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  1. In windsurfers the trend for light wind boards is short and very stubby - interestingly for foiling windsurfers too this is the trend - match this with a proportional large canting sailplan and you essentially have an oversized overscaled foiling dinghy not unlike a windsurfer very fast very skittish and very unstable but foiling up and downwind should be feasible - the atlas moth AC class? A and the holy grail of course again foiling tacks and gybes...
  2. Eiar

    caption contest

    Put a basket under it seafood basket
  3. Eiar

    Team NYYC

    Hey hog at least ETNZ and RNZYs do not have to contort and prostitute themselves like Oracle and Ggyc to get this level of challenger interest this early!
  4. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    I for one cannot imagine ETNZ putting the foiling developments back in the cupboard when many other events around the world have embraced the ETNZ developments - and think back two cycles when ETNZ gave Luna rossa the technology under a development deal - let's try and take the team for their word: doing for monos what they have already done for cats - now think of the foils under aotearoa and transfer just some of that to monos or indeed take another leap - I think the short delay and talk of stakeholders is merely to ensure a minimum number of challengers is on board before anarchists get to chew the cud - hey would you rather see them Do it the other way around - it is simply commercial common sense - compare that to the magnificent efforts of the commercial kommissar
  5. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    Heck use some imagination: 40 minute racing, upwind start, 49er skipper, apparent wind sailing, chief designer and team with foiling credentials, high speed large monohull, return to three sail sailing, penchant for fair sailing in both NZ and Italy, BAR and Alinghi as good as in, two US teams talking - certainly hope we see a Spanish and Australian team that would make a 7 boat fleet to start with - whose complaining here?
  6. Eiar

    AC 36 Protocol

    Sound conservative protocol with good boundaries hopefully to be twinned with a nice open class within a box rule with some one design elements - permitting non full and partial foiling designs. One team might favour match racing another foiling... In the Veitch interview Dalton spoke of up to 5 metre draft did he not - the first glimpse of the box diameters?
  7. Eiar

    Are Z foils that much slower?

    Imagine if you broke a conventional mast at sea and were able to rig one of these - not sure about racing but maybe as jury rig?
  8. Eiar

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    and as the idea gains traction why not aim for twenty challengers - saw some recent planning proposals from a lobby group for eight bases only - would that number not be a real indictment..? imagine the sight of twenty Atlas Moths with multi-generational crew - Santiago Lange would be great to be on one! Carbon-based, computer flight control, base design package offered to all comers, but most elements free to alter... so a base design package start for all rather than one design...
  9. Eiar

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    From the FP interview I am with Bora:. Call it the Atlas Moth - a super sized moth with righting movement provided by multiple hiking crew say 8 - no lead ballast. Length say 62 ft. Maybe with automated battery powered flight control but no hydraulics or engines, flaps permitted. A wide wind range one hull only but foils in any direction only limited in number... Say four with only the total surface again in a box rule. Wings can be wide, but boat should be launched easily. Soft sail only - jib / gennaker optional. For heavy winds a larger heavier crew permitted with a bonus for female and youth sailors...
  10. Eiar

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Question - could a large super light mono with multiple crew be thrown around like a moth if foil equipped? And can moths be match raced - has anyone tried?
  11. Eiar

    Team NZ

    Maybe the current ac50s can be retrofitted a la VOR and made one design for fleet racing with all current teams providing all boats gaining discounted entry into a new ACWS fleet racing series this would not preclude using a hi tech foiling mono hull for the AC final with some point carry over?
  12. Eiar

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    both were at the pinnacle of their thinking at the time but in very different parts of the envelope - would dc's cat have been able to get downwind in 30 knots out of the east in a gnarly sea state? Even NO et al had trouble getting the AC50s to turn safely downwind in 24 on the Sounds flat waters - with an open box rule you would introduce an R2AK element to the whole thing in terms of budgets, just ensure the best designers, meteo's and sailors do their thing and throw in some unexpected drama
  13. Eiar

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Hey how about leaving it all open mono multi Tri the ultimate box rule! No hydraulics and no electrics. But also remove the wind limits and sail in anything over say 5 knots so a foiling mono in 30 knots in Auckland may well have the edge over a pitch poling cat - crew to be limited with a Volvo style allocation for female and youth participation- and maybe a race format mixing up windward leeward, with passage races around waiheke and maybe even 2 mile speed sprints....??? Dates locked so a meteo's dream
  14. Na blame the framework agreement and the whole unholy alliance underneath it - may we never see the likes of it again even if it means the grip of current and future holders of the cup pales in comparison
  15. Shows how distorted the AC tradition was this time around with Oracle funding pseudo challengers and framework deals - challengers should be expected to work together to try and take the Cup from the defender. Oracle getting into all these issues deserved to lose. I for one simply could not have stomached this Godfather strategy prevailing...