2. Eiar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Wonder if pumping the main is going to be part of popping on foils in marginal conditions of say 5 knots... again a parallel with windsurf foiling?
  3. Eiar

    Team NYYC

    The trend in foiling windsurf race boards like the starboard 177 is blunt bow wide and voluminous
  4. Eiar

    dutch ac entry

    As sailor of cloggy descent still find it a shame they have not gone with a Flying Dutchman theme that could have international appeal for funding - the dark horse and pirate imago let alone the black magic mystique of the myth could have so many wonderful angles to base a team culture and funding around...
  5. Eiar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    At normal speeds it would be depowering, but the holy grail not found yet would be for an inverted head to have a windward force benefit against the normal lean of a monohull, and possibly even reductions in drag in the rig and below the water in the foils - flat is fast...
  6. Eiar

    ETNZ's Bat

    Still reckon “the Flying Dutchman“ will have a mystique and allure that no animal can beat - akin o the black magic of 1990?
  7. Eiar

    dutch ac entry

    http:// https://www.google.com.au/search?q=flying+dutchman&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari#imgrc=Wnoe0uwEOIeRKM:
  8. Eiar

    dutch ac entry

    Yep first challenge but long involvement in design dating back decades to Australia II and proud ancient pedigree in naval development - Flying Dutchman, anyone.
  9. In windsurfers the trend for light wind boards is short and very stubby - interestingly for foiling windsurfers too this is the trend - match this with a proportional large canting sailplan and you essentially have an oversized overscaled foiling dinghy not unlike a windsurfer very fast very skittish and very unstable but foiling up and downwind should be feasible - the atlas moth AC class? A and the holy grail of course again foiling tacks and gybes...
  10. Eiar

    Team NYYC

    Hey hog at least ETNZ and RNZYs do not have to contort and prostitute themselves like Oracle and Ggyc to get this level of challenger interest this early!
  11. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    I for one cannot imagine ETNZ putting the foiling developments back in the cupboard when many other events around the world have embraced the ETNZ developments - and think back two cycles when ETNZ gave Luna rossa the technology under a development deal - let's try and take the team for their word: doing for monos what they have already done for cats - now think of the foils under aotearoa and transfer just some of that to monos or indeed take another leap - I think the short delay and talk of stakeholders is merely to ensure a minimum number of challengers is on board before anarchists get to chew the cud - hey would you rather see them Do it the other way around - it is simply commercial common sense - compare that to the magnificent efforts of the commercial kommissar
  12. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    Heck use some imagination: 40 minute racing, upwind start, 49er skipper, apparent wind sailing, chief designer and team with foiling credentials, high speed large monohull, return to three sail sailing, penchant for fair sailing in both NZ and Italy, BAR and Alinghi as good as in, two US teams talking - certainly hope we see a Spanish and Australian team that would make a 7 boat fleet to start with - whose complaining here?
  13. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    Sound conservative protocol with good boundaries hopefully to be twinned with a nice open class within a box rule with some one design elements - permitting non full and partial foiling designs. One team might favour match racing another foiling... In the Veitch interview Dalton spoke of up to 5 metre draft did he not - the first glimpse of the box diameters?
  14. Eiar

    Oracle Team USA

    Any evidence of this - seems very unlikely an out of the box addition or replacement would prevail over ETNZ without proper trial and testing ?
  15. Eiar

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder well appreciated - wife and two dogs happily snoring beside me but I might catch a few more z s myself - smile on my face of course as one eyed kiwi!